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Everyone hurriedly made way.

Elder Yi Gong walked to Yi Rans side, squatted down, and grabbed the latters wrist.

A moment later, his expression changed drastically!

He suddenly turned around to look at Tuan Zi!

“You—” His face was filled with shock and disbelief.

Yi Rans third meridian was indeed broken.

He had been forcefully interrupted when he was opening the fourth meridian, and the backlash of power had affected his body to a certain extent.

However, it wasnt as if there had never been instances of failure and backlash in the past.

He was not the first person whose third meridian had been broken…

Elder Yi Gong only thought about it carefully and guessed the general situation. After Yi Ran failed to open his meridians, he was clearly excited, and his blood essence rioted, so… In that situation, he shouldve calmed down and sorted out the chaotic power in his body as soon as possible, not continue to argue and resist like that.

Its a pity… In the end, Yi Ran can only blame himself for this.

Elder Yi Gong gritted his teeth.

The veins on his forehead bulged, and his temples throbbed.

He was really furious and aggrieved!

All these years, he had spent so much effort to nurture Yi Ran! In the end, it was all in vain!

With the third meridian broken, Yi Ran would basically become trash in the future! However, he did not even have the right or reason to blame others!

Seeing this scene, what did everyone not understand

It seemed that Yi Ran really couldnt take it anymore… Many people sighed inwardly.

Back then, Yi Ran was so arrogant that he did not take any of his peers seriously.

In the end, not only did he fail to sit in the position of young master, but he even became trash.

In the future, it would probably be difficult for the entire race to have a place for him!

Yi Zhao lowered his head curiously and asked, “Tuan Zi, how… did you know this”

Many people pricked up their ears.

Tuan Zi pouted.

“Of course, I can tell!”

The crowd was speechless.

Yi Zhaos eyelids twitched violently.

“You… you could tell directly”

One had to know that even he couldnt determine these things out of thin air!

Tuan Zi—

“Yeah.” Tuan Zi nodded disapprovingly. It was so obvious with one glance.

After receiving her affirmative answer, everyone fell silent. The purest bloodline and the Ancestral Soul are actually… so heaven-defying!

Some people who were previously dissatisfied with Tuan Zi shrank back. The clan leader is right.

We are indeed inferior to Tuan Zi…

Yi Zhao took a deep breath and didnt continue on this matter, changing the topic.

“Since youve already become the young mistress of our clan, you should follow me to Godly Phoenix Hall to pay respects to our ancestors officially.”

Tuan Zi nodded, not understanding.

Yi Zhao turned around and brought Tuan Zi into Godly Phoenix Hall again.

When he crossed the door, he brushed past Yi Shang and the others waiting at the door.

They bowed in unison but did not follow them in.

After entering the hall, Yi Zhaos gaze landed on Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue immediately understood what he meant and straightened her back.

“Tuan Zi, follow the clan leader obediently.

Ill wait for you outside.”

Tuan Zi nodded obediently.

Chu Liuyue quickly walked out.

The door slowly closed.

Tuan Zi quickly disappeared.

“Miss Shangguan, there are chairs over there.

Please wait there.

It will probably take a while for the young mistress to worship her ancestors.” It was Elder Yi Shang who spoke.

His expression and tone were very polite.

Chu Liuyues eyes curved up.

“Thank you, but Ill just stand here.”

This place was closer to Tuan Zi.

Although she knew that there should still be layers of barriers inside Godly Phoenix Hall, there was actually no point in such a short distance.

It was better for her to be here.

When Tuan Zi came out, she could see her directly.

Seeing her determined attitude, Elder Yi Shang didnt say anything else.

He nodded and took a few steps back, waiting patiently at the side.

The people in the square did not return, and all returned to their original positions.

It seemed like they were going to wait together.

After all, Tuan Zi was the young mistress of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan that was selected only once every thousand years.

They naturally had to wait here for all the processes to end.

Elder Yi Yu smiled at Elder Yi Gong.

“First Elder, were here, so dont worry.

Bring Yi Ran back first.

His body probably wont last long.”

Elder Yi Gong gritted his teeth in hatred.

Unfortunately, he had already been completely defeated and was really unable to counterattack.

He could only grit his teeth and endure it!

He helped Yi Ran up and left quickly!

Chu Liuyue only turned around to take a look before quickly retracting her gaze. The other party isnt on the same level, so there is nothing to care about.

On the other hand, Tuan Zi… Since she has already fused with the Ancestral Soul, the ancestral worship should be quite fast, right

Tuan Zi followed Yi Zhao into Godly Phoenix Hall and headed toward the innermost area.

It was very quiet.

Tuan Zi looked around as she walked.

The interior was actually not much different from the main hall outside, but the deeper she went, the more she could sense the vast pressure.

Finally, the two of them reached the innermost area of Godly Phoenix Hall.

Looking at the much smaller but more awe-inspiring door in front of her, Tuan Zis eyes flashed.

Yi Zhao stood in front of the door.

“According to the rules of the clan, I cant enter with you next.

You can only go in by yourself.”

Tuan Zi nodded and reached out to push the door open.

She lifted her foot and quickly disappeared behind the door.

The door closed again.

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