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Seeing this commotion, everyone in Phoenix Valley focused their gazes with different expressions. What level of Yuan instrument is Shangguan Yue refining Isnt the speed at which it consumes heavenly lightning too fast 

Can she really take it

“Tuan Zi, how do you feel now”

Inside the ball of light, on the mountain peak, Chu Liuyue was sitting cross-legged and looking at Tuan Zi above her head.

The triggered lightning didnt land on the bracelet.

Instead, it was all intercepted by Tuan Zi!

Its small body was covered by a dazzling light, making it almost impossible to see.

She could only roughly guess its current situation through their contract.

Tuan Zi didnt say anything.

After a while, the lightning subsided, and the fiend gradually revealed itself.

At that moment, it suddenly cut off a bolt of lightning and devoured it without hesitation!

A few silver lights seemed to flash across its body before quickly hiding under its feathers.

The entire process was smooth without a pause.

“Burp…” Tuan Zi burped and devoured another fine bolt of lightning.

Chu Liuyue sneered at it.

“Why are you eating in such a hurry Anyway, these are all yours.”

Tuan Zi lowered its head and looked at her.

It blinked aggrievedly, as if embarrassed.

Actually, it didnt do it on purpose.

It was just that after seeing these lightning bolts, it suddenly felt hungry.

For some reason, it became hungrier the more it ate.

It accidentally ate too quickly and burped.

It hadnt felt that way at first, but somehow…

Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly.

In fact, she wasnt as calm as she looked.

She wanted to attract lightning to help Tuan Zi break through, so she asked Tuan Zi to intercept those lightning bolts halfway.

But gradually, she realized that things were gradually derailing.

Tuan Zis tolerance and devouring power for the lightning far exceeded her expectations.

Seeing that Tuan Zi wasnt injured by the lightning and had even become more energetic, she felt completely relieved. Perhaps… it is Tuan Zis previous experience in Million Wine Mountain that makes it so different

The answer was unknown, but she knew that attracting lightning would indeed help Tuan Zi break through.

The aura on its body was rapidly becoming stronger as it devoured more lightning!

As long as I continue to persevere, I might really be able to help Tuan Zi open its meridians in the remaining time!

Soon, lightning descended again!

Tuan Zi looked up, its eyes bright and restless.

The wait always seemed especially difficult.

Everyone on Phoenix Mountain was already a little anxious from waiting.

They looked up again and again and were disappointed.

This was because the sky was still dark, and in the clouds, heavenly lightning gathered endlessly.

Nobody knew how long this situation would last.

Elder Yi Yu yawned lazily.

“No, Ive been watching here recently and havent even closed my eyes.

I really cant hold on anymore; Ill go rest first.”

With that, he turned and left in a carefree manner.

He wasnt worried.

With Yi Gong and Yi Shang here, definitely nothing would happen!

Besides, he was indeed tired.

From the looks of it, it wont stop anytime soon.

I might as well go back and take a nap.

Elder Yi Gong looked very unhappy. Is he directly pushing the responsibility to us But I still have a lot of things to do! How can I keep standing guard here Who knows how long we will have to wait

However, he was unwilling to leave just like that.

At the side, Elder Yi Shang seemed to be calm and waiting patiently.

Elder Yi Gong thought for a moment and turned to look at Yi Ran.

“Go back and cultivate in peace.”

Yi Ran actually didnt want to waste any more time here, but he was worried that he would still not be able to calm down after returning, so he hesitated and said, “Master, this commotion is indeed a little big…”

Elder Yi Gong had been his master for many years, so he naturally guessed his thoughts.

He couldnt help but frown and go over to pat his shoulder.

Yi Ran felt a warm power instantly surge into his body!

His heart skipped a beat.

“As long as youre focused enough, none of this will affect you, understand”

Yi Ran hurriedly responded.

“Thank you for your teachings, Master.”

“Go back!”

“Okay.” Yi Ran didnt continue to hesitate and quickly left.

Elder Yi Shangs gaze lingered on Yi Ran for a moment longer before he quickly retracted it as if nothing had happened.

After Yi Ran left, many people began to return one after another.

However, whether they could completely withdraw their thoughts was another matter.

A day passed quickly.

Elder Yi Gongs face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

His faintly throbbing forehead showed his anger, which was on the verge of erupting.

“What exactly is Shangguan Yue planning to do!”

After so long, Phoenix Valley still cant calm down!

Heavenly lightning gathered and fell one after another.

He couldnt even count how many lightning bolts had entered the ball of light!

Elder Yi Shang smiled faintly.

“Refinement is very troublesome to begin with.

Ive heard that some refiners spend months or even years to refine a Yuan instrument.

Although Shangguan Yues level isnt that high, her ancestor is a supreme Armory Refinement Master.

Her talent and strength in this aspect shouldnt be weak, so a day or two… is naturally not enough.”

Elder Yi Gong choked.

His lips moved, but in the end, he swallowed the rest of his words.

Elder Yi Shang glanced at him and smiled.

What he didnt say was that when those people refined Yuan instruments, heavenly lightning was usually summoned all at once or every once in a while to temper repeatedly.

It wasnt like Shangguan Yue, where the lightning seemed to be endless.

Usually, only refiners knew these things the best.

He had only understood them because he had accidentally seen them in the past.

However, there was clearly no need to tell Yi Gong about this.

He folded his arms and looked ahead. How did Shangguan Yue do this

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