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Shangguan Jing suddenly raised his eyes and looked over!

A slender and exquisite figure suddenly appeared at some point! She was light in posture, stepping on the waves!

The shattered ice floes reflected a brilliant glow that fell on her body, as if a layer of holy light was shrouded around her.

She looked so powerful and noble that it was almost unbelievable!

Shangguan Jing was surprised and delighted.


But immediately, he saw a small figure by Chu Liuyues side.

It was a girl who looked no more than three or four years old, with delicate eyebrows and a cute appearance.

Two buns were tied with red ropes on her head.

On the ends of the ropes were golden bells, swinging and clanging in the wind.

The wind blew, rolling up her shiny, red-gold gradient lotus leaf skirt, swaying it in a very moving manner.

Shangguan Jing was a little confused. This… She is indeed good-looking and cute, but why did Yueer bring back a child

Just when he was full of doubts, Chu Liuyue had already pulled Tuan Zi, crossed the waves, and landed a few steps in front of Shangguan Jing.

Shangguan Jing recovered and hurriedly stepped forward.

“Yueer, how are you Why has it been so long Youre not hurt, are you Have you been bullied over there”

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears.

“Ancestor, which question do you want me to answer first”

Only then did Shangguan Jing realize his gaffe and coughed quickly.

“Tell me slowly, tell me slowly—”

Chu Liuyue knew that he was just being anxious over her, so her heart warmed, and she smiled.

“Dont worry; Im not injured.

Arent I standing here in one piece Moreover, I didnt suffer any grievances inside, and they were still very polite to me.”

Of course, it was after she blackmailed them with death.

It was just that there was no need to tell her ancestor all of this in detail.

In short, the other partys attitude toward her was still good for most of the time in Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Shangguan Jing didnt believe it very much.

He took her wrist and looked carefully up and down to make sure that she really had no injuries before he was willing to believe it.

But at the same time, it also made him even more puzzled. The letter from the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was very rude at the beginning, and it was clear that it was aimed at Yueer.

Did they really not bully her

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Ancestor, dont worry.

All the troubles and problems have been successfully resolved.

From now on, you dont have to worry anymore.”

“Really” Shangguan Jing found it unbelievable, but Chu Liuyue didnt look like she was lying.

What… What has happened in the past month He was speechless for a moment, not knowing where to start.

He turned and saw the little girl beside his descendant.

At this moment, the little girl was holding Chu Liuyues hand tightly.

She looked up at him with her round, fair face and big black grape-like eyes.

Shangguan Jings heart skipped a beat. Why does this girl… feel a little familiar

“Tuan Zi, where are your manners” Chu Liuyue said gently as she stroked Tuan Zis head.

Tuan Zi obediently took a step forward.

A big smile bloomed on her face as she called out crisply, “Hello, Great-Ancestor!”

“This, this, this is—” Shangguan Jing was shocked and stared at her in shock. Tuan Zi! Isnt Tuan Zi the red-gold heavenly phoenix that Yueer has contracted

“You guessed right.

Tuan Zi has transformed into a human,” Chu Liuyue explained with a smile.

“Besides, shes already the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans young mistress.”

Shangguan Jing gasped. What on earth did this girl do on Godly Phoenix Mountain! 

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