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After Zuo Rong and the others left, Chu Liuyues actions became much faster.

She extended her hand, and a red fire suddenly appeared on her white palm after some concentration.

The small fire energetically jumped around like an elf.

Even though it was weak, it was filled with energy.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes.

This was the first time she summoned her force after officially becoming a stage-one warrior.

If it were an average stage-one warrior, it would be impossible for them to circulate their force outside their body.

One could only do this when they became a stage-four warrior.

However, heavenly doctors were different.

Heavenly doctors used their force to refine medicine.

Since Chu Liuyue was only a stage-one warrior now, she could only summon this small ball of force.

Even though it was clearly insufficient for medicine refining, it was much better than the time she used a huge pot to make medicine.

Chu Liuyue found a square cauldron to refine her medicine.

She then kept her hand hovered over the cauldron and injected the ball of fire inside.

Second Master Yan gave her this square cauldron to refine medicine back then; Chu Liuyue spotted it when she was checking the gifts.

She then brought it to the academy because she lacked such a cauldron.


When the small fire landed in the square cauldron, it suddenly burned brightly.

Chu Liuyues eyes brightened up. This square cauldron is great!

Previously, Chu Liuyue already felt that this square cauldron was made of good materials.

However, she did not expect it to give such surprising results.

By using this square cauldron to refine medicine, Chu Liuyue could save a bit of energy.

With this convenient item, Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to put the herbs into the cauldron in order.

When the second White Xiang Bei landed in the cauldron, the red fire immediately turned it over.

In the blink of an eye, the White Xiang Bei became white powder.

Chu Liuyue was in a rare trance. When heavenly doctors use their force to refine medicine, the speed cant be compared to an average person.

However, this… is way too fast.

Does my force have such a strong effect on the herbs

Chu Liuyue suddenly noticed something and tightly pressed her lips against each other as she added in the second herb.

It was a hundred-year-old castle ginseng, and it was as long as ones forearm.

The numerous roots tightly intertwined with each other.

The ginseng was hard and cool to the touch.

The most useful portion of the castle ginseng was the sudo in the middle.

However, to maximize the ginsengs effectiveness, one had to use a lot of effort to juice the sudo.

Chu Liuyue carefully controlled the fire, and the flames tip lightly licked the castle ginseng.

The surrounding sudo rapidly withered, leaving a drop of orange herb juice in the square cauldron.

Chu Liuyue dazedly looked at it and could not believe it for a short period of time. This… this medicine refining speed can be compared to a third-grade heavenly doctor!

The stronger a heavenly doctors abilities, the faster the medicine refining process.

Chu Liuyue had originally prepared for a long battle, but she did not expect her refining speed to be so high.

The most important thing was that the herb juice produced was clear and clean, extremely pure.

This had saved her a lot of effort, and the medicine would be even more effective.

Even after looking at it for quite a while, Chu Liuyue was still in disbelief.

In her previous life, she had the rare Tianjing Yuan meridian.

She also had advantages in warrior, Xuan Master, and heavenly doctor cultivation.

The force that the Tianjing Yuan meridian produced and the standard of the medicine were definitely not things an average person could compare to.

However, she clearly only had a Dijing Yuan meridian.

However, it seemed no different from her original Tianjing Yuan meridian.

There must be a problem here. 

Chu Liuyue had seen heavenly doctors with a Dijing Yuan meridian.

Even if they cultivated for many years, their force was naturally limited.

They also could never catch up to people with the Tianjing Yuan meridian.


Chu Liuyue wanted to check again if she really had a Dijing Yuan meridian.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath to calm herself down. I definitely wouldnt remember this matter wrongly.

After rebuilding my Yuan meridian, I definitely had a Dijing Yuan meridian.

However… the force that this Yuan meridian produces is comparable to that of my previous lifes Tianjing Yuan meridian.

Chu Liuyues heart started beating wildly. Perhaps… this Yuan meridian of mine will become my greatest support.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and suppressed her overwhelming emotions.

When she opened her eyes once again, the shock and suspicion in her eyes had disappeared; they were replaced by her usual calmness.

However, nobody knew what kind of troubles the secret movements behind this calmness would bring.

Chu Liuyue started to add herbs to the cauldron in an orderly fashion.

Time trickled by, and darkness filled the sky.

All the herbs that were originally piled up like a hill in Chu Liuyues room had already been processed by her.

The fire burned on brightly in the square cauldron as the various herbs combined to form an emerald substance that quietly floated.

A strong medicinal fragrance permeated the air.

“Liuyue, Im back!” Mu Hongyus voice sounded from outside.

Chu Liuyue injected another ball of fire into the square cauldron before heading out.

“Liuyue, youre really accurate with your guesses! That Ji Yurong is actually—hmm Whats that fragrant smell” Excitement filled Mu Hongyus face, but her attention was attracted by the herbal fragrance before she could even finish her sentence.

She looked up and widened her eyes in shock when she saw the blazing fire in the square cauldron—which stood in the middle of the room.

“My god! Liuyue, youre actually refining medicine”

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears as she pulled Mu Hongyu into the house and locked the door.

She then said, “Didnt I tell you that I would be heading to Heavenly Pharmacy”

“You didnt say that you can refine medicine!” Mu Hongyu walked over, utterly surprised.

“Such a strong fire… Didnt you say that youre only a stage-one warrior Why do you have enough force to refine medicine”

Even though Mu Hongyu was not a heavenly doctor, she knew that heavenly doctors had to turn their force into fire when refining medicine.

Mu Hongyu knew that she did not have this ability, so she did not become a heavenly doctor.

However… How can Chu Liuyue produce fire as a stage-one warrior

When Chu Liuyue saw Mu Hongyus look, she was secretly thankful that Mu Hongyu came back a little late and did not see the pile of herbs in her room.

If not, Mu Hongyu would probably tear the roof off.

“Didnt you say that you discovered something Whats up with Ji Yurong” Chu Liuyue silently changed the topic.

Mu Hongyu then recovered her senses and hurriedly said, “Oh right! Let me tell you that Ji Yurong indeed has a problem! I planned to follow him today and find out what hes up to.

However, he is very careful and has been cultivating for the entire day.

He looked perfectly normal.

Thus, I talked to the people closest to him to find out more, and guess what He likes Chu Xianmin!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows when she heard the name.

“Even though he has never told anyone about this, I heard that he was completely drunk on the day that Chu Xianmin married the Crown Prince.

This Ji Yurong has always been an honest and introverted person.

He has always closely abided by the rules, so why would he do such a thing on that day”

Chu Liuyue glanced at the medicine in the square cauldron and asked, “Are both of them on good terms”

“This… I found this a little weird.

The two of them dont seem to interact at all.

You also know that I never liked Chu Xianmin, but I never heard Ji Yurong say anything in her favor.

If it werent because I heard that he was drunk, I wouldnt have known that he liked Chu Xianmin!”


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