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When Elder Yi Yu came out of the ball of light, he immediately sensed countless gazes on him.

“Elder Yi Yu.” Yi Ran was the first to welcome him.

He sized up Yi Yus expression, but unfortunately, he couldnt see any hints.

“Did Shangguan Yue cause trouble again”

Although the surrounding people did not say anything, they clearly wanted to ask this.

Elder Yi Yu frowned.

“No, its just a small misunderstanding.

Everyone, go back and rest in peace.”

Yi Ran was stunned. A small misunderstanding The sky above Phoenix Valley is still gloomy, with wind and lightning! This is called a small misunderstanding!

Yi Ran couldnt help but raise his voice slightly.

“Elder, this has never happened in Phoenix Valley, so everyone is naturally very worried.

Arent you… worried at all”

Elder Yi Yu suddenly laughed.

“Yi Ran, are you questioning me”

Yi Ran was shocked and hurriedly lowered his head.

“I wouldnt dare.”

“Shangguan Yue is refining Yuan instruments inside, which caused this commotion.

Everyone, dont worry.” Elder Yi Yu looked around.

“When did our red-gold heavenly phoenix become so timid”

Although he was smiling, his words instantly changed the expressions of the surrounding people.

These words were simply pointing at their noses and cursing them.

After a moment, someone argued, “Elder, youve misunderstood.

Were not afraid.

Were just… a little surprised by this sudden commotion.”

As soon as he said that, everyone agreed.

“Yes, yes.

I just didnt expect it.”

“No human has been here before, right”

“Thats right! To be honest, other than the loud noise, it doesnt affect us much…”

Only then did Elder Yi Yu nod.

“Just dont ruin our reputation.

Dont forget—when you look at her, shes also looking at you.”

If they lost face in front of the humans, that would be really—

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Only Yi Ran was filled with grievances. No impact Of course, there is! This time, I will have to spend a lot of effort to find that threshold again!

However, he couldnt say these words in public and could only endure it silently.

“Alright, disperse!” Elder Yi Yu waved his hand.

The crowd quickly dispersed.

Yi Ran had just turned around when he turned back unwillingly.

“Elder, you still have to be careful of Shangguan Yue.

Ive heard that she caused a lot of trouble in the past.

If she does anything out of line again… The ancestral ceremony is about to begin; it wont be good.”

Elder Yi Yu glanced at him with a faint smile. Those who didnt know better would think that he, Yi Ran, was the elder.

Yi Ran felt a little guilty under his gaze, and his voice gradually softened.

Only then did Elder Yi Yu say indifferently, “The clan leader and the elders will be in charge of these things.

You dont have to worry so much.

Just cultivate in peace.”

Yi Ran knew that he had misspoken.

His heart raced, and his face alternated between green and white.

He hurriedly agreed and turned to leave.

Elder Yi Yu stared at his back for a while and shook his head. He was originally a good seedling, but unfortunately, he is narrow-minded and ambitious.

Being too shrewd isnt a good thing.

Elder Yi Yu turned around and stared at the ball of light.

He retreated a little and began to guard it.

It was important and involved Tuan Zi, so they naturally had to be careful.

The energy tide in Phoenix Valley surged for seven days.

Everyone went from being shocked and surprised at first to gradually learning to accept it.

In the end, they were almost used to it.

Just as Elder Yi Yu had said at the beginning, although this commotion wasnt small, it did not cause them much trouble.

After each of them reinforced a light ball barrier, there would basically be no trouble.

Over the past few days, Elder Yi Yu had also pushed away all other matters and had been patiently watching from the side.

Apart from the continuously surging tide, everything seemed to have returned to normal.

But for some people, that wasnt the case.


Yi Ran punched the stone wall in front of him!

A crack spread from under his fist.

Pain shot through his hand.

However, the current Yi Ran was in no mood to care about this.

He looked up in frustration.

The barrier, which had been glowing with a reddish-gold light, seemed to be covered in a layer of shadows.

One could vaguely hear the whistling of the wind.

The commotion outside continued.

It has been so many days, yet it still hasnt stopped! There is simply no end to it!

It was because of this that he had been unable to calm down for the past few days, and his cultivation progress had also been delayed.

He was filled with frustration, and he wished he could rush out and order Shangguan Yue and the red-gold heavenly phoenix to get out!

But he couldnt.

The longer he delayed, the more anxious he became, and the less he was in the mood to cultivate.

He fell into a vicious cycle.

Actually, that commotion was basically negligible.

In particular, Yi Rans status in the clan wasnt low.

His ball of light was also of a higher level than many people his age.

In fact, the most important reason why he was like this was still himself.

Cultivation could not be rushed, but he was anxious for quick success and urgently hoped that he would break through immediately.

However, this was not good.

Even if he cultivated in a completely sealed and quiet space, this would still be the outcome.

Unfortunately, he could not understand these principles and subconsciously blamed others.

Yi Ran closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The words his master had previously told him kept appearing in his mind.

That red-gold heavenly phoenix… Could it really be a threat to me


At this moment, a roar suddenly sounded!

Yi Ran was shocked and immediately stepped out of the light ball barrier!

Inside Phoenix Valley, the wind was still howling, and dark clouds were surging.

A bright and dazzling light suddenly flashed and descended from the sky! It was the lightning that had been summoned previously!

After seven days of preparation, more than a hundred lightning bolts had accumulated in the sky! At this moment, they finally slashed down!

The target was the ball of light deep in Phoenix Valley!

Apart from Yi Ran, some others walked out when they heard the commotion.

At this moment, they were all watching this scene in curiosity and shock.

Coincidentally, a crack suddenly appeared at the top of the ball of light!

Several bolts of lightning struck down!

Hong hong hong! 

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