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Chu Liuyue was also shocked.

She thought the test would take a while, but she didnt expect it to be so fast. I only lowered my head to stifle a laugh, and it is already over

Looking at the four burning flames, she fell into deep thought. Did I take this too seriously just now Hmm… To Tuan Zi, it seems to be a piece of cake…

Tuan Zi seemed to be a little surprised as well.

She lowered her head and stared at the flames ignited on the totem, then stretched out her small hand and counted seriously.

“One, two, three, four—”

After counting, she retracted her hand. It seems to be over

She looked up at Yi Zhao.

“Clan Leader, can I leave now”

Yi Zhao was stunned.

“What Oh, oh, you… The test is over.

You can be considered to have officially returned to the clan.

If you want to leave, theres no problem.”

Although he was reluctant, he had already said those words.

Of course, he couldnt go back on his word.

Only then did Tuan Zi smile in satisfaction.

With a thought, the flames burning on her little hand quickly dissipated.

She turned around and ran toward Chu Liuyue.



Before Tuan Zi could take two steps, she suddenly bumped into a transparent barrier that had suddenly appeared.

Caught off-guard, she ran straight into it.

“Aiyo!” Tuan Zi fell on her butt and sat on the ground.

She frowned and instinctively rubbed her nose.

“Ouch — it hurts!”

“Tuan Zi!” Shocked, Chu Liuyue hurriedly went forward to bring Tuan Zi back.

But when she took a closer look, she saw that Tuan Zi was already enveloped by a transparent hemispherical barrier and was trapped inside.

The sudden scene stunned the others present.

Seeing Tuan Zi sitting on the ground pitifully, Chu Liuyues heart ached, and she immediately wanted to go over.

But ten steps away from the barrier, she had already sensed an indescribably powerful pressure descending on her!

Her heart skipped a beat. Its coming from the barrier! With my current strength, it would probably be difficult to go over.

She frowned and glanced at Yi Zhao.

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao, whats going on”

However, Yi Zhaos expression was very strange.

He didnt answer her question and only stared at the transparent barrier that suddenly appeared in shock and disbelief.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized that something was wrong. To make Yi Zhao show such an expression… This matter is probably not simple.

She subconsciously looked at the elders beside her and saw that their expressions were almost identical to Yi Zhaos.

It was as if they had seen an unbelievable scene.

Besides shock, there was also indescribable excitement on their faces.

Excitement Agitation What is there to—


Before she could think clearly, she heard buzzing come from above the barrier.

She immediately turned to look.

A scarlet-gold stream of light suddenly flew out from the top of the transparent barrier.

The stream of light scattered and quickly outlined a strange painting on the barrier.

The surrounding voices disappeared at this moment.

An indescribably heavy pressure surged out from above again!

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a buzzing in her ears as if some strange sound was coming from afar.

She couldnt help but frown as she circulated the force in her body to block out the sound.

However, she quickly realized that it was useless.

The voice came faintly, as if someone was chanting softly.

It was light and heavy, loud and low.

It made people subconsciously submit to it.

Chu Liuyue unintentionally glanced to the side and was suddenly stunned.

The reason for this was that the people in the square were all looking at the transparent spirit formation with grave and respectful expressions.

Their eyes were filled with undisguised deep admiration!

Then, she heard Yi Zhaos voice.

“Welcome, Ancestral Soul!”

His voice, usually low and powerful, was now filled with reverence and even a slight tremble.

Chu Liuyue also glanced over.

Yi Zhao actually placed a hand on his chest and bowed respectfully.

The five elders beside him actually kneeled down! “Welcome, Ancestral Soul!”

Following their movements, other than Yi Zhao and Chu Liuyue, the rest of the people in the huge square kneeled down as well.

“Welcome, Ancestral Soul!” Their voices were uniform, and their excitement couldnt be hidden.

Chu Liuyue gasped. What… are they doing! As ancient legendary fiends, the red-gold heavenly phoenixes have always been extremely arrogant.

When they usually speak, almost all of them have their chins raised.

At this moment, they actually kneeled down in unison…

Chu Liuyue quickly looked at the transparent barrier again.

This time, she finally saw the scarlet-gold stream of light above clearly—it had clearly formed a huge totem of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!

The stream of light was dazzling!

She opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

She vaguely guessed something, but she wasnt too sure.

“Hm” Tuan Zi—who was trapped in the barrier—finally sensed that something was wrong.

She stopped rubbing her nose and looked up.

She tilted her head slightly, her big black grape-like eyes full of doubt. Isnt it just a test The test is already over, so why am I not allowed to leave However, this aura is very familiar and close…

Tuan Zi wrinkled her nose and pushed herself up.

She bit her finger and stared at the totem above her head for a long time.

Then, the totem floated down from the barrier.

The closer it got, the smaller it became.

Finally, it landed between Tuan Zis eyebrows.

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