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Chapter 157: Pay in Blood

Bai Chen was shocked.

“What did you say”

“I said that Chu Liuyue is not dead! Shes still alive, and shes back in the Imperial City! Shes at home with Lord Chu Ning right now!” Xin Shi repeated himself loudly.

“Elder Sun has been feeling really guilty about this, so Ill let him know of the good news now!”

After saying that, Xin Shi left with a smile on his face.

Bai Chen stopped him hurriedly and asked in disbelief, “Is it true Elder Sun said that Little Liuyue had been swallowed by the black flying pythons black hole.

In theory, theres no way she should have survived.

How did that happen”

“Sigh, Im curious too! However, she stood right before me, so I had no choice but to believe it! Bai Chen, if you dont believe me, take a look for yourself! The father and daughter are finally reunited, and I think we should wait until she has taken care of her father and returned to the academy.

Ill talk to you later; Ill go see Elder Sun first!”

Xin Shi hurried away after he spoke.

Bai Chen hesitated for a while but decided not to interrupt the father-daughter duo at this time.

He had seen Chu Nings appearance yesterday.

The father-daughter duo probably had a lot to talk about.

It was better for him to wait here peacefully.

“Hey, Xin Shi, wait for me! Ill come too!” Bai Chen called after Xin Shi as he ran after him.

He wanted to hear about the matter in detail.

Even after the two left, Chu Xianmin was still stunned. Chu Liuyue is still alive How can that be possible! Elder Sun said that she died in the hands of the black flying python, so how can she be back now! This is ridiculous!

The news sounds like a hoax, but Teacher Xin Shi has no reason to lie.

He is clearly rather certain, considering how he is acting! However, if Chu Liuyue has returned, what is going to happen to me! Chu Xianmins face turned a little pale at this thought.

She had finally managed to get an audience with the Crown Prince yesterday.

She told him that she could replace Chu Liuyue and meet Tianling Dynastys envoy.

She told him that, as long as she received this opportunity, she had a chance of changing his situation.

Even though she did not know what had happened, she assumed that His Majesty had punished the Crown Prince.

If she wanted to help the Crown Prince, someone with enough weight had to speak on his behalf.

The Crown Prince had clearly thought of this too.

His attitude towards her turned for the better.

Not only did he move her to Wutong Garden—which was much closer to his residence—but he even gifted her a number of things.

The people in Crown Prince Mansion were pretty pragmatic.

When she left the residence this morning, they were a lot more eager and respectful.

She had just sent a doctor to go see her father.

She thought that everything had changed for the better.

But now…

Chu Xianmin forced herself to move forward.

However, she found that her legs were soft after taking one step.

She dropped to the floor.

News of Chu Liuyue returning from Wan Ling Mountain alive spread across the academy and the Imperial City.

The news made waves.

Some people were stunned, some were happy, and some were upset.

There were a variety of reactions.

Many were curious, but Chu Liuyue stayed at home to take care of Chu Ning.

She did not even leave home.

Her heart ached for Chu Ning, who had become this haggard because of her.

She put everything else aside and took good care of him, taking the chance to recuperate as well.

Chu Liuyues return set Chu Nings mind at ease, but others were stunned.

The Chu family residence.

After the doctor—which Chu Xianmin had sent—left, Chu Yan regained consciousness, only to see Lu Yaos somber expression.

He was about to get up but found that he was unable to move.

It was only then that he recalled Chu Ning beating him up.

He immediately became depressed and angry.

“What are you looking all somber about”

The couples lives in the last few days had been miserable.

Chu Liuyues fiasco had exposed their misdeeds, especially Lu Yaos years of fund embezzlement.

The other members of the Chu family did not easily let her off after they found that she had harmed their interests.

Now that they had lost the Crown Princes backing, their behavior became bolder.

Lu Yao was stripped of her money management rights, and all the shops under Chu Yans name were taken back.

Their titles were only in name, and they no longer had any status in the family.

Even the people who used to butter them up had changed sides.

Nobody had come to visit Chu Ning after he got beaten up!

Lu Yao looked at him and frowned.

“Do you know that Chu Liuyue is still alive”

Chu Yan paused.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

“She returned yesterday morning! The entire Imperial City now knows that she didnt die at Wan Ling Mountain!”

Lu Yao knew how bad the situation was for them.

All of Chu Xianmins plans were for naught!

“No, we cant sit around like this…” Lu Yao got up and paced around in the room when a thought flashed across her mind! Hang on! If Chu Liuyue came back, then what about Gu Mingzhu

She hurried to one side and began writing a letter.

Chu Yan did not understand.

“What are you doing”

Lu Yao did not even look up as she said, “Writing a letter to the Gu familys Madam.”

“You still have the time to think about such things in a time like this” Chu Yan was upset.

However, Lu Yao smiled.

“Its the perfect time to do this.

Rumor had it that Chu Liuyue died together with Gu Mingzhu.

However, dont you think theres a problem since Chu Liuyue is back, but there is news of Gu Mingzhu”

Chu Yan paused but quickly understood.

“Youre saying…”

A vicious smile appeared on Lu Yaos face.

“So what if she has come back alive Many people in Imperial City want her dead!”

The letter was sent to the Gu family that night.

The next day, Chu Liuyue returned to the academy after seeing that Chu Ning had recovered significantly.

However, she was stopped at the academys gates.

“Chu Liuyue! Stop right there!”

Chu Liuyue turned and saw a woman in her thirties walk over with people.

The woman was in white, and her eyes—filled with anger and pain—were red.

She got agitated when she saw Chu Liuyues face.

“Pay for my daughters life!” she cried out sharply.


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