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Chapter 185: Stand Up

When Rong Xiu came out of Jiuyou Tower, Elder Wei Yun was kind of shocked.

“You came out so quickly Did you see everything clearly”

Rong Xiu smiled lightly and nodded.

“I only wanted to know what Mothers favorite place—Jiuyou Tower—looked like, so I went in for a while.

Besides, Im already very grateful that you let me in even though Im not one of the academys students.”

Elder Wei Yun thought to himself: Rong Xius body is very frail, and I think he can only forcefully look around the first floor.

He probably cant go to the higher floors, so its normal that he took such a short time to look around.

However, Elder Wei Yun could not say this aloud.

“It was no trouble at all; theres no need to say thank you.

I hear that youll be staying in the academy for some time.

If you want to come again, just go ahead!”

Ru Yue had helped the academy quite a bit back then, so they naturally looked after her only descendent—Rong Xiu.

“Thank you, Elder Wei Yun.” Rong Xiu thanked him again and coughed.

Upon seeing Rong Xius pale face, Elder Wei Yun thought that his body was indeed unwell.

Hence, Elder Wei Yun hurriedly made him return home.

Rong Xiu readily followed his advice.

Elder Wei Yun looked at Jiuyou Tower again.

For some reason, the faint uneasiness from earlier on seemed to have dissipated.

Just when Rong Xiu returned to Yi Feng Courtyard, Yan Qing came up to him and anxiously asked, “Master, did you go to Jiuyou Tower”

Yan Qing left the academy in the afternoon, but once he came back, he heard that his master had actually gone there.

“Didnt you previously say that well do nothing for now”

Rong Xiu walked under the peach tree and lazily sat on the rattan chair.

He said lightly, “I obviously must teach those disobedient ones a lesson.”

Yan Qings heart dropped, and he then realized that his master seemed a little angry.

This anger seems to be targeted at Jiuyou Tower

“You can just ask Chuan Qiong to do such things; you dont have to go there yourself.” Yan Qing really did not understand his master.

Master has already attracted so much attention by coming to Tian Lu Academy, and he has even gone to Jiuyou Tower in public.

If news of this spread, those people might do something about it.

Rong Xiu closed his eyes, and the sunlight shone on his lashes, leaving a faint shadow on his face.

Yan Qing curiously knitted his brows. Didnt Master rest at Ms.

Liuyues place yesterday Why does he look like he didnt sleep well Doesnt he always sleep better when Ms.

Liuyue is with him

But when he saw that Rong Xiu did not say a word, Yan Qing knew that his master was planning to rest.

Thus, Yan Qing bowed and said, “Ill take my leave first.”

He retreated a few steps before turning around and walking into the house.

When near the door, a thought popped up in Yan Qings mind. Wait a minute! When did Chuan Qiong tell us that Jiuyou Tower had the biggest unusual movement

I think that day was coincidentally the first day Ms.

Liuyue stepped into Jiuyou Tower Chuan Qiong even suspects that the unusual movements are connected to Chu Liuyue…

Yan Qing could not help but turn around to take a look, and his eyelids twitched. After such a long day… Master just personally went over to stand up for Ms.


Chu Liuyue absorbed the last bit of Heaven and Earth Force into her body and combined it with the water droplet in her dantian before slowly opening her eyes.

It seems like this body is much stronger after recovering from the training at Wan Ling Mountain.

I can vaguely feel that Im going to break through and become a stage-two warrior.

When that happens, I can go up to the second floor and hasten my cultivation.

As Chu Liuyue thought of this, she looked at the hourglass on the wall.

She then realized that her cultivation time had just ended, so she stood up to leave.

When she walked to the stairs, she could not help but stop and look up.

She could not see what was on the highest floor of the spiral staircase.

Also, Rong Xiu did not seem to be around anymore.

Jiuyou Tower was very quiet as if the previous shrill shriek had not happened at all.

Chu Liuyue arrived at Mu Hongyus place and saw her flipping a booklet in her hand in boredom.

Mu Hongyu seemed to be worried about something as she had furrowed both her thin eyebrows.

It looked as if she wanted to use her eyes to see through that booklet.


Hearing Chu Liuyues voice, Mu Hongyu recovered her senses and looked at Chu Liuyue.

She weakly held her chin.

“Liuyue, youre here.”

“Why do you look so bored” Chu Liuyue sat down beside Mu Hongyu, and Chu Liuyues gaze swept past the booklet.

“Its because my body hasnt recovered, so I cant cultivate!” Mu Hongyu looked up at the sky and sighed.

“I havent been so severely injured since I was born! Who knows how long Ill take to recover Im getting sick of being bored.”

Chu Liuyue minded herself and poured herself a cup of tea as she highly doubted Mu Hongyus words.

“You werent this bored a few days ago.

Why are you bored now”

Mu Hongyu grunted.

“Ji Yurong went to the teacher and requested for a room change.

He then brought his belongings to somewhere else at noon.

Dont tell me you dont know about this.”

Chu Liuyues hand, holding the teacup, paused.

“Mm, I coincidentally met the two of them today and directly solved the issue.”

“Thats why Im bored!” Mu Hongyu leaned back and looked up before she used the booklet to cover her face.

“My body requires quite a few more days to recover before I can move around as I wish.

Just thinking about it bores me!”

She suddenly thought of something and sat up straight.

She stared at Chu Liuyue with a scrutinizing gaze.

“Wait, youre injured too! I also remember that your injuries are even more severe than mine.

Why do you look like youre fine I heard that you even went to Jiuyou Tower to cultivate today.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Ill really go mad from comparing people!”

Even if Chu Liuyues talent is better than mine, this is too much!

Chu Liuyue simply smiled.

A person with a Dijing Yuan meridian indeed had much faster recovery speed.

“Dont worry.

I wont go there tomorrow.”


“Ive finished my 38 hours.” Chu Liuyue pointed at her nameplate.

Mu Hongyu was first shocked before showing a look of contempt.

“Who told you to go there every day Its already very good that you lasted all the way until now, okay”

“Thus, I came here to ask you about how one earns the cultivation time.”

Mu Hongyu threw the booklet in her hands to Chu Liuyue.


All the ways to earn cultivation time is here.

Take a look at it.”

Chu Liuyue had noticed this booklet earlier on, but she did not expect it to be related to Jiuyou Tower.

She flipped open the first page and saw the top line: “A third-grade fiends pearl of essence can be exchanged for two hours.”

“This was given out when the school term started, and everyone has one.

You came in in the middle of the term, so its natural that you dont have it.

All sorts of tasks are written on it, and the harder the task, the better the rewards.”

Chu Liuyue flipped to the back.

“A fifth-grade fiends pearl of essence can be exchanged for 200 hours.”

The difference was pretty big.

However, this was understandable as it was a lot harder to obtain a fifth-grade fiends pearl of essence compared to a third-grade one.

Chu Liuyue looked at the booklet, and Mu Hongyu suddenly leaned in.

She excitedly lowered her voice and asked, “Oh yeah, I heard that Prince Li went to Jiuyou Tower today too”

Chu Liuyue looked at her.

“How did you know that”

“Im not the only one who knows! The entire academy knows, alright Did you know that Prince Li has already become the most famous existence in the academy now Of course… thats only for women!”


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