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Chapter 172: Rumors

Previously, Chu Xianmin was very beautiful; she also came from an established family and was talented.

She was once the most famous distinguished woman in the entire Imperial City.

There was no surprise in Ji Yurong liking her.

However, they needed to continue investigating to see if Chu Xianmin was involved in this incident.

“Lets not act rashly.

Investigate Chu Xianmin secretly first.”

Mu Hongyu flung herself onto a nearby chair and propped up her chin with a hand.

“Sigh, this is a little hard.

You also know that Chu Xianmin isnt staying in the academy.

After she married the Crown Prince, she has gone back to Crown Prince Mansion every day.

Due to this, itll take a lot of effort to investigate her part in this incident.”

Crown Prince Mansion was heavily guarded, and they could not barge in, even if they had the best abilities in the world.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while before saying, “Were not in a rush.

Many people know that I went to Heavenly Pharmacy today.

Plenty of people will also be talking about me since Zuo Rong and the other teachers visited me in the afternoon.

The person who poisoned Zhongshu is definitely observing the happenings in the school closely.

Hence, they will know about this.”

“I knew it!” Mu Hongyu clapped her hands and excitedly said, “I already heard a lot of people talking about you when I came back today.

They even talked about Mr.

Zuo Rong or something like that.

It turns out you did it on purpose! Are you planning to lure the enemy out”

A dark light flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes.

“The enemy is in the dark, and were in the light.

Therefore, it is already a bit hard for us to do anything.

Since its so, we should just go on the offensive.

When the other party knows about this, they will have to do something about it.

Once they take action, we can then find out who they are.”

Mu Hongyu sized Chu Liuyue up in shock.

“Pft! Liuyue, no wonder you can teach the Chu family a lesson! Youre so tricky, just like a wise, old man.

Whoever goes against you is surely unlucky!”

Chu Liuyues eyes twitched. Tricky like a wise, old man… Mu Hongyu, do you even know how to speak properly

“If others dont offend me, I wont offend them.”

I wont take the initiative to offend anyone, but dont blame me for being merciless if anyone wants to bully me.

Mu Hongyu rapidly nodded in agreement.

Then, she pouted.

“Hmph! Let me tell you that this Chu Xianmin is such a tough nut to crack! Even though you taught her a lesson previously, she started committing evil acts after such a short while.”

“Did you know When everyone thought you were… Um, when they thought something happened to you, Chu Xianmin ran to the teachers at the first instance.

She then said that she wanted to replace you as the warrior assessments top scholar to meet the Tianling Dynastys envoy!”

Mu Hongyu was previously too immersed in her pain and sorrow, so she did not know what happened in the academy.

She only found out about this after asking around today.

However, not only was Chu Liuyue not angry when she heard this, but she even laughed instead.

Mu Hongyu asked in disbelief, “Are you not angry”

“Her character has always been like this.

Id find it weird if she didnt do such things.”

Chu Xianmin was currently in a very difficult position.

Hence, she naturally wanted to find ways to be in the spotlight once again.

If this road did not work, she would still try another.

Mu Hongyu suddenly thought of something and clasped her hands while looking at Chu Liuyue.

“Thats true… Liuyue, can you do me a favor when you meet the Tianling Dynastys envoy”

“Whats the matter”

Mu Hongyus face had a tinge of sadness.

“My father sent me a letter a few days ago, which talked about how my mother isnt doing well again.

He heard that the Tianling Dynastys envoy was going to come, so he wanted me to ask them if they had a way to cure my mother… But how will I have the chance to do so now So, can you please—”

Chu Liuyue paused in her actions.

“It seems like you really look up to the Tianling Dynasty.

The other party is just an envoy, yet youre pinning all your hopes on them.

Isnt this a bit too unreliable”

Mu Hongyus eyes widened.

“Liuyue, the envoy is from the Tianling Dynasty! A rumored existence! If even they cant do anything about it, we definitely cant! Sigh, do you know about the Tianling Dynastys previous Heavenly Princess”

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a little awkward.

When Mu Hongyu saw Chu Liuyues face, she thought that Chu Liuyue had not heard of the princess before.

Therefore, she kindly explained, “Sigh, its normal if you dont know about her.

Tianling Dynasty has always been very mysterious, and I only heard about her from my father.

Rumors have it that their Heavenly Princess has a Tianjing Yuan meridian and that she was born to be an outstanding genius!”

“Also, she was already a fifth-grade heavenly doctor when she was ten! You also know that our Country Yao Chen barely has any heavenly doctors these few years.

Those that are fifth-grade heavenly doctors are even rarer.

Just think about how incredible she is!”

Chu Liuyue coughed and touched her nose.

“Sigh, we cant envy those people, and theres no need to anyway.

Everything was good about that Heavenly Princess, but in the end, she went crazy from cultivating too much.

She eventually died, and I think she wasnt even 20 then…” Mu Hongyu looked emotional.

However, Chu Liuyue was stunned. Went… crazy

She tried to suppress the emotions in her heart and asked, “For a genius like her, her cultivation road should be very smooth.

Why did she go crazy from cultivating”

Mu Hongyu spread her hands.

“Who knows Thats what the rumors say anyway.

If not, why did she die so suddenly I heard that her fiancé was devastated…”

Chu Liuyues heart started beating rapidly.

Her mind was blank, and her body was stiff as she asked, “He… Is that what the rumors say”

“Yeah, but I dont know anything else.

Who will know about things that happen thousands of miles away for certain Hm Liuyue, you dont seem very well.

Whats the matter”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and shook her head.

“Nothing much.

Im just a little tired from refining the medicine.”

Mu Hongyu was slightly worried.

“Can you continue Let me stay here to accompany you.”

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Its okay.

You should go back and rest today.

You still need to investigate Ji Yurong tomorrow.”

“Okay then…” Mu Hongyu was also exhausted from all the running around today.

Thus, she stood up to leave after hearing Chu Liuyues words.

After Mu Hongyus figure disappeared outside the door, Chu Liuyue finally relaxed her hand.

As she used too much force, her palm was stained with blood.

She almost could not control the anger burning in her heart!

I died from crazily cultivating Hes devastated about my death These people can really fabricate anything! I must make them pay this debt back a hundred-fold!


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