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Countless lightning bolts descended and landed in the ball of light one after another, quickly disappearing!

Everyone looked over from afar and could only see the dazzling light, almost blinding them.

Amidst the commotion, someone couldnt help but mutter, “What level of Yuan instrument is Shangguan Yue refining to actually summon so much lightning!”

No one knew.

Elder Yi Yu was guarding the pavilion at the side.

Nobody could approach, so they naturally didnt know the exact situation inside.

Therefore, everyone could only watch from afar as the ball of light gradually bathed in a sea of lightning.

Elder Yi Yu quickly attacked!

A scarlet-gold flame surged out of his sleeve.

In the blink of an eye, it formed a huge barrier that enveloped the space within a radius of dozens of kilometers!

Countless bolts of lightning splattered and shook violently.

It looked like it would break at any moment.

Elder Yi Yu frowned with a solemn expression. It is naturally very difficult to cause such a commotion with just Shangguan Yue.

There is a high chance that she has even used a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

Some time ago, what happened in Ling Xiao Academy had spread throughout the entire God Residence Realm.

Among them, the most talked about was Shangguan Yues true identity and her many trump cards!

There was no need to mention the Heavenly Square Cauldron and the supreme Yuan instrument.

The most shocking thing was that she actually had a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed!

Under normal circumstances, only legendary warriors could control a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

However, Shangguan Yue broke this custom.

In fact, too many similar things had already happened, so much so that everyone was starting to become numb.

In the end, there was only one result—Shangguan Yue couldnt be measured by normal standards at all!

It was obviously the same this time.

“How did a true god activate the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed…” Elder Yi Yu muttered, his heart filled with doubts.

At this moment, a sound tore through the air in the distance.

Sensing something, he quickly glanced over his shoulder—it was none other than Yi Gong.

Before he arrived, when he saw the lightning swimming in the sky and the rumbling Phoenix Mountain, his expression was already extremely ugly.

“Is this going against the heavens!”

In the past ten days, Elder Yi Gong had been busy preparing for the ancestral ceremony, so he had never known the situation here.

Todays phenomenon and the violent lightning alarmed him.

He rushed over and didnt expect to see such a scene.

“Yi Yu! What exactly is going on!” Elder Yi Gong suppressed his intense anger.

“First Elder, dont worry.

Its just that Shangguan Yue is refining Yuan instruments and has triggered lightning.” Elder Yi Yu greeted him with a smile.

“Its just a small matter.”

“A small matter” Elder Yi Gong immediately raised his eyebrows, then sneered and pointed ahead.

“Yi Yu, Phoenix Valley is already in such a mess, and you still say its a small matter! Its not like Ive never seen humans refine Yuan instruments.

Its impossible for them to cause such a huge commotion.

Theres clearly something fishy going on! Wheres Shangguan Yue Tell her to come out!”

Elder Yi Yu was still smiling, and he seemed to be in a difficult position.

“This… isnt too appropriate, right Shes refining Yuan instruments and is at a critical moment.

If we force her out now, wouldnt that be—”

“Yi Yu, if something really happens, can you take responsibility” Elder Yi Gong glanced at him coldly.

The threat in his voice was self-evident.

He could tell that Yi Yu seemed to have a good attitude toward Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be so protective of them at this moment.

Elder Yi Yu paused, then took a step back and made way.

“Then… lets do as First Elder says.”

Elder Yi Gong glanced meaningfully at him before stepping forward.

Although these lightning bolts were extremely powerful, they werent fatal to him, who had already opened the sixth meridian.

Elder Yi Gong stared at the silver ball of light with killing intent flashing in his eyes. I didnt know how to stop them, but I didnt expect them to cause trouble first.

Making such a commotion in Phoenix Mountain is equivalent to taking their lives.

It isnt appropriate for others to say anything!

Shangguan Yue was refining Yuan instruments and needed to be careful the most.

Once she was disturbed and her mind was in chaos, she might lose the entire game!

At that time, as the fiend she had an agreement with, Tuan Zi would naturally be greatly affected!

Perhaps… he could take this opportunity to end everything!

Elder Yi Gong suddenly raised his hand.

Flames surged in his palm, and he was about to take action!

“Hold on!” A voice suddenly sounded!

When Elder Yi Gong heard this, he immediately felt annoyed. Yi Shang! It is him again!

It was obvious why Yi Shang had come over.

Elder Yi Gongs gaze darkened, and he decided to ignore it. As long as I resolve Shangguan Yue, the rest is nothing to worry about!

He flipped his wrist and immediately attacked!

An arrow suddenly tore through the air, drawing a straight black line in the air as it headed straight for the ball of light!

When Elder Yi Shang saw this, his eyes darkened! At the same time, he waved his sleeve!


Wind blew and blocked the arrow!

The next moment, he was holding the arrow tightly in his hand!

“Yi Shang!” After the attack failed, Elder Yi Gong immediately frowned.

“What are you doing!”

“I should be the one asking that.” Elder Yi Shangs expression was calm, but there was a hint of coldness between his eyebrows.

“Yi Yu has already sealed the surroundings, so this power wont affect the outside for the time being.

Why is First Elder so anxious to attack now”

Elder Yi Gong narrowed his eyes.

“Of course, Im doing this for the sake of Phoenix Valley.

If anything happens—”

“What huge trouble can a mere true god cause On the other hand… If we rashly attack now, its fine to hurt Shangguan Yue, but… If this affects the others, Im afraid itll be difficult to explain to the clan leader, right”

After mentioning the clan leader, Elder Yi Gong naturally could not say anything else.

He ground his teeth and snorted.

“Alright! In that case, if anything happens, youll take responsibility alone!”

Elder Yi Shang smiled and returned the arrow in his hand.

“Its only right.”

Elder Yi Gong suppressed the anger in his heart and snatched the arrow back!


Yi Gong turned at the sound.

“Yi Ran Why arent you cultivating Are you here to join in the fun”

Yi Ran hurriedly said, “I just heard the commotion and came out.

Im not—”

Elder Yi Gong sized him up with a bad expression. It had been ten days since my last guidance.

Why hasnt he broken through yet!

But before he could ask, the lightning in the sky suddenly struck at even greater speeds!

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