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The expressions of Yi Zhao and the others also changed slightly, and their eyes were clearly much more serious than before.

Only Elder Yi Gong frowned quickly. Yi Xin has broken through Why dont I know No matter how low-key he is, he couldnt hide such a thing, right If this is true, then… the competition for the position of young master will probably be much more intense…


A small flame suddenly exploded and then annihilated.

The fourth totem did not light up in the end.

The surroundings instantly fell silent, and everyone had different expressions.

Yi Zhao and the others looked disappointed, but Elder Yi Gong secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Yi Xins expression was as usual.

There was only a hint of regret on his young face, but it quickly dissipated.

It seemed like he had expected this.

He looked up.

“Yi Xin is useless and has disappointed the clan leader and the elders.”

Yi Zhao had always been serious, but at this moment, he revealed a rare smile.

“Dont blame yourself.

Although you havent successfully opened your fourth meridian, it should be soon, right”

Yi Xin nodded as if embarrassed.

“Actually, Ive been stuck for a long time.

Recently, Ive finally touched on something, but my talent is limited, and I havent completely comprehended and broken through.”

“Even so, its already very rare.” As Yi Zhao spoke, he glanced at Elder Yi Shang beside him.

“Yi Shang, Yi Xin is your disciple.

Why didnt you give him some pointers”

Elder Yi Shang smiled.

“I can help him for a while, but I cant help him for a lifetime.

Hes only opened his fourth meridian now.

If he cant even comprehend these things on his own, wont it be even harder in the future Cultivation ultimately depends on himself.”

As soon as he said this, many people subconsciously looked at Elder Yi Gong.

Sure enough, they saw his face darken.

Everyone knew that Yi Ran had been cultivating with Elder Yi Gong recently and had probably received a lot of guidance.

Wasnt Elder Yi Shang secretly slapping their faces!

“Besides, Yi Xin has a steady personality and is patient.

I believe that in time, he will definitely succeed.”

Yi Zhao nodded in agreement.

He could tell that Yi Xin was indeed only a step away from opening the fourth meridian.

If the ancestral ceremony was delayed for a while longer… It might even cause Yi Ran a lot of trouble.

“Go back and cultivate well.” Yi Zhao gave Yi Xin a few more instructions before letting him go back.


Seeing that Yi Xin had only opened the third meridian, the people behind heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they couldnt compare to the top few, they did not want to be left too far behind.

Fortunately, Yi Xins results didnt make them feel too uncomfortable.

The tests went on one after another.

Elder Yi Gong watched from above.

Seeing that nobody had opened the fourth meridian, his mood improved.

Those who opened the third meridian naturally had varying levels of talent and strength.

But no matter what, it was still much inferior to those who had opened the fourth meridian.

Now, he only hoped that Yi Ran could successfully break through…

Time slowly trickled past.

In the square, everyone carried out the test in an orderly manner.

Everything went smoothly and calmly.

Those who could come up here had already transformed into human forms.

In other words, they had at least opened their third meridian.

But because the tested red-gold heavenly phoenixes were very young, most of them had yet to open the fourth meridian.

He had already tested more than 20 of them, but as expected, none of them had opened the fourth meridian.

Yi Zhao couldnt help but look up in the direction of Phoenix Valley, his eyes deep.

Elder Yi Gong gradually became anxious.

This was because more than half of the test had passed, but Yi Ran had yet to come.

In fact, there was no movement at all.

Previously, I had repeatedly instructed that he must not miss the ancestral ceremony.

If he doesnt make it in time, it will be useless even if he has successfully opened the fourth meridian.

It is already time for Yi Ran to come…

Elder Yi Gong frowned. Could it be that he encountered some trouble during his breakthrough

“First Elder, the children are almost done testing.

Is Yi Ran coming or not” Elder Yi Yu asked curiously.

“If hes any later, he wont be able to make it!”

Elder Yi Gongs frustration worsened when he heard this.

“Of course, hell come.”

Elder Yi Yus eyes darted around, and he smiled.

“Why dont… you go take a look yourself No matter what, its always more reassuring to take another look, right Yi Ran has always been hard-working.

We dont want to see him affecting his future just because hes late.

What do you think”

Although Elder Yi Gong didnt like Yi Yu very much, he was a little tempted when he heard this.

This was a serious matter, and it was always better to be careful.

He looked at Yi Zhao hesitantly.

Yi Zhao nodded.

Elder Yi Gong heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Clan Leader.

Ill be right back.”

With that, he moved in the direction of Phoenix Valley.

But at this moment, rumbling suddenly sounded from afar!

Elder Yi Gong was shocked and immediately looked over.

Everyone in the square turned around.

In the distance, a figure suddenly rushed out of the mountains! His body burned with scarlet-gold flames with a shocking aura!

The surrounding natural energy also began to surge toward him quickly!

Elder Yi Gong was delighted. Yi Ran! It seems that he is finally going to break through!

As if to verify his guess, the flames on Yi Rans body quickly gathered and finally condensed into the shape of a long feather in front of him.

The feather moved slowly.

At this moment, there were already three golden patterns between Yi Rans eyebrows that were dazzling.

As the feather moved, the fourth line slowly formed!

Elder Yi Gong was overjoyed.

But just as the line was about to be completed, another loud bang suddenly sounded from the depths of Phoenix Valley!

For a moment, golden flames splattered in all directions, and the world shook!

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