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Yi Zhao looked up slightly at Tuan Zi calmly.

Detecting his gaze, everyone was stunned.

Elder Yi Gongs heart oozed with stronger uneasiness.

“Clan Leader—”

Yi Zhao ignored him and continued, “Although Tuan Zi is young, she has the purest bloodline power.

Also, she already has her human form and opened the fourth meridian.

She deserves to be the young mistress!”

Once he said this, the entire square fell into deadly silence.

Even Chu Liuyue raised her head in unconcealable shock and stared at Yi Zhao. He actually appointed Tuan Zi as the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans young mistress! This… really isnt a joke, right! 

Actually, it wasnt that Chu Liuyue did not think of this.

To be fair, the bloodline power and talent Tuan Zi showed could definitely crush all the competitors present.

But even if others didnt mention it, Chu Liuyue herself knew that because Tuan Zi had an agreement with her, the young master position was just an illusion.

Thinking from another perspective, if she were the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan leader, she would also directly kick Tuan Zi out of the candidate list.

She didnt expect Yi Zhao to make such a shocking decision! Is he… not worried that the people will mock and ridicule him and that I might instigate Tuan Zi to do something against the clan And many, many more… 

His actions brought about way more problems! However, his expression was nonchalant and calm as if… there was no hesitation at all.

Tuan Zi grabbed her hands and blinked as if she didnt quite understand what was going on.

Seeing that the atmosphere was rather strange, Tuan Zi didnt care either as she touched her hair in boredom. Im not interested in the young or old mistress thing.

I just want to be with AYue.

When exactly can I leave… 

When Chu Liuyue detected Tuan Zis thoughts, her eyelids twitched. Leave Im afraid we wont be able to leave today! 

“Clan Leader, you must think twice about the young master selection!” Elder Yi Gong took a deep breath in and calmed his feelings down with much difficulty.

However, his anxious expression and tone revealed that he wasnt as calm as he seemed on the surface.

“Tuan Zi is talented, but dont forget that she has made an agreement with a human! How can she take on the huge responsibility of being the young mistress!”

Isnt that akin to our entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan being that Shangguan Yues slave! I will never agree! 

Even Elder Yi Shang—who usually went against Elder Yi Gong—had his brows tightly furrowed.

After thinking for a long while, he said, “First Elder is right.

Clan Leader, this matter is of importance.

Why dont you consider it further”

However, Yi Zhaos attitude was very persistent.

He glanced at the duo.

“The so-called young master means choosing the most outstanding one out of the younger generation.

Is there a candidate more suitable for this than Tuan Zi If you can find someone thats more capable than her today, Ill change my mind.”

The crowd was instantly stumped. What are we supposed to do! 

Even Yi Ran couldnt fight against Tuan Zi.

The remaining ones had no hope at all.

The purest bloodline… That only appears once in many years.

How are we supposed to compete! 

“But Clan Leader, as the young mistress, she has to bear great responsibility.

Tuan Zi… can casually come in and out of the clan and do whatever she wants.

When she opens her sixth meridian, she can directly be promoted to an elder.

However, shes really not suitable to be the young mistress!” Elder Yi Shang advised with deep considerations.

Of course, he liked Tuan Zi too.

After so many years, it was his first time seeing the purest bloodline.

In such a short month, the skills and talent Tuan Zi exhibited far surpassed their initial expectations.

It was indeed lucky to have the purest bloodline in the clan.

However, she had an agreement with Shangguan Yue!

If she really became the young mistress and the clan leader later on, with Shangguan Yue still next to her… What did that count for!

Elder Yi Gong took a step forward and argued, “Clan Leader, there are many outstanding juniors in the clan.

Perhaps they cant compete with her now, but it doesnt mean that they cant do it in the future! Its too impulsive to select her as the young mistress directly!”

Anyway, he was already humiliated and had offended the clan leader several times.

Then, this one more time didnt matter.

No matter what, he could not see the position of the young master being stolen!

Yi Zhao squinted his eyes.

The remaining two elders couldnt help but advise against him.

Everyone basically said similar things about having objections.

Only Elder Yi Yu stood at the side with his arms crossed as if he were thinking about something.

Even though the other people in the square didnt say anything, their faces showed it clearly.

Of course, they werent willing to agree.

Even if they chose one that wasnt so amazing, they didnt want a young mistress that had an agreement with a human!

The large square fell into a stalemate.

Chu Liuyue looked down and glanced at Tuan Zi.

Detecting her gaze, Tuan Zi looked up as well.

“Tuan Zi, do you want to be the young master” Chu Liuyue asked in her heart.

Tuan Zi stopped in her movements of brushing her hair and looked at her dazedly.

“If Im the young master, can I still be with AYue”

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other.

Looking into Tuan Zis clean berry-like eyes, she didnt know how to answer.

However, an idea popped up in Tuan Zis mind.

She had faintly understood a little. As I have an agreement with AYue, these people refuse to let me be the young mistress.

If I want to be the young mistress, I should have to break the agreement.

Then why should I do it 

Tuan Zi shook her head.

“I dont want to.”

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart.

“Then… you still have to participate in the ancestral ceremony according to the rules.

I saw that theyve all gone to test.

Why dont you go too When the matters have ended here, we can then leave, okay”

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