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Chu Liuyue raised her hand.

Her plain white palm waved gently, and a stream of light flashed on the ball of light.

Soon, a totem identical to the one between her eyebrows appeared on the transparent ball of light!

At this point, the two totems each occupied one side!

Tuan Zi seemed to be attracted by something and subconsciously stared at the ball of light.

Somehow, something seemed to be pulling at the power in her body.

Before Tuan Zi could figure it out, she saw the two totems fuse into the flames in the ball of light!

In an instant, the sound of something shattering seemed to come from the depths of her mind!

Tuan Zis eyes widened. My connection with AYue is broken!

But just as she panicked and wanted to get up, the ball of light suddenly split in the middle.

It was as if an invisible knife had evenly cut through it from the middle.

The cut was neat and smooth, and the red-gold flames inside were also divided into two.

Then, the two hemispheres flew toward them.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and caught one hemisphere of light.

The flames quickly drilled into her palm and into her body!

“Tuan Zi,” Chu Liuyue reminded.

Only then did Tuan Zi come back to her senses.

She looked at the hemisphere of light that flew in front of her and quickly reached out to hold it.

In the blink of an eye, the flames in the ball of light quickly disappeared into her chubby hand.

“AYue—” Tuan Zi was about to say something when she was suddenly stunned.

Because at this moment, she clearly felt that the subtle connection between them had been established again!

She could feel AYues aura and emotions again!

Everything happened too quickly, causing her mind to be hazy.

Previously, she was nervous and terrified.

Now that she had regained it, she was naturally happy.

In just a few breaths, there was ice and fire.

At this moment, the totem between their eyebrows flickered especially brightly before quickly hiding.

It was only when the burning temperature between her eyebrows completely disappeared that Chu Liuyue finally exhaled heavily.


The huge sense of oppression in her heart was relieved at this moment. Finally… Everything went smoothly!

Looking at Tuan Zi—who was still in a daze as if she had yet to react—her heart ached.

A smile appeared on her face as she waved at Tuan Zi.

“Tuan Zi, come—”


Before Chu Liuyue could finish her sentence, her vision blurred as Tuan Zi threw herself into her arms!

The impact was huge.

Caught off-guard, the two of them fell back.

Fortunately, a gentle force supported her waist at this moment and forced her to stabilize herself.


“Boohoo!” Before Chu Liuyue could speak, Tuan Zi suddenly cried loudly.

Chu Liuyues shoulders quickly became wet.

Her heart ached even more.

She hugged Tuan Zi and patted her back gently.

“Alright, alright.

Isnt everything fine now Hmm”

Tuan Zi was out of breath from crying, and her voice was choked as she said intermittently, “…Boohoo… I… I thought… AYue didnt want me anymore…”

Knowing that this matter had frightened her, Chu Liuyue felt very guilty.

However, she had just awakened the totem at that time and really didnt have the time to explain it in detail to Tuan Zi.

“No, no.

Did you forget what I said before”

She had said that no matter what, she wouldnt leave Tuan Zi alone again.

Since she had said so, she would naturally not go against her words.

Tuan Zi hugged Chu Liuyues neck tightly and wrapped her short legs tightly around the latter.

It was as if she was afraid that Chu Liuyue would leave again.

Fortunately, her cries gradually subsided under Chu Liuyues comfort, leaving her small body still twitching.

“B-but just now…”

“I was helping you change the contract, not break it.” The ancient voice sounded again.

At this moment, Tuan Zis emotions had eased a lot.

Hearing this, she couldnt help but pause.

She turned her head and looked back.

“Ancestor… Hiccup… What do you mean… Hiccup…”

As she spoke, she hiccuped.

At this moment, she was in a very sorry state.

Her big, clear, and beautiful eyes were red, and so was her small and perky nose.

Her chubby face was covered in tears.

The ancestor sighed helplessly. Just now, the contract had only been broken for a moment, but Tuan Zi was already in a crying fit.

If the contract between her and Shangguan Yue really gets terminated completely, who knows what Tuan Zi would do… Fortunately, Yi Zhao and the others didnt do anything rash previously.


“You and Shangguan Yue signed a master-servant contract previously.”

Hearing this, Tuan Zis face was filled with confusion. Thats right.

What else could it be Isnt there only that kind of contract between fiends and humans Why did they suddenly say that it is amaster-servant contract

As if reading her doubts, the ancestor continued to explain.

“Actually, there are two kinds of contracts in this world.

One is a master-servant contract, which is also a common contract on the continent today.

The other is an entwined fate contract.

Unlike a master-servant contract, the relationship between the human and fiend is equal in this contract.”

“Once a master-servant contract is signed, the life of a fiend is closely related to its master.

If its master dies, the fiend will definitely die.

However, theres no such restriction with the entwined fate contract.”

“This is not the most important characteristic of an entwined fate contract.

After signing the entwined fate contract, the human and fiend will have the same breath and share the same fate.

If either party dies… As long as the other party is still alive, they can preserve the last trace of life for the other party.

If theres a chance, they can even directly revive them!”

The ancestors voice echoed through the entire hall.

“Entwined… Entwined fate contract” Tuan Zi was already stunned. Although Ive never heard of it before, from what the ancestor said, it seems… very powerful

“Just now, I forcefully changed your master-servant contract to the entwined fate contract.

Although theres still a contract between the two of you, it wont be like before.

From now on, your life and death wont be hanging on Shangguan Yue.

In this way, Yi Zhao and the others cant do anything to the two of you.”

The ancestor paused.

“More importantly, this way, the two of you can be considered to have an extra half-life in the future!”

This was the most important thing! Status, strength, and talent all had a basic prerequisite—to be alive!

Tuan Zi covered her mouth in shock, her eyes wide. So… So thats the case! The moment I lost contact with AYue was only because my ancestor was doing us a favor

Happiness came too quickly, and Tuan Zi was still a little dizzy.

She couldnt help but turn around and ask in a daze, “Then… AYue, why didnt we make this contract directly in the past”

Before Chu Liuyue could speak, the ancestor snorted.

“Of course, its because she doesnt know how to.

However, this is very normal.

You have to know that in this world, there are less than three people who can use the entwined fate contract.”

One of them was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans ancestor!

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