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Chapter 195: Situ Xingchen

Cloud patterns were not rare, especially for royalty.

It was not uncommon for people of high status to have clothes embroidered with a cloud pattern.

But the key was that the cloud patterns on Rong Xius robes and hems were different from the typical ones.

Even though it was a cloud pattern, its lines were intertwined.

From an angle, the cloud patterns even looked like blooming peach blossoms.

The first time Chu Liuyue noticed it, she asked Rong Xiu about it.

Back then, Rong Xiu said that he drew the cloud pattern himself and had it specially embroidered.

He said that he was the only one with that design.

However… Chu Liuyue did not expect the pattern to appear on another persons clothes.

Chu Liuyue could not even consider it a coincidence even if she wanted to.

She saw the design clearly and knew that it was exactly the same.

She raised her eyebrows and looked away.

“You seem quite familiar with this eldest princess” asked Chu Liuyue with feigned nonchalance.

“How can that be I havent been to Country Xing Luo.

Its just that this eldest princess is rather famous!” Si Yang moved his mouth.

“You saw her.

Her looks and aura are rather rare.

Most importantly, shes rather talented! I heard that shes already a third-grade heavenly doctor even though shes only 16.

One more step, and shell be a true heavenly doctor!”

“She is Country Xing Luos only princess, the apple of her parents eyes! She has been getting more attention in the last couple of years, and many are smitten with her.

However, it doesnt seem like she pays much attention to these things.

All the marriage proposals were turned down.

I wonder what kind of person will gain her favor.”

Chu Liuyue looked around and saw that a number of the young mens eyes had lit up after sighting Situ Xingchen.

She thought about it and suppressed the strange feeling she had.

Sun Zhongyan had gone forward to greet the group at this point.

“Brother Cheng Han!”

Tai Yan Academys leader was also an elderly person.

His hair was white, but he gave off a saintly aura.

He broke into a smile at the sight of Sun Zhongyan.

“Brother Zhongyan, you look better since the last time we met!”

“Hahaha! Youre too kind! Youve traveled really far, so you must be tired, please!”

Cheng Han waved and motioned for the people behind him to take their positions while he chatted with Sun Zhongyan.

“Elder Ye has been rather mysterious in the last couple of years.

Its hard to catch a glimpse of him, even at the Qing Jiao Competition!”

“Uncle-Master has always been like this.

Brother Cheng Han, you understand, right”

“Given how often Elder Ye goes in seclusion, Im assuming hes about to break through”

“Haha, Uncle-Master has never said anything, so I cant be sure either!”

“Brother Zhongyan, youve been in charge of Tian Lu Academy for the Qing Jiao Competition over the last few years.

Elder Ye has it easy! In the future, I think…”

Sun Zhongyan cut him off with a laugh.

“Brother Cheng Han, we cant be sure of the future.

Everyone has been waiting for quite a while, so why dont we hurry up and start”

Cheng Han paused before he laughed.

“Sure, sure! Im sure the kids cant wait!”

He then walked over to the Tai Yan Academy section and sat down.

Sun Zhongyan was still smiling, but his eyes were a little cold.

Director Fu Yunshan from Nan Feng Academy and Director Cheng Han from Tai Yan Academy were from the same generation as him, while Ye Zhiting was one generation above them.

Fu Yunshan was nothing, but Cheng Han had been breaking through in the last couple of years.

Hence, he was becoming increasingly arrogant.

He even had the guts to speak ill of Ye Zhiting in front of everyone earlier and throw hints at Sun Zhongyan to replace Ye Zhiting.

He clearly did not respect Tian Lu Academy!

Chu Liuyue—who saw everything from below—narrowed her eyes.

“The people from Tai Yan Academy seem rather arrogant.”

“But of course! They received the best results last year! Of course, theyre arrogant.

Cheng Han is their director.

I heard he broke through and became a fifth-grade heavenly doctor last year.

Now, he is on par with our director.

Naturally, his attitude toward Elder Sun lacks a little respect,” Si Yang explained softly.

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding. No wonder.

Cheng Han and Elder Sun were from the same generation, but now that he had the ability to challenge Elder Ye, he naturally did not have much respect for Elder Sun.

He looked rather harmonious, but everything he said and did reeked of arrogance.

Judging by his behavior, it seemed like he was interested in battling it out with Elder Ye.

“This Cheng Han is also Situ Xingchens mentor! I heard that she only entered Tai Yan Academy this year, but shes really valued.

Shes now one of their top prodigies.

I heard that her seniors might not even be her match.

Theyre probably aiming for first place again!”

The Qing Jiao Competition did not differentiate between the different grades of students.

All the students were split into three groups—heavenly doctors, Xuan Masters, and warriors.

They would then battle it out in the arena.

With that said, any warrior could take part in the warrior competition.

Their opponent could be a student from the same or even different grades of opposing academies.

In the competition, the new students were at a disadvantage.

However, they also benefited greatly from the experience of competing.

Therefore, the new students were still eager to participate even though they knew it would be tough for them to obtain a good ranking.

Si Yang realized that Chu Liuyue was unaffected after he spoke.

Hence, he asked, “Why arent you surprised at all”

“Whats there to be surprised about” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly.

“Shes a new student, but her ability is on par with her seniors!”

Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh.

“Heavenly doctor cultivation is special.

How much ability one has is determined by their talent, not other factors.

Besides, the seniors in her academy are only a year or two older than her.

Thats not particularly helpful in terms of heavenly doctor cultivation.”

“Really” Si Yang did not buy it completely.

“How do you know so much about this”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him.

Si Yang suddenly recalled that the person before him had passed all three assessments in her entrance examination.

Therefore, it was normal for Chu Liuyue to have an understanding of heavenly doctors.

But he heard that her heavenly doctor talent was not really that great, which is why she went with Xuan Master in the end.

“Sigh, whatever! Were not taking part in the heavenly doctor competition, so we dont have to bother about it! Let me tell you about the strong Xuan Masters!”

On the other side, Situ Xingchen quickly glanced around after she sat down, but she did not see the person she hoped to meet.

Her beating heart calmed down as she retracted her gaze disappointedly.

She then sighed.

Then again, he definitely wouldnt show up at this kind of event.

He should not have any interest in the Qing Jiao Competition.


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