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Chapter 203: Dig a Hole

“Fourth Princess, didnt you come here today to repair your broken pearl of essence” asked Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Rong Zhens hand stopped in mid-air as she suspiciously stared at Chu Liuyue.

“Theres indeed someone backing you up!”

She knew that Chu Liuyue definitely did not single-handedly turn herself from a good-for-nothing to a genius overnight.

After all, she was born lacking a Yuan meridian!

“Spill it.

Who is it”

In the beginning, all the heavenly doctors in the entire Country Yao Chen could not do anything about Chu Liuyues lack of a Yuan meridian, but isnt she doing just fine now Thus, I just have to find that person, and my broken pearl of essence can definitely be fixed!

Chu Liuyue looked at the anxious Rong Zhen, and she sneered in her heart. A broken pearl of essence is even worse than lacking a Yuan meridian.

If one lacks a Yuan meridian, they could just not cultivate.

However, pearls of essence and cultivators have a close relationship.

Once ones pearl of essence is broken, it will greatly affect the persons body.

When ones pearl of essence was broken, the most direct impact would be their entire dantian being damaged.

Without a complete dantian, one couldnt get an unharmed pearl of essence back even if they went up to the heavens and down underground.

It was even more impossible for them to cultivate again!

Rong Zhens current situation is obviously as such.

If it were me in my previous life, I would have a way around it.

However, let alone the fact that I cant do it now, it is impossible for me to help Rong Zhen even if I can.

Chu Liuyue looked away and seemed hesitant.

“T-this isnt easy to say…”

After seeing Chu Liuyues behavior, Rong Zhen could confirm that Chu Liuyue knew an expert, but she did not want to tell Rong Zhen about it.

“Say it, quick! If my pearl of essence can be restored, therell be tons of benefits for you in the future!”

Chu Liuyue wanted to laugh upon hearing her words. Rong Zhen really has been spoiled rotten as she actually thinks that saying a few simple sentences can tempt her.

Benefits Rong Zhen should consider that she has already long lost Emperor Jiawens love when she became a good-for-nothing.

Besides, the situation is even worse since the Crown Prince has been repeatedly punished.

She has already long lost the right to be arrogant, yet she thinks she can show off here.

Chu Liuyue tightly pressed her lips against each other as if she were wavering.

“Fourth Princess, its not that I dont want to say, b-but I dont know who that person is either…”

“Nonsense! Since that person has already cured you, how can you not know who he is” Rong Zhen walked forward and clutched Chu Liuyues neck.

Rong Zhens face contorted a little.

“How dare you mess with me”

Hatred flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes as she curbed her urge to avoid Rong Zhens action.

Chu Liuyue moved slightly and lowered the impact of Rong Zhens strength.

“Fourth Princess, dont misunderstand.

Im telling the truth.

Cough cough… Actually, I havent told anyone about this, but Ill tell you if you want to know! Cough cough…”

Seeing that Chu Liuyues face was turning red, and she was coughing, Rong Zhen harshly flung her away.

“Answer me!”

Chu Liuyue coughed again before recovering her composure and slowly said, “… Fourth Princess, this incident actually starts from the time Chu Xianmin sent someone to assassinate me.

That day, she sent someone to capture and bring me to the forest at the edge of the Imperial City.”

“When I thought I was going to die, a man in a black robe suddenly appeared.

I couldnt see his figure or face, but his voice sounded old… He saved me and even fed me a pill, which I had no idea what it was back then.

However, I discovered that my Yuan meridian had recovered when I went back!”

“Then… Fourth Princess, you also know what happened after that.”

Upon hearing her words, Rong Zhen knitted her brows.

“Are you telling the truth If you dont know the person, why would he help you”

Chu Liuyue laughed bitterly.

“Im not sure either.

I havent seen him again since then.

Originally, I wanted to thank him, but I cant find him anywhere.

Im really telling the truth.

If you dont believe me… I cant do anything about it.

Theres no point in me lying about this anyway…”

Rong Zhens face changed, and she did not speak for quite some time as she digested Chu Liuyues words. Even though it sounds very ridiculous, how did Chu Liuyues Yuan meridian recover without this happening

“I remember that you bought quite a few herbs after you returned to the Chu family.

Whats up with that”

Chu Liuyues expression did not change.

“After the person saved me, he even left a formula for me.

Initially, I didnt know what it was.

But I later realized that it could be used to cultivate my body.

If you dont believe me, you can go to Zhen Bao Pavilion and ask them about it.”

“I wont go to that place!” Rong Zhen was furious when she heard Zhen Bao Pavilion.

Rong Zhen was clearly injured at Zhen Bao Pavilions hunting ground, but the Emperor had no intentions of punishing them.

She still could not take this lying.

After thinking for a while, Rong Zhen continued to ask, “Tell me where you met that person.”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows.

“I was brought to that place when unconscious, so Im not too sure where exactly…”

“Hurry!” Rong Zhen kicked at Chu Liuyues stomach, but Chu Liuyue pretended to shiver in fear, so the kick landed on her thigh instead.

Chu Liuyue fell backward and hit her back against the table.

The cutlery on the table fell to the floor with a crisp sound.

Rong Zhen had already picked up paper and brush from the side, and she violently threw them at Chu Liuyues face.

“Draw the location out! If not, dont dream about leaving this door!”

Cold murderous intent flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes, but it instantly faded away.

“Okay, I will!”

As Chu Liuyue spoke, she moved her wrists—which were tied up behind her back.

“But can you untie this first If not, I…”

Rong Zhen looked at the person at the side.

Chu Liuyue felt something cold brush past her wrists, and the rope silently fell thereafter.

Chu Liuyue looked down and saw that the rope had caused a red mark on her wrists.

She picked up the paper and brush from the side and started to draw bit by bit.

Firstly, she drew the lush greenery and the curvy river.

Chu Liuyue looked down, and Rong Zhen could not see her current expression.

The brush moved, and Chu Liuyues actions were very slow.

However, the outline of the woods outside the Imperial City had quickly flashed across her mind.

After she was reborn, she had once studied that forest in detail.

Finally, her brush stopped at a certain position.

If I dont remember wrongly, this place seems to be…

Chu Liuyue lightly left a thick mark on that location.

“Its here.”


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