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Immediately after, a small figure broke free from the flames!

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly.

It was a doll that looked to be three or four years old.

Her skin was snow-white, and her eyes were as black as black grapes.

Her eyelashes were long and thick, and her lips were as red as the most delicate rose petals.

She was extremely cute.

She had two round buns on her head, tied with scarlet hair ties with two golden bells each.

As she shook her head, there was a crisp ringing sound.

And she was wearing an exquisitely tailored lotus leaf dress.

The entire lotus leaf dress showed a gradual change in color.

It was scarlet below and gradually turned golden above.

The colors were strong and bright.

There were even sparkles of starlight in the sunlight.

From afar, it looked like a burning flame.

“Ha—” She raised her chubby little hand to rub her eyes and yawned as if she had just woken up.

It was dead quiet between heaven and earth.

Chu Liuyue was also stunned. A girl! The key is that she is so small!

As if sensing Chu Liuyues gaze, Tuan Zi lowered her hand and looked in her direction.

When she saw the latters face clearly, a big smile bloomed on her round, snow-white face.


Her eyes were bright, her voice was clear, and her eyes seemed to be filled with stars.

Then, she opened her arms and ran over quickly.

Her little feet were bare, and she looked clean and cute.

However, she was extremely fast and arrived in front of Chu Liuyue in the blink of an eye.

She threw herself into the latters arms.

Before Chu Liuyue could react, she subconsciously reached out, and a meaty little thing appeared in her arms.

“AYue~” Tuan Zi dragged out her name, sounding coquettish.

Chu Liuyues heart instantly softened.

She looked down into her arms and couldnt help but smile. Tuan Zi has always been tough, so I had always thought… I didnt expect Tuan Zi to be such a beautiful and cute little girl!

“Tuan Zi” She tried to call out, but her voice was unconsciously much gentler than before.

It was clearly the same name, but seeing this small one, it felt completely different.

Hearing her voice, Tuan Zi looked up and blinked.


Chu Liuyue couldnt help but hold Tuan Zis face and kiss it.

Instantly, she felt comfortable. She is so soft!

She smells so good!

So cute!

Tuan Zi blushed, and she was so overjoyed that she almost jumped up in Chu Liuyues arms happily.

She stretched out her two short arms and tried her best to wrap them around Chu Liuyues neck.

Then, she quickly kissed the latters cheek and buried her head in her shoulders even faster.

“Tuan Zi likes AYue the most!” She arched her head and rubbed her face against her master.

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but laugh. Although her appearance has changed drastically, her habit of nesting on my shoulder is exactly the same as before.

Changing her position, she hugged Tuan Zi more comfortably and couldnt help but sigh. Girls are indeed different from boys.

If this was Big Baby… Tsk.

“Shall we go back and see the clan leader” As Chu Liuyue asked this, she glanced in the direction of Godly Phoenix Hall.

Although they were still some distance away, it was obvious that those people were definitely looking over.

Tuan Zi had finally transformed into human form and opened her fourth meridian.

Logically speaking, she had to go.

Tuan Zi hugged her and nodded vigorously.

“Ill go with AYue!”

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, and the wind subsided.

After a month of rioting, peace finally returned to Phoenix Valley.

It was naturally better to ignore the mess.

Looking at the charred mountain wall that had been struck by lightning and the scattered light balls that had been swept away by the violent energy, Chu Liuyue coughed guiltily. It is my fault.

Ive smashed the place where others sleep.

I hope theyll let this matter go on account of me helping Tuan Zi.

She hugged Tuan Zi even tighter and ran straight to Godly Phoenix Hall.

Seeing the person—no, the adult and the child—arrive, the countless people waiting in the square seemed like they had yet to react.

When Chu Liuyue landed with Tuan Zi in her arms, she didnt care about the surrounding gazes and greeted Yi Zhao with a smile.

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao.”

Yi Zhao stared intently at Tuan Zi, his emotions surging.

Because she was still young, Tuan Zi was also like a doll when she transformed into human form.

Almost the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan transformed into human form after the age of 100 and looked at least ten years old.

Tuan Zi was the first to transform into human form at such a young age.

It was no wonder that everyone was so shocked.

“…Tuan Zi” Yi Zhao spoke carefully.

His voice was rare and gentle as if he were afraid of scaring Tuan Zi.

Hearing this, Tuan Zi looked up from Chu Liuyues shoulder and glanced back.

She tilted her head, her big black grape-like eyes blinking.

An indescribable feeling immediately surged in Yi Zhaos heart.

He waved her over, his expression even gentler and almost imperceptible.

“Tuan Zi, come over.”

Tuan Zi snorted and turned around to hug Chu Liuyue. I dont want to go over! I only want to be with AYue!

Being rejected by Tuan Zi in public, Yi Zhao was embarrassed.

However, there was no anger on his face.

He only rubbed his hands helplessly, as if he didnt know how to deal with this situation.

Chu Liuyue laughed inwardly and gently patted Tuan Zis back.

“Tuan Zi.”

No matter what, hes the clan leader of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

Arent you being too disrespectful

Tuan Zi glanced at her and pouted, but she couldnt dissuade Chu Liuyue.

She could only jump down from the latters arms and take a few steps forward.

As she moved, the bells on her two round buns tinkled.

The hem of her lotus leaf skirt swayed, and her fair, chubby feet were faintly discernible, looking incredibly cute.

She walked to Yi Zhao and stood still, but she couldnt help but turn back to look at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue lifted her chin.

Only then did Tuan Zi cross her hands in front and bow obediently.

“Greetings, Clan Leader.”

She was very small and round, making her look even more silly when she bowed so seriously.

Yi Zhao hurriedly took a step forward and reached out to help her.

“Yes! Yes! Good! Get up—”

Before his hand could reach her, Tuan Zi quickly straightened up when she heard him.

Her movements were smooth and natural.

Yi Zhaos hand froze in midair.

He smiled sheepishly and withdrew his hand.

“That… Tuan Zi, you…” He paused hesitantly, as if he didnt know what to say.

There was an awkward silence.

Upon seeing this scene, Chu Liuyue slowly raised her eyebrows. Clan Leader Yi Zhao is actually… a little afraid that Tuan Zi will lose her temper

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