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“How… how could this be…” Elder Yi Gong widened his eyes in disbelief. Didnt that red-gold heavenly phoenix just break through not long ago Why is it opening its meridians again now! Moreover, the commotion is so huge!

Seeing that stroke, Yi Ran suddenly seemed to have lost all his strength.

His legs went weak, and he almost fell to the ground.

Elder Yi Gong was shocked and hurriedly pulled him back.

However, Yi Rans eyes were already dim.

He stared at the flames and couldnt help but laugh at himself. To think that I had worked so hard for so long to summon the feather and open my meridians.

Who knew… I was actually intercepted halfway!

He knew very well that after todays failure, it would only be harder for him to open his meridians than before!

“Master… Ive disappointed you…” Yi Ran muttered and spat out another mouthful of blood.

He was filled with anger and had nowhere to vent it.

His chest was about to explode from holding it in!

There was so much he wanted to say, but he didnt know where to start.

“You… you must help me…” Before Yi Ran could finish speaking, his eyes rolled back as he fainted.

“Yi Ran!” Seeing this, Elder Yi Gong immediately became even more anxious and resentful.

The violent energy in Phoenix Valley was still sweeping over! They couldnt stay here any longer.

Elder Yi Gong looked back deeply before gritting his teeth and leaving!

Elder Yi Gong brought the unconscious Yi Ran back to the square in front of Godly Phoenix Hall.

Seeing them return, everyone fell silent, but their gazes landed on Yi Ran.

Yi Rans face was pale, the corners of his mouth and chest were stained with a lot of blood, and his breath was sluggish.

He looked like he had never been in such a sorry state.

Many people looked at each other with complicated expressions. Who wouldve thought that this would happen

“Clan Leader! Please be sure to seek justice for Yi Ran!” As soon as Elder Yi Gong arrived, he spoke angrily.

“Shangguan Yue and that red-gold heavenly phoenix have gone too overboard! Theyve made up their minds to take Yi Rans life!”

Yi Zhao walked over with a frown.

He first leaned over to check on Yi Rans condition before heaving a sigh of relief.

“Dont worry.

He has only suffered a backlash from a portion of the power.

At the same time, his anger attacked his heart, causing him to faint.

His life is not in danger.”

As he spoke, he reached out and placed his broad palm on Yi Rans forehead.

A bright light seemed to surge out of his palm and quickly enter Yi Rans body.

Yi Rans originally pale face began to recover visibly.

A moment later, Yi Zhao withdrew his hand.

Yi Rans eyebrows twitched.

He then slowly woke up, his eyes still filled with confusion.

“…Mentor” His voice was weak and hoarse, but he was finally awake.

Yi Zhao said, “Fortunately, theres no major problem.

Hell recover after resting for a few days.”

Elder Yi Gong was still stunned. I didnt expect Yi Zhao to help Yi Ran so decisively.

Moreover… Yi Ran actually woke up just like that.

“T-This… Its…”

Yi Zhao glanced at him and said indifferently, “The Ancestral Golden Feather is a sacred object of our clan.

No matter what, it wont take the lives of our clansmen.

Yi Gong, as the First Elder, dont you know this best Why did you say those words just now to make everyone nervous”

“I…” Elder Yi Gong was speechless for a moment before gritting his teeth.

“Clan Leader, Im not saying that theres something wrong with the Ancestral Golden Feather, but Shangguan Yue! Yi Ran was at the critical moment of breaking through and couldnt be disturbed the most.

However, they just had to snatch the Ancestral Golden Feather away at this time! It was clearly on purpose!”

He pointed at the burning flame deep in Phoenix Valley and said angrily, “If they hadnt used some despicable method, how could the Ancestral Golden Feather have been forcefully snatched away while opening Yi Rans meridians!”

Even if Yi Rans current injuries werent fatal, the key was that this caused him to fail to open his meridians!

Today was the ancestral ceremony! Without opening the fourth meridian, what was the difference between him and the others What would he rely on to fight for the position of young master

Not to mention that he was still injured!

This was the greatest loss!

The moment Elder Yi Gong thought about how his years of hard work had been ruined, he was almost driven mad!

“Clan Leader, they have ulterior motives and should be killed!” Because of his agitation, Elder Yi Gongs voice was very sharp.

Everyone in the square heard him clearly.

Yi Zhaos eyes turned slightly cold.

Elder Yi Yu was the first to speak.

“First Elder, arent you being biased I think this matter is just a coincidence.

Yi Ran wanted to open his meridians and summoned the Ancestral Golden Feather.

But at this moment, Tuan Zi was also going to open its meridians… It was purely an accident!”

Elder Yi Gong sneered.

“Accident Yi Yu, youve been in the clan for many years, so its not like youve never seen someone open their meridians at the same time, right But when have you seen someone forcefully snatch away the Ancestral Golden Feather”

Under normal circumstances, this matter was based on afirst come, first served basis.

Now that the other party had already snatched it from them, they still had to swallow their anger!


“This… First Elder, do you mean that Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi have already reached the point where they can control the Ancestral Golden Feather at will” Elder Yi Yu blinked.

Elder Yi Gong suddenly choked.

His expression froze for a moment before he said anxiously, “W-What nonsense are you talking about! When did I say such a thing!”

The Ancestral Golden Feather was considered a supreme existence in the clan.

How could he dare to speak rudely about it

“But what you said just now… Isnt that what it means” Elder Yi Yu raised his chin.

“Here, everyone saw it just now.

The Ancestral Golden Feather went to Tuan Zi.

Moreover, it did open Tuan Zis meridians just now.”

When the line was drawn, everyone had seen it clearly!

Flames seemed to be surging crazily in the chest of Elder Yi Gong, almost driving him crazy!

“Even if it wants to open a meridian, it has to wait until Yi Ran has finished! How can they explain what has happened!”

Their intentions are obvious! They are too arrogant!

Elder Yi Yu also smiled.

“Actually, its not easy to say anything about this… Under normal circumstances, its indeed according to the order of meridian opening.

However… First Elder seems to have forgotten that theres another premise: the strong are respected.

Theyre both opening their meridians, so the higher-level one naturally has the advantage.”

Elder Yi Gong was stunned for a moment.

A moment later, he finally reacted and almost laughed in anger.

“Yi Yu, your words are too ridiculous.

You have to know that Yi Ran was going to open the fourth meridian! And that red-gold heavenly phoenix is only opening the second meridian! Isnt it obvious at a glance whos stronger! Dont you think its too ridiculous to say that it can snatch away the Ancestral Golden Feather from Yi Ran!”

Elder Yi Yu stroked his chin and didnt seem to care much about his words.

“Thats right.

What do you think is the reason a person whos opening the second meridian can snatch it away from a person whos opening the fourth meridian”

The expression on Elder Yi Gongs face suddenly froze.

Yi Zhao said lightly, “Those who continuously open their meridians can snatch the Ancestral Golden Feather!”

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