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Shangguan Jings eyes were wide open.

“A-armor! How much Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone would you need to use”

Rong Xiu paused for a moment before replying, “Thats not the problem, but itll be quite time-consuming.

Itll be the best if I can finish it before we go to the God-Killing Tumulus.”

Shangguan Jing was so shocked that he could not speak. Thats.



Problem! That small piece is an extremely rare treasure in the world! Originally, I thought that Rong Xiu wanted to make a dagger or something else, but I never expected it to be a set of armor for Yueer! 

When Chu Liuyue previously experienced the ordeals in Million Wine Mountain, her pure gold armor was indeed completely ruined.

Shangguan Jing had once thought of this problem, but it was a pity that he didnt have the chance.

When he waited outside Godly Phoenix Mountain, he was filled with worry and couldnt calm himself down to refine a Yuan instrument.

He didnt expect Rong Xiu to make the first move, and… the latter even used such a precious Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone!

Shangguan Jing instantly felt that his stock couldnt be presented.

Compared to the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone in Rong Xius hand, it indeed paled in comparison.

Shangguan Jing calmed himself down. Anyway, its for Yueer.

Its a good thing—good thing!

“Youre meticulous.” Shangguan Jing coughed.

“But wont it be a little too late for that”

Their journey was originally very rushed, and Rong Xiu had very little time to refine the Yuan instrument.

If he wanted to use the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone to craft a perfect armor, it had to be a royal Yuan instrument.

At that point, it would be another series of struggles.

It was indeed… too hard to finish it before entering the God-Killing Tumulus.

The corner of Rong Xius lips curled up slightly, and he smiled.

“Ill try my best.”

Shangguan Jing opened his mouth.

His gaze swept across the dazzling Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone, and he finally nodded.

Originally, he wanted to help out.

Then, he thought that Rong Xiu had already finished smoothening it, so it was rather inappropriate for him to intervene now.

He just hoped that Rong Xius refinement would be successful in the end.

Rong Xiu looked down and continued with his actions.

He was extremely focused.

He saw his defined hand holding the carving knife, carving the material stroke by stroke.

Silently, the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone had already changed its appearance.

As Shangguan Jing watched from the side, an idea suddenly popped up in his mind. Why does Rong Xius current appearance look a little familiar As if I had seen him somewhere before… 

However, this thought just lingered in Shangguan Jings heart for a while and was quickly suppressed by him. Perhaps Im thinking too much.

Night was over in the blink of an eye.

When the first ray of sunshine shone in, Rong Xiu stopped his actions.

He looked up slightly, glanced at Chu Liuyue, and put away the item in her hands.

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally opened her eyes and slowly breathed out.

With the rejuvenation overnight, her physical and mental strength had basically recovered.

All her exhaustion had left her body, and her eyes became brighter.

She stretched, and her body made cracking noises.

When Tuan Zi heard it from the side, she flipped over, rubbed her eyes, and subconsciously leaned against Chu Liuyues body.

“AYue—” she muttered as if she was still dreaming.

She stretched open her hands and wanted to hug Chu Liuyues neck.

But just as she was about to pounce into Chu Liuyues arms, she felt her nape turn cold.

Tuan Zis body stiffened as she instinctively turned her neck and looked to the side.

The distinguished His Grace was smiling radiantly.

Tuan Zi suddenly woke up! She stiffly stopped in her tracks and rapidly retracted her arm.

Chu Liuyue was waiting to hug Tuan Zi and suddenly saw that the latter stopped and retracted her hands.

“Tuan Zi” Chu Liuyue found it weird. This kid seems amiss… 

“AYue, Im so tired.

Can I go back today!” Tuan Zi yelled out a bunch of words like a cannonball.

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“Of course! You—”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Tuan Zis figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.

The next moment, she returned to Chu Liuyues body.

“Hu…” Tuan Zi sighed deeply. How close! 

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Shes in such a hurry.

Is she too exhausted from yesterday 

“Do you feel better” asked Rong Xiu gently as he stepped forward.

Chu Liuyue looked up, smiled, and nodded.

Perhaps it was because she knew that her ancestor and Rong Xiu were around, so she slept the entire night peacefully and rested well.

“Thats great.” Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly.

“Yueer, lets continue!” Shangguan Jing buried the fire and yelled.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

The group of them continued on their way toward the God-Killing Tumulus.

Red Moon Desert.

The strong sun hung high in the sky, and the heat waves roared.

At first glance, the air even seemed distorted.

Only the lake in the middle of the desert was slightly cold.

A light breeze came over and blew up circles of ripples.

A figure suddenly appeared at the side of the lake.

Purple hair, purple eyes, and a long robe—it was Dugu Mobao!

He stood still beside the lake and first glanced at the sky.

After detecting that there werent many changes, he retracted his gaze.

Looking at the calm lake, he squinted his eyes and whipped his sleeves.

The water in the lake automatically separated into two halves.

Dugu Mobaos figure flashed, and he quickly disappeared below the lake.

In no time, the lake recovered its usual calm appearance as if nothing had happened.

Dugu Mobao walked to the cage below the lake.

In the dark and narrow space, there was still a faint bloody smell lingering around.

A few black chains wrapped around and locked two figures—they were Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiao.

When the two of them suddenly saw Dugo Mobao appear, they were elated.

Diwu Zhangze smiled.

“Big Baby, youre finally back!”

But very quickly, his smile froze.

“Youre injured”

Dugu Mobaos face was nonchalant.

“Just some minor injuries.”

At the side, Lan Xiao stared at him for a while and suddenly chuckled.


Big Baby, do you really think that you can hide some things from us because only you have a Holy Body”

Dugu Mobao was about to speak when blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth, and his body suddenly fell backward!


He landed on the floor heavily!

“Big Baby!” Diwu Zhangze gasped in shock, and Lan Xiaos expression changed.

The chains made loud noises as the two of them pulled on them.

Luckily, Dugu Mobao didnt faint and stood up.

“I-Im fine…

“How is this fine” The usually gentle Diwu Zhangzes tone also became harsh.

Dugu Mobao wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his face was much paler than before.

He closed his eyes and said carefully, “That person… is going to wake up soon.”

The surroundings suddenly fell silent.

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