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Ling Xiao Academy has just experienced a huge ordeal, so it is illogical for Nan Suhuai to leave suddenly at this time… Something mustve happened, but I dont know if it is something good or bad… Yi Wenzhuo slightly squinted his eyes.

After a moment, he stood up and walked to the side hall.

“Jiuqing.” Yi Wenzhuo directly pushed the door open and entered.

Hearing the noise, Jun Jiuqing—who was originally looking at something—immediately put his things down and stood up.


Yi Wenzhuos gaze quickly swept across the desk, and he immediately knitted his brows.

“Youre reading the Beiming Dynastys letters again”

Jun Jiuqing nodded.

“Father said—”

“Now that youre in the God Residence Realm, you have to put more of your mind here,” interrupted Yi Wenzhuo.

“You really dont have to care much about the Beiming Dynasty side.

Dont forget whose blood is running in your bones.”

When Yi Wenzhuo said the second half of the sentence, his eyes stared straight at Jun Jiuqing with indescribably strong suppression!

Jun Jiuqing paused for a moment, and the corner of his lips seemed to curl up.

“Youre right, Mentor.

I will definitely obey your guidance seriously.”

Yi Wenzhuo then nodded in satisfaction.

He brought Jun Jiuqing up with much difficulty.

He didnt want him to waste his time and energy on irrelevant matters.

Yi Wenzhuo pressed one hand on the table and knocked against it.

“Just now, Nan Suhuai left the academy.”

Strangeness surfaced in Jun Jiuqings eyes.

“At this time”

“I dont know what he went to do, but I can roughly guess it.” Yi Wenzhuo sneered.

“Something that can make him put Ling Xiao Academy down and leave at this point proves that its more important to him.

Its very likely… to be related to Shangguan Yue.”

A dark glint flashed across Jun Jiuqings eyes and disappeared.

“She should still be in Godly Phoenix Mountain.

If the director goes over now… It proves that she has already left Godly Phoenix Mountain!”

Yi Wenzhuo suddenly paused in his actions, and countless guesses flashed across his mind.

He muttered softly, “Did something happen to Shangguan Yue”

Jun Jiuqing looked down.

After a moment, he asked, “The director has left.

Mentor, what do you plan to do next”

Yi Wenzhuos heart was still filled with anxiety. This time, I finally waited for Nan Suhuai to come back.

In the end, he disappeared before I could even see him in person! 

After thinking for a moment, his expression finally became calm.

“Ill chase after him.

You can just wait in the academy!”

Jun Jiuqing raised his brows slightly.

His originally demonic-like appearance looked even more sinister.

“Are… you sure We dont know where the director went and what hes going to do.

If you suddenly follow him…”

That is exactly the reason why I have to follow him and control his traces! Yi Wenzhuo raised his hand and gestured for him not to say anything more.

“You just have to stay here and look after the academy.

Ill handle the rest.”

Jun Jiuqing then lowered his head.


Ill listen to your command, Mentor.”

Yi Wenzhuos figure flashed, and he directly disappeared on the spot!

The room became quiet and empty again.

Jun Jiuqing looked up, and his expression became much more restrained.

He then looked down, glanced at the letter on the desk, and sat back down again.

After handling those matters, he slowly put away the letter, leaned against the chair, and closed his eyes.

A while later, his eyelashes trembled lightly, and he opened his eyes again.

But at this point, his pair of eyes were filled with harsh murderous intent! “The entire troop died again What are you doing!”

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