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At night in Prince Li Mansions study

Rong Xiu stood in front of the bookshelf with his hands behind his back, and he was carefully picking a book.

“Move the top two rows over and the few series that I usually read to the bottom few rows.”

As he carefully packed the books, Yu Mo answered, “Okay.”

Yan Qing looked at his Master hesitantly.

“Master, are you really going to stay at Tian Lu Academy”

Rong Xiu glanced at him.

“Why Is there a problem”

“No! Its just that… There are many people at Tian Lu Academy, and Im afraid many things wont be as convenient as before.”

Yan Qing did not expect his master to decide to go to Tian Lu Academy after making a trip to the palace.

Yan Qing was overwhelmed.

Yu Mo silently glanced at him. Are you stupid Other people might not know why Master is going to Tian Lu Academy, but dont you know it clearly

Yan Qing had a severe headache. Ever since Master came home from Wan Ling Mountain badly injured and quietly sat in the study for an entire night, I knew Master would make a move.

However, I did not expect Master to take such drastic measures.

Yu Mo shook his head. How can we stop Master from doing what he wants

Yan Qing heavily sighed.

“Say whatever you want,” said Rong Xiu suddenly.

Yan Qing knew he could not hide his thoughts from his master, so he decisively said, “Master, if youre worried about Ms.

Liuyue, you can just send more people to protect her in secret.

Why must you head there personally It is currently a very risky period since the Crown Prince is under house arrest, and the Third Prince is stuck in the Imperial City—unable to return to the Northwest Army.

Its very risky for you to make such a big move so suddenly!”

Rong Xiu quietly stared at Yan Qing.

“Anything else”

Yan Qing paused for a while before shaking his head.

He was mainly worried about his masters safety.

Even though he knew that his master was very formidable, it was not Rong Xius style to put himself in such a perilous situation.

“Since youre done talking, help Yu Mo pack my things.”

“Master—” Yan Qing wanted to continue, but he knew that there was no use in saying any more when he saw Rong Xius expression.

Hence, Yan Qing could only obey.


Rong Xiu knocked on the table.

“Did she go to Heavenly Pharmacy today Why didnt Yan Ge do anything”

Yu Mo hurriedly said, “Master, Yan Ge said that he didnt receive any news from Ms.


It seems like Ms.

Liuyue specifically went to Heavenly Pharmacy.”

Rong Xiu lightly replied with an “mm” before asking, “Do you know what she wants to do with all those herbs”

Yu Mo and Yan Qing looked at each other.

“Im… not too sure.”

Rong Xiu slightly raised his brows.

Numerous valuable herbs were part of the gifts Zhen Bao Pavilion gave her.

It was impossible that Chu Liuyue did not know that going to Zhen Bao Pavilion would be more convenient for her if she wanted anything.

However, she went to Heavenly Pharmacy.

This was definitely on purpose.

“Are you sure you dont know”

Yu Mo coughed and secretly thought to himself, As expected, I cant hide it from Master, but…

He clenched his teeth and bravely said, “I heard that Ms.

Liuyue went to Heavenly Pharmacy to take herbs to help a classmate with their injury.”

Rong Xiu leaned against the chair with his ten fingers intertwined.

His posture looked lazy, but it gave off an indescribable suppression.

“Hm What kind of classmate”

Yu Mo closed his eyes as if he viewed death as going home.

“Hes… Liao Zhongshu!”

The entire room fell into dead silence when Yu Mo finished speaking.

Rong Xius lips strangely curved up.

“So… its a male classmate…”

The next morning, Chu Liuyue finally finished refining the bowl of medicine.

She planned to deliver it to Liao Zhongshu after placing the medicine in a sealed jade box.

Once she walked to the door, she saw Mu Hongyu running over with an excited face.

“Liuyue, Liuyue! Big news!”

Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh.

“What kind of news can make you so agitated Did you find any evidence”

Mu Hongyus face immediately darkened.

“Not really, but it isnt that easy!” However, she quickly cheered up once again, and her eyes shone brightly.

“Did you know Prince Li came to Tian Lu Academy today!”

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

“Why is he here Did he enroll in the academy too”

Mu Hongyu did not notice that Chu Liuyue sounded very familiar with him, when Chu Liuyue talked about Prince Li.

Mu Hongyu had even thought that Chu Liuyue was confused.

Hence, she giggled.

“How is that possible Prince Li has always been weak and sickly, so how can he enter our academy I heard he came here to pay respects to his mother.

Back then, Consort Wan was a teacher here at Tian Lu Academy for a period of time.

She was not buried in the imperial mausoleum afterward, so Prince Li came here.”

Chu Liuyue found it a little weird.

“Is that… appropriate”

“Whats inappropriate about this Both the academys director and the Emperor agreed to this, so Prince Li can obviously come.

Did you know Back then, Consort Wan was the only consort His Majesty doted on in the entire palace! Now that Prince Li wants to pay his respects to her, the Emperor will definitely agree!”

“Besides, the academys director also seems to have some relations with Consort Wan back then! Elder Sun is already bringing Prince Li into the academy.

If it isnt because everyone didnt dare to join in the commotion of watching Prince Li, Id be there right now!”

Chu Liuyues brows slightly moved.

“Whats there to see”

“Whats there not to see Rumors have it that this prince has an outstanding appearance.

Many women pray for him to look at them.

Hm Liuyue, I remember that you and Prince Li both went to the Crown Princes banquet previously, so you shouldve seen him, right Quickly, tell me if hes as handsome as jade and extremely unique, just like what the rumors claim.”

Chu Liuyue suddenly had the urge to slap her own forehead.

However, a persons demonic appearance appeared in her mind.

She coughed.

“… Hes just like that.”

Mu Hongyu was unsatisfied with this answer and continued questioning Chu Liuyue.

“I heard that Prince Li stood up for you when the Fourth Princess put you in a difficult spot.

Were you… not touched at all”

Chu Liuyue immediately said, “How can that be possible He—”

Before she could finish her sentence, a familiar tall figure entered her view.

Her words suddenly got stuck in her throat.

Mu Hongyu weirdly asked, “Really”

“Of course, its real.” A low and cold voice suddenly sounded from behind in a gentle yet lazy tone as if the wind blew across the surface of a lake.

“After all, Imjust like that in Ms.

Liuyues eyes.

Am I right, Ms.



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