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As soon as he finished speaking, Respected Elder Tong Chuans body suddenly burned! Thick black fog emitted from it, carrying a nauseating stench like rotting corpses.

Everyones expressions changed slightly.

36 Respected Elder Ming frowned.

“Your Highness, be careful!”


An explosion suddenly sounded!

Respected Elder Tong Chuans body suddenly exploded!

Rong Xius expression turned sharp, and the Xuan formation immediately spun!

The splattered flesh and black fog were devoured by a powerful force.

In the end, they all disappeared in the light.

After about a quarter of an hour, the light dissipated, leaving only dried dark-red blood on the ground.

Rong Xiu narrowed his eyes.


With this roar, Xue Xue appeared outside the window again.

It flew in front of Rong Xiu and spat out the wooden token in its mouth.

The black wooden token had already shattered into several pieces.

Rong Xius expression was indifferent as he raised his finger.

A golden flame flew out and landed on the wooden token, burning quietly.

In a moment, the wooden token had completely turned to ashes.

So many things had happened in a short period of time that everyone present was shocked speechless.

Everyone looked at the ashes and the remaining blood for a long time.

36 Respected Elder Ming finally couldnt help but say, “I didnt expect Tong Chuan to be the hall leader of Black Demon Hole…”

“Hes not the real Respected Elder Tong Chuan,” Rong Xiu suddenly said.

36 Respected Elder Ming was shocked.

“Your Highness, you mean…”

Rong Xiu said concisely, “His body was stolen.”

Everyone fell silent.

After a long while, 36 Respected Elder Ming sighed in realization.

“I see…”

If that was the case, it wasnt difficult to explain why Respected Elder Tong Chuan managed to stay in the Sky-Cloud Empire all these years without being discovered.

It turned out that he had been replaced halfway.

“Then, the real Respected Elder Tong Chuan…” 36 Respected Elder Ming stopped mid-sentence.

Actually, there was no need to ask this question anymore.

Since his body had been stolen, the real Respected Elder Tong Chuan was naturally no longer alive.

Rong Xiu pondered for a moment before saying, “It shouldve been a few years ago.

When I first left the Sky-Cloud Empire, his body had already been stolen.”

Actually, he had been suspicious since that time, but because he had other things to do at that time, he did not investigate personally.

After that, Respected Elder Tong Chuan didnt show any abnormalities, let alone leave any evidence.

It became even harder for him to check again—until something happened to Baili Chun this time.

“But hasnt Black Demon Hole been in seclusion for the past few years Why did they have to go through so much trouble to send a hall leader to sneak into our Sky-Cloud Empire secretly”

The other elders looked puzzled and glanced at Rong Xiu without batting an eyelid. Moreover, the other partys goal seems to be… His Grace Even when he attacked the clan leader, Baili Chun, the other party seemed to be targeting Rong Xiu in the end.

“Only by living in seclusion will there be time and energy to do other things,” Rong Xiu lightly said.

Actually, the voice just now didnt belong to this possessed hall leader, but…

In order to deal with him, the other party had used all kinds of methods and was even willing to sacrifice a hall leader for this.

36 Respected Elder Ming asked in a low voice, “Your Highness, what do we do next Do you have any plans”

The other party had bullied them, so there was no way this matter would end just like that.

Moreover, Respected Elder Tong Chuan had always held a high position in the Sky-Cloud Empire and had stolen countless secrets.

This account was probably even more shocking.

“Their target is me.” Rong Xiu seemed to have guessed what he was thinking and said calmly, “Respected Elders, dont worry.

Although Respected Elder Tong Chuan has held great power in the past few years, but… what he knows is what I let him know.

I just didnt expect him to actually wait until today to make his move.

However, Yu Mo and the others shouldve already cleaned up most of the nonsense outside.”

This meant that when he attacked Respected Elder Tong Chuan, the people outside had already surrounded his subordinates!

Hearing this, everyone had complicated expressions.

Shock, surprise, exclamation…

At this moment, they finally understood that Rong Xiu didnt call them over to investigate the reason why Baili Chun was unconscious.

He had just made up his mind to attack Respected Elder Tong Chuan today!

It was just a trap!

When 36 Respected Elder Ming heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good, thats good.

Your Highness has always been scheming.

Im really ashamed.”

Rong Xiu smiled.

“For the sake of convenience, I didnt tell you some things.

I hope you can forgive me.”

At this point, what else did 36 Respected Elder Ming not understand

Rong Xiu seemed to have left the Sky-Cloud Empire in the past few years and had never bothered about the matters here.

Instead, he handed everything over to 36 Respected Elder Ming.

But in reality, he had already secretly set up another huge net!

36 Respected Elder Ming wasnt angry.

On the contrary, he was very relieved and happy.

He had watched Rong Xiu grow up.

He knew how outstanding Rong Xiu was and had seen his growth along the way, but it was only today that he could finally rest assured.

Rong Xius thoughts and methods are definitely enough to support him in stabilizing his position as His Grace! Killing Tong Chuan today to eradicate the scourge is also a warning to those who are restless.

Even someone like Respected Elder Tong Chuan didnt end up well in Rong Xius hands, let alone them.

36 Respected Elder Ming glanced around and nodded in satisfaction when he saw their expressions. From today onward, all the troubles in the Sky-Cloud Empire shouldve been resolved.

One of them had a particularly interesting expression.

36 Respected Elder Ming raised his eyebrows.

“Respected Elder Yu Jing, you and Respected Elder Tong Chuan have always been close.

These things—”

“I didnt know!” Before he could finish asking, Respected Elder Yu Jing hurriedly denied it.

He looked at Rong Xiu nervously, his face pale.

“Your Highness, youre wise! I really dont know anything about this! Although I have a good relationship with him, its actually only because his status is higher that I have no choice but to obey.

However, I didnt participate in this matter—this is absolutely true!”

His voice sounded sharp with anxiety and worry.

After saying this, he was already covered in cold sweat.

Respected Elder Yu Jing wasnt stupid.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan was from Black Demon Hole and had attacked His Grace.

If he had anything to do with him now, he would probably be doomed!

He had to get himself out!

Rong Xiu lowered his eyes and glanced at Xue Xue.

“Go and clean up at the fountain.

Youre too dirty.”

The fountain was a hot spring on Suming Peak.

Usually, only a few people were qualified to go there.

Most importantly, the spring water had the effect of healing injuries.

Xue Xues injuries werent light this time.

Hearing this, Xue Xue agreed happily and quickly turned around to leave.

Only then did Rong Xiu look up at Respected Elder Yu Jing.

His eyebrows rose in a half-smile.

“Do you really not know anything”

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