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Chapter 174: Are You Two Close

The man in front of the duo wore a white robe and looked pure and clean.

His appearance and five features looked as if they had been carefully carved by the heavens.

His eyes, which were as quiet as the night sky, were especially attractive.

They were clean and pure yet mysterious.

His thin lips curved up slightly, and his originally handsome and calm appearance looked slightly coy.

The mans gaze landed on Chu Liuyue, and his lips curved up into a distracted smile.

Mu Hongyu was dazed for quite a while.

When she finally recovered her senses, she widened her eyes.

“Prince Li”

Rong Xiu slightly nodded.

“Princess Yong Ping.”

Ever since Mu Hongyu came to the Imperial City and entered Tian Lu Academy, she had always been low-key and rarely talked about her identity.

She had not heardPrincess Yong Ping in a long while.

When she heard Rong Xiu say her title, she could not help but become dazed again.

“You know me”

Rong Xiu lighty smiled.

“Ive heard Ms.

Liuyue talk about you before.

Now that weve met, Princess, youre indeed straightforward and generous as described.

You really do take after Prince Ping Jiang.”

Rong Xius praises immediately put Mu Hongyu in a good mood.

She admired her father the most, and she was even happier to hear other people compliment him than when they complimented her.

She curiously asked, “Prince Li, have you seen my father”

“Even though I havent met him before, Ive long heard of his name.”

Mu Hongyu thought for a while and agreed.

Prince Li had a frail body since he was young and was sent to Mingyue Tianshan to recuperate.

He didnt even return to the Imperial City much, let alone go to a faraway place to see her father.

However, he still had good taste!

Mu Hongyu happily pulled Chu Liuyues sleeves and softly said, “Liuyue, your expectations are too high.

I think Prince Li is not bad!”

Chu Liuyue speechlessly looked at her. I really dont know when Mu Hongyus brainless nature will change.

She was bribed with just one compliment.

Perhaps she will be sold by someone in the future, and she might even help the person count the money!

“Hey, he said that you talked about me in front of him.

Are you very close to him” Mu Hongyu suddenly thought of something and looked at Chu Liuyue with a weird gaze.

“You were still saying—”

“His Highness has helped me a few times before, and he casually asked me a few questions about the academy when I went to thank him, so I talked about you,” said Chu Liuyue without a stir in emotions.

Who doesnt know how to lie Since he purposely exposed me, dont blame me for doing so!

Mu Hongyu understood what she said.

“No wonder… I think he probably wanted to come to the academy then, so he asked you about this, right”

Chu Liuyues eyelids slightly twitched.

Rong Xiu silently looked at the jade box in Chu Liuyues hands.

“It seems like youre busy.

I wont disturb you further.”

Chu Liuyue bent her knees and bowed.

“Goodbye, Your Highness.”

Rong Xiu silently looked at her before turning around to leave with Elder Sun.

Mu Hongyu could not help but rub her arms.

“Liuyue, why do I suddenly feel cold”

Chu Liuyue coughed.

“Lets go! If were too slow, this medicine will cool down.”

The two of them quickly reached Liao Zhongshus lodgings.

Mu Hongyu went up and was about to knock on the door when it suddenly opened.

Ji Yurong was standing inside.

He still had his usual gentle and harmless smile adorned.

“Zhongshu said that youd come today, so Ive been waiting for you here.

Quickly, come in!”

Chu Liuyue sized him up.

Compared to the previous day, he looked much more natural, as if nothing was wrong.

However, this precisely proved that he had a problem.

When Mu Hongyu secretly investigated him yesterday, she did not completely block out the news.

Hence, Ji Yurong would find out about it if he asked around.

However, he did not seem any different today, which clearly indicated that he was hiding something.

In a seemingly smiling manner, Mu Hongyu said, “Oh, how embarrassing! You must have been tired from taking care of him for the past few days, right Were just here to see him, so you can carry on with your own tasks.”

Ji Yurongs facial expression was slightly stiff, but he quickly recovered from it.

“Were all friends, and we live together.

This is something I should do.

Then… you guys can go up first.

Ill make some tea for you later.

I couldnt entertain you properly when you came here yesterday.”

“Are you very free today” Mu Hongyu crossed her arms.

“I remember that you have a class today.”

Anxiety flashed across Ji Yurongs eyes.

“Ah Oh, I took leave today.

I finished using my cultivation time at Jiuyou Tower, so I was planning to do some assignments today.”

Mu Hongyu did not doubt him.

“This is pretty urgent, so we shant bother you anymore.” She was clearly asking him to leave.

Ji Yurong was slightly hesitant.

“A-actually, it isnt that urgent… Im afraid Zhongshu will…”

“The two of us are here.

Are you worried that we cant look after him”

“No, no! T-then, Ill take my leave.

You guys can go ahead.” Ji Yurong knew that he would make matters worse if he continued talking, so he could only leave indignantly.

When his figure disappeared, Mu Hongyu then pouted.

“Cant he think of another way to watch us in secret”

Chu Liuyue did not say anything and went up the stairs.

Liao Zhongshu looked even worse than the day before, and he was even more lethargic.

Mu Hongyu was stunned.

“Did he poison you again”

Liao Zhongshu shook his head with much difficulty.

“After you told me about him yesterday, I didnt touch any of the things he gave me.”

Chu Liuyue checked his bowl and saw that it was still clean.

“The Red Blood Gus poison is very strong.

Even if he doesnt poison you again, the toxins will just get worse.

In the later stages, youll just collapse like a mountain,” said Chu Liuyue as she took out the bowl of medicine from the box.

An intense herbal fragrance permeated through the air.

Mu Hongyu took a deep breath in and instantly felt comfortable.

Chu Liuyue passed the medicine to Liao Zhongshu.

“This medicine can only stop the poison temporarily.

Ill think of another way to get the antidote.”

Liao Zhongshu did not say anything else and finished the medicine in one go.

“You trust us quite a lot,” said Chu Liuyue.

Liao Zhongshus pale face revealed a helpless yet genuine smile.

“In my current state, who else can I believe if not you”

They had once been through life and death together.

Besides, this was the only path he could choose now.

“Rest well first.

Hongyu and I will continue investigating.”

Liao Zhongshu nodded.

“Sorry for the trouble.

I really dont know how to repay this favor…”

“Liuyue! Hongyu! Were back!” Before Liao Zhongshu could finish his sentence, Cen Hus voice sounded from downstairs.

Chu Liuyue let Liao Zhongshu rest on his own, and she walked out with Mu Hongyu.

When they reached the first floor, they saw that Cen Hu and Gu Mingfeng had come back.

Gu Mingfengs face was injured, and it seemed like he had been through a lot these past two days.

Mu Hongyu was shocked, and she hurriedly walked forward.

“Mingfeng, what happened to you”

Gu Mingfeng looked down slightly.

“Just some minor injuries.”

“How are these minor injuries”

Gu Mingfeng clearly looked like he was brutally beaten up.

However, Gu Mingfeng did not say anything else, and it was clear that he did not want to talk about it.

Originally, he did not want to see Chu Liuyue and Mu Hongyu with his injured face, but Cen Hu forcefully dragged him over.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him and retracted her gaze.

She asked in understanding, “The Gu familys members did it”


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