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The square outside Godly Phoenix Hall was silent.

Time slowly trickled past.

The sun descended, and the starry sky arrived.

The candles in Godly Phoenix Hall automatically lit up.

The bright light caused the entire hall to be illuminated and bright.

The light that kept shining through the window cast a long shadow of Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

In the dark night sky, only a few stars shone peacefully and quietly.

Tuan Zi had been inside for roughly six whole hours, and she still hadnt come out.

At this point, Chu Liuyue faintly understood what Elder Yi Shang had said earlier. This time, it seems like Tuan Zi will need quite some time to pay respects to her ancestors.

But upon deeper thinking, this is normal.

Tuan Zi has the purest bloodline and has merged with the ancestral soul, so the situation is special.

It is expected that she will take more time. 

Chu Liuyue silently surveyed the square and quietly retracted her gaze.

She could clearly feel that some people were still looking at her with varying expressions.

However, they were much more restrained compared to the start.

They were more curious than anything.

Chu Liuyue did not care about this either.

She always treated everyone how they did her tenfold.

As long as they didnt take the initiative to cause trouble for her, she was happy to interact with them peacefully.

No matter what, Tuan Zi was also the young mistress now.

After she became an adult, she had more right to directly become the clan leader.

Such a status would even be higher than the five elders.

And she, as Tuan Zis owner in agreement, naturally had an increase in status.

Thinking about how Mentor and the others had all sorts of worries about us coming over more than a month ago… At that time, who could think of todays ending 

Oh, right. Chu Liuyues gaze suddenly moved. Tuan Zi and I have been here for so long, and Ancestor is still waiting outside.

He still shouldnt know about everything that has happened in Godly Phoenix Mountain.

He must be very worried now… 

“Elder Yi Yu.” Chu Liuyue walked toward the side and softly spoke.

Elder Yi Yu was considered the one she was most familiar with here.

She also trusted him very much, so it was most appropriate to ask him for help.

“Hm Whats the matter” Elder Yi Yu originally had his arms crossed and leaned against the pillar as if he were thinking about something.

Seeing Chu Liuyue come over, he found it a little strange.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Elder Yi Yu, I wonder if I could trouble you with something.

When Tuan Zi and I came, we were with my ancestor.

But when we entered Godly Phoenix Mountain, Ancestor was left there…”

“You want to invite him over” Elder Yi Yu stroked his chin.

“Im afraid this will be a little hard…”

Shangguan Yues entry was still thanks to Tuan Zi in the end.

As for the others, they definitely could not be easily let in.

“Youve misunderstood.” Chu Liuyues eyes curved up.

“Id just like you to help me send a message to him.

As long as Ancestor knows that Tuan Zi and I are fine now, itll be enough.”

Actually, Shangguan Jing and Shangguan Yue had a way of sensing each other through telepathy.

However, he only knew the gist of what was going on and not the specifics.

If he can send a message out and let Ancestor clearly know that we are safe here, I can rest assured as well. 

“The main point is that we dont know when Tuan Zis matter will end, so—”

“Oh, youre talking about this Its simple!” Once Elder Yi Yu heard it, he was instantly elated.

“I thought it was a big matter! Dont worry—leave this to me!”

Then, he suddenly raised his hand.

A red-golden feather appeared in his hands with a flash.

He passed the feather to Chu Liuyue.

“Just directly write down whatever you want to say.

Oh right, when youre writing, you need to be careful.

Its written with fire.”

Normal humans naturally couldnt use such a thing, but Chu Liuyue had an agreement with Tuan Zi, so she was naturally an exception.

Chu Liuyue thanked him and held the feather with two hands.

This was rather similar to the Ancestral Golden Feather that previously appeared, but its size and color clearly couldnt compare to it.

This should be Elder Yi Yus own feather. 

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment, and a red-golden fire rose in her palm! Then, she held the feather and wrote a few words in the air.

As the feather moved, fire seeped out of its tip and quickly disappeared.

“Its over.” After Chu Liuyue wrote the message, she handed the feather back.

Elder Yi Yu smiled and took it.

His wrist then moved slightly, and the feather flew up and afar!

In no time, it disappeared in the dark night sky.

“He should be able to receive your letter very soon.”

Chu Liuyues red lips curved up.

“Thank you.”

The Sky-Cloud Empire.

“When the clan leader came back, he directly came here and didnt leave until he was discovered.”

The crowd stood before a hall.

Respected Elder Yu Jing was at the front, while Respected Elder Yu Jing stood one step in front of him and carefully explained, “After we discovered that the clan leader was unconscious, we tried all sorts of methods.

However, we couldnt wake him up, so we informed the other venerables.

Then… 36 Respected Elder Ming was the first to rush over and brought the clan leader to Jishen Palace.”

As Respected Elder Yu Jing spoke, he clenched his fists in his sleeves tightly.

Actually, he informed Respected Elder Tong Chuan first back then.

It was a pity 36 Respected Elder Ming reacted very quickly for some reason and arrived before everyone else.

36 Respected Elder Ming directly suggested bringing Baili Chun to Jishen Palace, so the crowd naturally couldnt object to it and agreed.

“Afterward, we tightened our defenses in this area and commanded people to strictly watch over it.

We didnt dare to let our guard down at all.” Respected Elder Yu Jing lowered his head as if he were very respectful and careful.

After the previous encounter, he didnt quite dare to talk to Rong Xiu directly.

In front of Rong Xiu, he had a feeling that… he was seen right through.

It was as if he just had to think slightly to expose any trickery.

This feeling wasnt really good, so he could only abide by thedoing less means fewer mistakes policy.

Other than saying what was necessary, he tried hard to make himself invisible at other times.

Rong Xiu looked at the tightly shut door and squinted his eyes dangerously.

“Other than yourself and 36 Respected Elder Ming, who else has been here before”

Respected Elder Yu Jings gaze floated around.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan said, “Your Highness, after 36 Respected Elder Ming left with the clan leader, Ive also meticulously checked this area.

Its a pity we didnt find any clues.”

Rong Xiu shot a look at him.

“Respected Elder Tong Chuan went in alone”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan hesitated for a moment.

“Respected Elder Yu Jing came with me as well.”

Rong Xius thin lips curled up slightly. They are all his people.

It isnt that important if they went in together or not. 

His gaze turned.

“36 Respected Elder Ming, did you notice anything strange back then”

36 Respected Elder Ming knitted his brows and shook his head. I did check carefully back then, but… 

Rong Xiu nodded in understanding.

He then whipped his clothes and walked forward.

“Then, I shall go in and take a look personally.”

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