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After dinner, Emperor Jiawen got up to leave.

The Empress was a little surprised.

“Your Majesty, you-youre not staying with me tonight”

Emperor Jiawens face was stoic.

“Its almost October.”

The Empress paused, and complex feelings grew in her.


It did not mean anything to others, but it was especially special to Emperor Jiawen since Consort Wan died in October.

In all these years, Emperor Jiawens mood would always be especially gloomy around October, and he would never spend the night with his concubines.

The Empress knew the rule, but she forgot about it in the spur of the moment since Emperor Jiawen agreed to release the Crown Prince and get help for the Fourth Princess.

“Its my mistake! I ask for forgiveness, Your Majesty.” The Empress lowered her head and concealed the hatred that flashed across her eyes.

Emperor Jiawen waved his arms.

“You, go check on Zhen Zhen.”

With that, he left.

The large palace hall was silent once again.

All the surrounding servants were bowed and silent, afraid of incurring the Empresss wrath.

Everyone in the palace knew that the Empress had the highest status in the harem.

In reality, she was no match for Consort Wan.

There was a place in His Majestys heart that could not be replaced by anyone, the Empress included.

It would be fine usually, but what happened today was like a slap to the Empresss face!

After a long, dead silence, the Empress took a deep breath and returned to her usual elegant self.

“Im going to check on the Fourth Princess.”


Arriving at Rong Zhens palace, the Empress saw a group of servants kneeling outside.

They had pained expressions on their face as if they were in great pain, but they dared not make any sound.

Rong Zhen was seated at the palaces main doors, looking at the servants viciously.

Panic flashed across her eyes when she saw the Empress and hurriedly got up.

“Mother, what brings you here”

The Empress frowned.

“Your father asked me to come and check on you.

What are you doing”

She took a closer look and smelt the faint scent of blood.

Rong Zhen replied briskly, “Nothing! Im just punishing them a little because they made a mistake!”

The Empress did not believe her and looked towards the servants.

“All of you, get up.”

A servant in front tried to stand up but fell to the ground the moment they moved.

They cried out in pain as they hugged their knees.

The Empress only realized then that rusty nails were stuck in the persons knees! She glanced around and realized that it was the same for everyone else!

She repressed the anger in her heart.

“Everyone go back to rest.

Ill send someone to take care of your wounds.

The Fourth Princess has been in a bad mood lately, so shes a little temperamental.

However, I dont wish for anyone else to find out about this, understood”

The servants answered quickly and helped one another leave.

The Empress glanced at Rong Zhen.

“Follow me inside!”

Rong Zhen knew she was in the wrong, so she could only do as she was told.

The Empress only spoke after the door was locked shut.

“What exactly are you doing How many times have I told you that youre absolutely not allowed to do this What would your father think if he found out”

Rong Zhen looked away.

“He no longer cares if I live or die! Im just a good-for-nothing now, so why would he care”

The Empress repressed her anger.

“Your father has agreed to send more heavenly doctors for you after the Qing Jiao Competition.

Even if they cant do anything, the envoy from the Tianling Dynasty is on his way.

Theyll be able to help then! You have to make your father feel bad for you, not hate you!”

Rong Zhen was stunned.


“Of course! More importantly, your father has agreed to release your brother.

If he stands out at the Qing Jiao Competition, hell gain your fathers favor again.

You must not create trouble at such a crucial time!”

Rong Zhens expression changed, and she hurriedly said, “I understand! I wont make you worry!”

As she spoke, she went over and hugged the Empresss arm.

“I know Mother treats me the best!”

Even though she was still angry, the Empresss heart ached for her daughter as she patted her daughters head.

“A damaged pearl of essence is not without hope of repair.

Look at Chu Liuyue.

She was born with a damaged Yuan meridian, but hasnt she recovered now”

A light flashed across Rong Zhens eyes when she heard that.

“Right! Mother, how did we forget about this!”

She shook the Empresss arm excitedly.

“Didnt all the heavenly doctors in Country Yao Chen say that her Yuan meridian could not be repaired Not only did she recover, but shes also a prodigy now! Mother, theres definitely something wrong with Chu Liuyue!”

The Empress frowned.

“You mean…”

“Why dont we make her come here and ask her how she recovered! I bet theres someone powerful helping her! If she brings that person here, I might make a full recovery!”

“That does make sense… We didnt think of that before.” The Empress pondered.

“But were not on good terms with Chu Liuyue.

She might not agree to this.”

Rong Zhen was unbothered.

“So what if she doesnt agree to this Shes just the daughter of the Imperial guards Commander-in-Chief.

She cant disobey us.”

However, the Empress was a little hesitant.

She remembered that Chu Liuyue did not have an ordinary relationship with Zhen Bao Pavilion… “I think we should be more careful about this matter.

How about you follow me to the Qing Jiao Competition competition, and well talk to her then.

Itll be great if shes willing to help.

If not…”

Rong Zhen laughed coldly.

“She has no choice!”


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