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There was a sudden silence.

Elder Yi Gong opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

Continuous meridian opening… To many people in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, this was just a legend.

After the creation of the world, two ancient legendary fiends were born in the chaos.

They had a history of tens of thousands of years.

Over the long years, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan continued to multiply, and the number was by no means small.

However, there were fewer than five people who could open their meridians consecutively.

One had to know that a red-gold heavenly phoenix was born with one opened meridian.

In the next hundred years, they could open their second meridian.

After another hundred years, they could try to open the third meridian and transform into a human.

However, it might not succeed.

Some of the more talented ones could do it naturally at a little more than 100 years of age.

However, there were also those with ordinary aptitude who wasted 200 to 300 years and still lingered outside the gates of the third meridian.

After opening the third meridian, it was even harder to go higher.

This was basically the time to rely completely on talent.

Those with outstanding talent and strength could successfully break through.

Those who opened the sixth meridian were directly promoted to elders.

Those who could open the seventh meridian were basically stable in the position of clan leader.

This was also why they had to choose the most talented one when choosing the young master.

Only with strength would one have the right to speak.

If they couldnt even control the situation below, what else was there to say

“Continuous… meridian opening” In the dead silence, Yi Ran was actually the first to react.

He looked up in panic and gazed at Phoenix Valley again.

The ball of fire was still burning, and the figure inside couldnt be seen clearly.

However, that Ancestral Golden Feather had indeed not dissipated! It was still hanging quietly in the air as if it were waiting to draw a second line at any moment!

“This… this… how is this possible…” Yi Ran muttered, his eyes filled with disbelief.

However, his heart had already completely sunk.

He was in a fit of anger just now, so he didnt have time to think too much.

But after he calmed down, he realized that things might really be as Yi Zhao and the others had said! That red-gold heavenly phoenix really wants to open its meridians continuously! Otherwise, how could it have easily snatched the Ancestral Golden Feather from me

After a meridian is opened, the Ancestral Golden Feather will automatically disappear and wait for the next summon.

But now, it is still there.

If this isnt to continue opening meridians, what is it

Yi Ran found it unacceptable.

His heart seemed to be weighed down by something, and he could not breathe. Ridiculous! How laughable! That red-gold heavenly phoenix had only broken through a few months ago.

Now that it has just returned to the clan, it is actually going to open its meridians consecutively!

Yi Ran suddenly recalled what his master had said to him previously.

At that time, Yi Gong had said that this red-gold heavenly phoenix might become a threat to him.

He hadnt taken it to heart, but now, he finally knew why his master had such a solemn expression.

At this moment, Elder Yi Shang raised his chin and said softly, “Look, the Ancestral Golden Feather is moving!”

When everyone heard this, they subconsciously looked over and saw that the red-gold feather was slowly drawing a second line!

The square was silent.

Shock, nervousness, doubt, exclamation, envy…

Everyone had different expressions, and their mood at this time was obviously very complicated.

Actually, if it were anyone else in the clan, they might not have reacted so strongly.

However, it was the red-gold heavenly phoenix that had just returned from outside.

Didnt they say that it had only broken through a few months ago

Didnt they say that it was only a lowly Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant in the past 

More importantly, it has yet to terminate its contract with that human!

They had always looked down on humans and rarely interacted with them.

They even regarded contracts with humans as a stain.

However, who knew that such a red-gold heavenly phoenix—who they secretly looked down on—would actually defeat all of them!

It had to be known that even Clan Leader Yi Zhao had never opened his meridians consecutively!

How could they not be shocked by this situation

“Clan Leader, it seems that youre going to lose your bet this time!” Elder Yi Yu shrugged, but there was a smile in his eyes.

“This is the first time youve lost in so many years, right”

He even lost to a human.

Yi Zhao put his hands behind his back and looked into the distance solemnly, waves surging in his eyes.

He said nothing, but there was no anger on his face as if in tacit agreement.

Actually, although he looked calm and indifferent as usual, he was shocked.

He had actually not thought much about the bet back then.

In his opinion, the possibility that Shangguan Yue could help Tuan Zi transform into a human form in a month was almost zero.

As long as she failed, the contract had to be broken.

This saved the two sides from continuing to argue.

It was undeniable that because of Tuan Zis pure bloodline, he actually had a little extravagant hope in his heart.

However, he hadnt expected this to actually work.

Only at this moment, when he saw the Ancestral Golden Feather draw another line, did he believe that all of this had really happened!

“Tuan Zi is still very young, and its really not easy to open meridians continuously.

During this period of time, Shangguan Yue triggered lightning and caused such a huge commotion.

It should be because of this, right”

Elder Yi Shang smiled.

“On the other hand, we misunderstood her previously.

Fortunately, Yi Yu has been guarding her recently, and nobody has rashly disturbed her.

If Tuan Zi fails to open its meridians because of this, well suffer a huge loss.”

No matter what, Tuan Zi was of their red-gold heavenly phoenix clans bloodline.

Opening its meridians consecutively and breaking through was a joyous matter for their entire clan.

Elder Yi Gongs face turned pale.

Of course, he could tell that these words were mocking him!

After enduring for a while, he couldnt help but walk up to Yi Zhao.

Yi Zhao narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw his angry expression.

“Yi Gong, what are you doing”

Elder Yi Gong gritted his teeth.

“Clan Leader, I dont want to do anything.

I just want to seek justice for Yi Ran!”

He suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Phoenix Valley.

“I know! It can continuously open veins—thats its ability! However, you cant just be biased toward it because of this!”

“It has now opened the third meridian, but what about Yi Ran! He couldve opened the fourth meridian! Dont you know how much he has sacrificed for this day! Could it be that, just because that red-gold heavenly phoenix wants to open its meridians continuously, it can do whatever it wants and hurt others!”

“Besides, although it has opened its third meridian today, its still unknown if its good or bad to rush the seedlings like this! Nobody can guarantee that it can continue to open its meridians in the future! However, Yi Ran—he really lost the chance to open his fourth meridian! Clan Leader, do you know which is more important!”

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