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Chu Liuyues expression darkened.

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao, do you mean that the bet from before doesnt count”

Yi Zhao closed his eyes.

If not for this accident, he wouldnt have wanted the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan to have the reputation of not keeping their word.

However, there was no solution to this matter.

“Thats not what we originally wanted.” Yi Zhao said, “Now that Tuan Zi has inherited the Ancestral Soul, its bound to become our clans young mistress.

Its only right for it to inherit the position of clan leader in the future.

Under such circumstances… its indeed very inappropriate for her to continue maintaining the contract with you.”

Actually, the key to this matter was still the Ancestral Soul.

Initially, it was Yi Zhao who took the initiative to let Tuan Zi become the young mistress.

At that time, he didnt force Chu Liuyue to break the contract with Tuan Zi.

However, the Ancestral Soul appeared and fused into Tuan Zis body.

This whole matter changed then.

If Tuan Zi continued the contract, wouldnt that be equivalent to the ancestor—

This was something they could not accept no matter what.

Yi Zhao looked at her steadily and said, “Actually, even if you break the contract, it wont affect your relationship with Tuan Zi, right Moreover, other than her, our entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan will become your helper from now on.

You definitely wont lose out.”

Chu Liuyue did not say a word.

Yi Zhaos words made sense.

No matter how one looked at it, the compensation they gave had already shown enough sincerity.

After all, according to their usual temperament, they didnt even want to speak to the human race.

It was indeed rare for them to be willing to make such a concession.

Using Tuan Zis contract to exchange for the help of the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan… It had to be said that this condition was indeed quite tempting.

However, this was not the most important thing to Chu Liuyue.

She still cared about Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi has obtained the Ancestral Soul—it is both an honor and a responsibility.

If I really want to be stubborn and only let Tuan Zi follow me as a contractual legendary fiend… Is that really the best choice for Tuan Zi

The hall was silent.

Chu Liuyue entered deep thought.

Yi Zhao and the others waited silently for her choice.

Suddenly, a soft hand waved in front of Chu Liuyues eyes.


Tuan Zi looked at her nervously, her eyes filled with worry and unease.

“Dont you want Tuan Zi anymore”

When Chu Liuyue saw Tuan Zis aggrieved and frightened expression, her heart suddenly softened.

She chuckled and patted Tuan Zis head.

“How could that be”

Tuan Zi pounced on Chu Liuyue and wrapped her arms around the latters neck, burying her face in her shoulders.

The originally clear and pleasant voice sounded muffled now.

“…AYue, dont leave Tuan Zi behind… Tuan Zi will definitely be obedient…”

Worry, fear, and grievances seemed to surge in that moment.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to be clenched by something.

She was about to say something when she felt a wetness on her shoulder.

She suddenly paused, and the words got stuck in her throat.

She couldnt say them no matter what.

There was an imperceptible sob in Tuan Zis voice.

“AYue has already abandoned Tuan Zi once.

Dont do it again.”

Chu Liuyues heart instantly ached. Yeah, how could I forget Back in the Tianling royal familys ancestral hall, I chose to abandon Tuan Zi and die alone.

Later, I finally found her in the Mystic Forest.

Now, Im faced with such a choice.

Perhaps to her, the situation and the original intention were completely different.

But to Tuan Zi, she was the one who was abandoned.

Tears welled up in Chu Liuyues eyes.

She took a deep breath, hugged the little girl tightly, and kissed her cheek.

“Dont worry.

AYue will always like Tuan Zi and will always be with you.”

Tuan Zis small body trembled before she looked up.

Her small face was covered in tears, and there were two crystal-clear teardrops on her thick and long eyelashes.

Her nose and eyes were red, making her look very pitiful.

“Really” she asked aggrievedly, as if she was not sure.

Chu Liuyue smiled and wiped the tears off her face.

“Of course.”

As she spoke, she looked up at Yi Zhao and the others and said word by word, “Seniors, please forgive me.

Im afraid… I cant agree to this request.”

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