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Another few days passed.

In Phoenix Valley, everything was the same.

After looking up countless times and discovering that the number of lightning bolts still didnt decrease, Elder Yi Gong finally could not help but leave angrily.

He wanted to see something happen to Shangguan Yue and also wanted to see the red-gold heavenly phoenix suffer.

It would be best if they could completely disappear together!

Unfortunately, he didnt have that much time to continue waiting here.

The ancestral ceremony was about to begin, and there were still more things waiting for him to arrange.

Not long after Elder Yi Gong left, Elder Yi Yu slowly arrived.

He smiled at Elder Yi Shang.

“Ill watch over this.

You should go busy yourself with the ancestral ceremony!”

Elder Yi Shang didnt decline and nodded.

“Take more care.”

Elder Yi Yu laughed.

“I know.

Dont worry.”

Other than Phoenix Valley, the other places on Phoenix Mountain were already bustling with activity.

Of course, there was more solemnity, nervousness, and seriousness in this commotion.

They would prepare very grandly for every ancestral ceremony, and this year was naturally no exception.

Many people were busy checking everywhere, afraid that there would be mistakes.

However, Godly Phoenix Hall was still silent.

In the hall, Yi Zhao took one last look at the huge mural and bowed deeply.

“Ancestor, please protect our clan.”

He maintained this posture for a long time before finally turning around and leaving the hall.

After walking out, there was a huge square in front of the hall.

Clear white jade stones were neatly laid out, clearly reflecting every figure.

In the middle was the totem of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

At this moment, there were already several people guarding the entire square.

This was the place where the ancestral ceremony was held.

Seeing Yi Zhao come out, they bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Clan Leader!”

Yi Zhao raised his hand and looked around before asking faintly, “Wheres Yi Gong”

The crowd exchanged glances.

The person in front lowered his head.

“Clan Leader, the First Elder should still be in Phoenix Valley.”

Yi Zhao frowned.

“Whats he doing there Has he finished the preparations on this side of the hall”

Hearing the dissatisfaction in his tone, the people below naturally did not dare to answer.

Yi Zhao raised his eyes slightly and looked in the direction of the Phoenix Valley.

From here, he could vaguely see dark clouds gathering and lightning striking.

Of course, he knew what had happened there.

“Yi Yu has always been in charge of Phoenix Valley.

As a First Elder, why did he run over to join in the fun for so long”

“Clan Leader, please forgive me!” Suddenly, a hurried voice sounded.

It was Yi Gong who had just returned.

When he saw Yi Zhao standing there, he knew that something was wrong, but he could only brace himself and go over.

Yi Zhaos gaze was as sharp as a knife as it slowly swept across Yi Gongs body, as if he wanted to skin the latter alive!

Cold sweat broke out on Elder Yi Gongs forehead.

But in the end, Yi Zhao didnt reprimand him.

“Forget it.

Lets talk about this later.

Prepare the hall first.”

Elder Yi Gong secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yes! Yes!”

Yi Zhao glanced at the sky and frowned.

“I think you still have a lot to do.

If you dont complete it within the remaining time…”

Elder Yi Gong was about to defend himself when he heard Yi Zhao continue, “Well postpone the ancestral ceremony.”

Yi Gongs heart skipped a beat! “Clan Leader!”

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