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“As expected…” Lan Xiaos lips curled up, and his pretty face had a mocking smile.

“If it werent so, there wouldnt be such a huge commotion in Ling Xiao Academy…”

When they previously learned that something had happened there, they had faintly guessed this possibility.

In the end, it was really—

“You dealt hands with him” asked Diwu Zhangze anxiously.

Dugu Mobao paused.

“Not really.

After the Heaven-Locking Formation was damaged, it was Yueer who repaired it.

And afterward, I immediately came back.”

This wound was left behind after the other party retaliated, and he had no way of defending.

Luckily, it wasnt fatal.

Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiao were both taken aback.

“The Heaven-Locking Formation You asked that girl to repair it You—” Lan Xiao was talking when he suddenly recalled something, and he widened his eyes slightly.

“That was your goal in asking Yueer to memorize those Xuan formations tirelessly in the past!”

Dugu Mobao glanced at him expressionlessly with an expression that said:you know it.

Lan Xiao was greatly taken aback.

“You! You! You! How old was the girl then, and you thought of these things Dugu Mobao, youre so old, yet youre still playing like this Think about how much the girl suffered when she memorized those things back then! Tsk, you really have the cheek!”

Although she was talented back then, her cultivation level wasnt high enough, and the Xuan formations that Dugu Mobao left for her were mostly too complicated.

In order to digest those Xuan formations, she had spent a lot of effort.

“If not for that, she wouldnt have handled Ling Xiao Academys ordeal.” Dugu Mobaos expression was calm.

“The academy is hers sooner or later.

Its her responsibility to protect Ling Xiao.”

Even though it seemed early now, this incident was long in Dugu Mobaos plan.

Seeing his righteous behavior, Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiao were speechless.

After all, what he said made sense.

Even though the journey was tiring, his intentions and the result were good.

It seemed like they couldnt say that Dugu Mobao was wrong, but they could only say that he was… too stern.


Only that girl can tolerate you.” Lan Xiao pouted.

But hearing Dugu Mobao say this, they became less worried.

“Only one of his hands is buried under Million Wine Mountain.

There should be some time before he actually awakens.” Dugu Mobao paused for a moment and glanced at the two of them.

“During this period of time, the two of you need to quickly form your Holy Bodies.”

“Thats easy to say!” Lan Xiao lazily leaned against a metal chain.

He stretched out his hand and lightly knocked against the heavy chain.

“Weve been stuck here for so long, and only you succeeded.

Besides, you even paid quite a big price…”

Dugu Mobaos expression sank.

Lan Xiao pretended like he didnt see it as he shook his head, and his voice was nonchalant.

“Didnt you see that I failed the previous time I spent such a long time fixing my face… I cant try again so soon.”

As he spoke, he looked up and glanced at Diwu Zhangze in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Diwu, why dont you try”

Diwu Zhangze took half a step back in contempt.

“Talk properly!”

Lan Xiao is really problematic.

He becomes out of hand when few benefits are in sight.

After confirming that Dugu Mobao didnt expose his identity in the God Residence Realm, he acted up again. 

“Pfft.” Lan Xiao closed his eyes and waved his hands.

“Anyway, you can think of what to do for this.”

If he failed again, it was fine if he sacrificed his life.

However, the key was he might drag the two of them down.

It was really not worth it.

Diwu Zhangze helplessly shook his head and gazed at Dugu Mobao.

“Its naturally great that you didnt expose your identity this time, but there are no secrets in this world.

This incident will still leave some clues behind.

Things cant go more than three.

You must be careful when you go to the God Residence Realm again.”

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows slightly and nodded.

They had tolerated it in the Red Moon Desert for tens of thousands of years.

If all their efforts went to waste, it was really too much of a loss.

The previous two times were special situations, and he especially couldnt take action at Ling Xiao Academy.

That was also the reason why he immediately came back after the matter ended.

“Oh right, how is Yueer now” Actually, Diwu Zhangze wanted to ask this earlier.

The Heaven-Locking Formation had a high level.

Although she had Dugu Mobaos help, it was still a great challenge for her.

Dugu Mobaos expression turned warmer.

“She summoned her God Realm and recovered her memory.”



Dugu Mobaos sentence directly woke Lan Xiao—who was planning to rest—up.

“Did Yueer recall the previous things”

A ray of light flashed across Dugu Mobaos eyes, and he nodded.

Actually, he also didnt expect that she would do it under such circumstances.

However, it was a pity that the girl directly fainted after the matter ended.

Additionally, he had to rush back to the Red Moon Desert, so he didnt get to speak much with her.

“Shes injured, but Nan Suhuai and Rong Xiu were around, so it shouldnt be too big of a problem.”

“Thats great! Thats great!”

Diwu Zhangze was overjoyed, and there were hints of happiness in Lan Xiaos eyes.

“This means that she broke through to become a true god”

Dugu Mobao nodded.

This was what he was happier with.

Back then, that girl had spent a lot of effort to cross that barrier.

Then, she was reborn overnight, and everything went to dust.

She had to start from the beginning.

Not everyone had such courage and perseverance.

Luckily… she stood at this position again.

Dugu Mobaos lips moved, and he said, “But… she willingly left her God Realm to Meng Xian for him to take care of it.

It seems like she had long planned for her memory loss…”

Once he said this, Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiao were stunned.

This sentence contained too much information, and they couldnt react in such a short amount of time.

“…Youre saying that she did it on purpose back then” asked Diwu Zhangze dryly.

Dugu Mobao squinted his eyes slightly.

“I can basically confirm it, and… Rong Xiu should know these things too.”

Hence, when they asked him, he refused to speak directly.

“Why is that so”

Dugu Mobao did not speak. Perhaps only she knows the true reason. 

“Forget it.

That girl always has her own thoughts.

She definitely has her own reasons for doing so!” Lan Xiao thought past it and smiled with raised brows.

“When we see her next time, wont we be clear after we ask her ourselves”

“Hm” Diwu Zhangze suddenly knitted his brows, and his expression became solemn.

His reaction immediately attracted the other two peoples attention.

“Whats the matter” asked Dugu Mobao.

Diwu Zhangze rarely revealed such an expression.

Seriousness, suspicion, confusion, worry….

Diwu Zhangze looked up at the two of them and carefully said, “It seems like the people from Black Demon Hole have entered the God-Killing Tumulus.”

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