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Chapter 155: Help

Ling Zhu did not expect Chu Xianmin to rush here this soon after Chu Liuyues death to say that.

Even if Chu Liuyue has broken off her ties with the Chu family, they share the same blood.

How could Chu Xianmin possibly say something like this with a straight face She is capitalizing on Chu Liuyues death.

Ling Zhus expression was a little stiff.

“Xianmin, you wanted to speak to Elder Sun about this”

Chu Xianmin noticed that his expression was not right.

She looked down and feigned sadness.

“Teacher Ling Zhu, I know now is not the right time for this, but the dead cant come back to life.

As the living, we have to move on with our lives.

The Tianling Dynasty is such a powerful existence.

If we dont take this seriously…”

“This is not something you should be worried about.

You should go back and go get some rest.” When Ling Zhu looked at Chu Xianmins sad demeanor, he felt sick. If Chu Xianmin truly cared about Chu Liuyue, she never wouldve done something like this.

If she has the nerve to say it, is there a need to put on such pretenses

Chu Xianmin did not notice his gaze.

She hesitantly asked, “Then, this matter…”

Ling Zhu looked away.

“Ill discuss the matter with Elder Sun when hes free.”

Chu Xianmin only felt more at ease when she heard this.


Ill head back first then.

Thank you.”

After Chu Xianmin finished her sentence, she turned and walked away.

After she left Peach Garden, Chu Xianmins face broke into a wide smile underneath the veil.

Since Chu Liuyue is dead, the academy has to find someone to replace her.

Since I placed second in the warrior assessment, I am the perfect fit.

Tianling Dynasty… that is an existence that only existed in legends.

If I can get on good terms with the envoy this time, then… I will have nothing to fear in the future.

Everyone looked down on her now.

Even the servants at Crown Prince Mansion were disrespectful towards her.

When I make my comeback, I shall see how those people will react!

Ling Zhu sighed as he watched Chu Xianmin disappear.

He then rubbed his temples.

Other than anger, there was also confusion in his heart. When did Chu Xianmin… become like this Or was I wrong about her right from the start

Chu Xianmin wanted to go back and have a good rest after settling the matter.

However, she was brought home by a message from the Chu family before she returned to her residence.

They said that Chu Yan had been beaten up by Chu Ning, that he was half-dead, and Lu Yao wanted her home immediately.

Chu Xianmin was stunned.

She asked her teachers for a day off and rushed home.

When she arrived at the door of the Chu family, emotions welled up in her.

For an instant, she did not feel like entering.

Ever since she married the Crown Prince, she had not returned.

Chu Xianmin had thrown away all her pride in her sad wedding.

She had thought of returning after her days at Crown Prince Mansion were more bearable, but the Crown Prince had locked himself in his study and refused to see anyone.

As she hesitated, the servants at the front door had seen her.

One person mockingly said, “Oh, its the Third Missy! I was wondering who it was.

You dont look so well! Has your time at Crown Prince Mansion been unpleasant”

Chu Xianmin felt embarrassed, but not entering would make it seem like she was scared.

Thus, she took a deep breath and walked right in without saying a word or making eye contact.

After she left, the servants looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Chu Xianmin dug her nails into her palm and repressed her anger.

On her way, all the passing servants made comments and jokes.

They clearly had no regard for her.

When Chu Xianmin finally arrived at Chu Yan and Lu Yaos residence, her nails had already cut her palm.

Lu Yao—who was standing outside the door—hurried over when she saw her daughter.

“Minmin, you have to see your father!”

Chu Xianmin took a deep breath and walked in.

“How is Father dong”

Lu Yao wiped the corner of her eyes.

“Its all that Chu Nings fault! He actually beat up your father in public! If he had not received treatment in time, he might have…”

Chu Xianmin walked in and saw that Chu Yan was still unconscious.

He was bruised.

Every part of his body was also swollen.

There was barely a clean spot.

It was not hard to imagine how much force Chu Ning had used.

“Why is Father injured so badly Didnt anyone send for a doctor”

Lu Yao sighed.

“Ever since Chu Liuyue caused a ruckus last time, your fathers and my standing in the family has fallen to rock bottom.

Weve become a thorn in everyones eyes.

They couldnt be happier to see your father get beaten up, so why would they get help Most of our money has also been taken away by them.

What we have left is not enough to call for a good doctor… Hence, weve been dragging it out… Minmin, I called you back because I was hoping you would have a way.”

Chu Xianmin was frustrated when she heard that. The treatment I received was partly because of this!

“What can I do Im also in a tough situation, so how can I help you The Crown Prince has been staying in his study for the whole time.

I dont even get to see him, much less get help from him!”

Lu Yao panicked.

“What do we do then Are we just going to watch your father suffer”

Chu Xianmin paused for a while before she spoke.

“Its fine.

Dont worry for now.

Ill find a way to get some money to you so that you can get a better doctor for Father.

Ill work on the Crown Prince.

Things will get better after the people from the Tianling Dynasty come.

We just have to hang on till then!”

Lu Yao was confused.

“What… Where are you coming from”

Chu Xianmin touched her veil.

“Chu Liuyue is dead.

Ill take her place to meet the envoy of the Tianling Dynasty.

As long as we meet, Ill have a chance to change!”

Lu Yaos eyes lit up. Why did I not think of that!

Chu Xianmin then returned to Crown Prince Mansion; it was already night.

She headed straight for the study and requested an audience with the Crown Prince.

She was rejected without surprise.

However, Chu Xianmin was rather insistent this time.

“Your Highness, I know that youve been troubled recently, so Im here to help.

Please, meet me once.

If you think the idea is bad, I wont disturb you again.”

She quietly waited after speaking.

After a while, she heard Rong Jins voice.

“Let her in.”


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