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“It seems like this Shangguan Yue is not only gutsy, but she does have some skills…”

Phoenix Valley.

When Elder Yi Yu saw the ball of bright light afar, he couldnt help but snort.

It had already been a total of 13 days since she triggered the lightning bolts.

All the commotion was as usual, and it didnt look like it was stopping.

Every day, every night, every single moment, Phoenix Valley would have the same scene.

He was going to be frustrated by watching it.

Initially, he was prepared with much interest to count how many lightning bolts she had triggered.

However, he quickly gave up because he realized he couldnt count it properly.

The lightning bolts kept striking one after another, as if it did not need money.

The lightning flashed, and it was dazzling.

How could one count it clearly

“It has already been so long.

Why hasnt there been any movement…” Elder Yi Yu knew that Shangguan Yue triggered so many lightning bolts not to nourish a Yuan instrument, but to help Tuan Zi break through.

It was a pity that not many signs could be seen until now.

However, time is almost up… Elder Yi Yu squinted his eyes and suddenly turned around to glance at the distant Godly Phoenix Hall.

It was getting increasingly closer to the ancestral ceremony, and the whole red-gold heavenly phoenix clan became busy nervously.

I wonder if it can make it in time… 

Chu Liuyue was also very dazed.

She sat cross-legged on the star stone, raised her head slightly, and looked at the busy Tuan Zi in midair with conflicted feelings. Logically speaking, it should end…

Such a long time had passed.

Not only did Tuan Zi show zero signs of breaking through and opening its meridian, but it even seemed increasingly angry.

The only change was that there were more flashing lightning bolts on its body that swam within its feathers from time to time.

Besides, its aura kept strengthening at the start, but it stopped three days ago.

Seeing Tuan Zi eat all those lightning bolts in one shot again, Chu Liuyue turned around and glanced at the bracelet in midair. Mm… With Tuan Zi around, it seems pretty hard to nourish it… 

Chu Liuyue rubbed her glabella. Tuan Zi had absorbed quite a bit of lightning strength in Million Wine Mountains fountain that time.

However, that was to activate the bloodline in its body, to break through from a red-tailed phoenix to an ancient legendary fiend, a red-gold heavenly phoenix.

That was reasonable. 

But whats happening now Its small body seemed to turn into a bottomless pit.

All the lightning bolts landed with no return! 

After some thinking, Chu Liuyue finally couldnt help but ask, “Tuan Zi, when are you planning to break through”

Tuan Zi was dazed as it looked down and glanced at her.

Just as it was about to say something, a loud sound spread in the air!

A few bolts of lightning flew down again!

Tuan Zis eyes lit up.

Disregarding what Chu Liuyue said, it rushed forward.


Crisp sounds were heard.

Seeing Tuan Zi swallowing the lightning bolts habitually, the corner of Chu Liuyues eyes twitched as she resigned herself to her fate and swallowed her remaining words.


There Is really no need to ask about some things. 

Beside the vast ocean, Shangguan Jing stood with his hands behind his back as he stared in front with a heavy expression. It has already been so long, but Yueer hasnt returned.

I wonder how the situation inside is. 

The more he waited, the more uneasy he was.

Right at this point, a red-golden light suddenly shot out from the water surface and rushed toward the skies!


That ball of intense fire drew a bright line in midair and suddenly exploded! Countless sparks bloomed!

It was ten in the morning.

The sky was bright, and the sun shone down, but the sparks were still dazzling.

In the end, they actually formed a pattern of a gigantic red-gold heavenly phoenix spreading its wings in midair.

Shangguan Jings heart tightened. This…

Suddenly, he seemed to have recalled something as shock flashed across his eyes. This formation.

Could it be… that the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans ancestral ceremony is about to begin! 

He had never gone to Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Even when he dominated the God Residence Realm a thousand years ago, he had never interacted with the red-gold heavenly phoenixes.

To the world, the two ancient legendary fiend clans were extremely mysterious.

However, there were quite a few rumors regarding their ancestral ceremony.

Rumors had it that the ancestral ceremony was held once every hundred years.

It was very solemn and held great meaning.

Shangguan Jing looked over.

In the air, the red-gold heavenly phoenix pattern that formed from the blooming fire didnt dissipate.

On the other hand, it seemed frozen as every spark burned intensely and exuded a bright light.

It was indeed vibrant and eye-catching.

Shangguan Jing unwittingly became even more uneasy. The ancestral ceremony is very important.

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan has always hated humans.

Logically speaking, it is impossible for them to let Yueer continue staying there.

Why hasnt she come out until now 

At this point, a relaxed and loud shriek sounded from afar.

It instantly spread across the waters!

Shangguan Jings heart shook, and he almost could not stand still.

Following this, he saw a layer of ice quickly extend on the seawater before him.

Transparent ice cubes covered the ocean.

With one glance, a red-golden light could faintly be seen.

It was exactly the same as the ice bridge that day, but this time, the ice layer had already spread across the entire sea surface from that narrow bridge.

In no time, more than half of the ocean in front of Shangguan Jing was already frozen.

At first glance, it was icy cold.

However, there was a red-golden fire burning silently.

It was magnificent, holy, and quiet.

In the square before Godly Phoenix Hall, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan split into two sides as they nervously and expectantly waited for the ancestral ceremony to begin.

At this point, the clan leader and the five elders were still in Godly Phoenix Hall and hadnt come out.

Thus, the crowd wasnt so nervous as they discussed something softly.

“Weve been waiting for so long, and the time has finally come! Hehe, this is my first time attending the ancestral ceremony!”

“Me too! We need to undergo a talent test during the ceremony.

I wonder if Ill get a decent result…”

“Actually, Im not worried about the talent test.

After all, everyone roughly knows their own standards.

However… you have to compete after testing.

This… Im afraid its difficult to win beautifully!”

“Yi Ran should be the most confident, right I heard that hes aiming for the position of young master…”

“Hasnt he always been at the top alone amongst the younger generation However, he does have the ability, so were not in the position to say anything.”

“Hm, why hasnt he come yet”

Upon hearing this, quite a few people surveyed their surroundings and indeed didnt see Yi Rans figure.

“Thats strange.

He has always been the most enthusiastic one about such a scene.

Why did he come so late today”

“Dont talk about him.

Time is about to be up, but the clan leader and the rest havent come out yet!”

Within Godly Phoenix Hall, Yi Zhao and the five elders stood still.

Elder Yi Gong looked up.

“Clan Leader, its time.

We should… head out.”

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