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Chu Liuyue quickly moved backward and violently flung the dagger in her hands out.


The sharp dagger actually pierced the ice ball directly, causing ice shards to fly in all directions.

However, the ice ball had immense strength, so the dagger stopped after piercing through only half of the ball.

The dagger was stuck in the middle and could not move.

Moreover, the ice ball only stopped for a while before coming for Chu Liuyue again!

Chu Liuyues attack against Jiang Yuans ice ball was akin to termites biting on trees.

Chu Liuyue moved backward again.

However, the ice ball was also very fast and kept getting nearer to Chu Liuyue.

The crowd had weird expressions upon seeing this scene.

Sun Zhongyan shook his head.

“As expected… Jiang Yuans combat skills are very strong, and hes really smart.

Liuyue doesnt have an advantage in this match; Im afraid…”

She will lose.

The others looked at each other awkwardly.

“Elder Sun, dont be overly worried.

Even if Liuyue loses, everyone has seen her abilities.”


No matter what, shes only a stage-one warrior, and its already very difficult for her to execute skills above her cultivation level.

Sun Zhongyan thought about it for a while, but he did not say anything as his eyes were tightly glued to the arena.

Does Elder Sun think that Chu Liuyue still has a chance of winning 

The people behind him exchanged a few helpless glances.

Even if Chu Liuyue is very talented, she cant use her current abilities to win against Jiang Yuan.

Why does Elder Sun have such high expectations of Chu Liuyue

Chu Liuyue quickly avoided the ice ball, but it kept coming for her.

The distance between the ball and the girl was rapidly shortening at an observable speed.

Everywhere the ice ball passed by was left with a layer of frost.

When the sun shone down on the frost, the frost reflected a sharp, cold gleam—which shocked people.

On Nan Feng Academys side, the crowd had already revealed victorious expressions.

“This Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice is the first move that Jiang Yuan cultivated after becoming a stage-four warrior.

It can be counted as one of his killer moves.

Since he executed it immediately after the match started, it isnt considered a loss for Chu Liuyue.”

“Yeah! Even though Jiang Yuan is usually gentle and humble, hes very decisive in the arena.

Hes bound to win this match!”

“However, Chu Liuyues dagger is pretty good too as it could pierce through the ice ball.

You need to know that I used a red-tasseled spear made out of metal when I battled Jiang Yuan.

When I flung it out with all my force, it only scratched the balls surface.”

“That dagger is a treasure.

If not, why do you think Lei Mingwei lost yesterday This dagger has enhanced Chu Liuyues combat skills by quite a bit.

Now that her dagger is stuck in the ice ball, her hands are empty, and she cant exert her force outwards.

Shes definitely not Jiang Yuans match.”

“Look, the ice ball is about to catch up with Chu Liuyue.

This match should end pretty soon… Wait a minute! What is Chu Liuyue doing”

The few students making teasing remarks about Chu Liuyue suddenly stopped talking and looked at the arena in shock.

In the arena, the ice ball kept getting nearer to Chu Liuyue.

It was just about to reach Chu Liuyue—there was only an arms length between the both of them.

Once Chu Liuyue hit the ice ball, she would definitely lose without a doubt.

Everyone felt that they had seen the matchs outcome.

However, just as they thought Chu Liuyue was about to lose, she suddenly turned around, jumped up, and landed on the ice ball.

“Is she crazy Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice is a very cold force.

Not only did she not hide from it, but she has even directly jumped on top of it”

“Does she think that she can avoid the attack just like that The ice balls force is sufficient to swallow her up.”

The moment Chu Liuyue stepped on the ice ball, she felt a very cold aura coming from the ball.

It spread throughout her entire body from her legs.

In no time, her boots were already covered in a thin layer of frost.

If she did not leave immediately, she would definitely freeze on top of the ball.

Chu Liuyue quickly bent down, stretched out her hand, and held the dagger that was tightly stuck in the ball.

The crowd was taken aback when they saw this scene.

“Chu Liuyue wants to take her dagger Is there something wrong with her Nows not the time to care about this.”

“I think its because she cant handle Jiang Yuan without her dagger…”

“But that dagger is already tightly stuck in the ball, and the balls cold aura has already frozen the dagger.

Chu Liuyue cant take it out.

This will only cause her to lose even faster.”

Upon seeing this, Cheng Han could not help but laugh.

“How stupid.

She actually thinks she can use a dagger to save herself”

Situ Xingchen tightly clenched her fists as she watched the scene in the arena without blinking her eyes.

Others might think that Chu Liuyue was being too ambitious, but she did not think so.

That dagger…

Chu Liuyue naturally did not know about the outsiders voices and reactions.

At this very moment, all her attention was on her dagger.

The dagger handle already had a layer of frost.

The moment her hand touched it, her hand was glued to the dagger.

Intense coldness traveled from her palm and crazily spread throughout her body.

Chu Liuyues lips quickly turned greenish-purple, and her face was as white as a sheet, making her look very miserable.

But her hands were still tightly holding the dagger.

A red force then violently exuded out from Chu Liuyues body and rapidly infused into the dagger.

Almost immediately, Chu Liuyue stepped on the ice ball and used the momentum to get down from the ball.


A crisp sound was immediately heard.

The spectators were all stunned. This sound is…

“The ice ball is broken” yelled out someone in shock.

The news made waves.

Everyones gazes quickly gathered on the ice ball.

As expected! A crack suddenly appeared at the position where the dagger had been stuck in the ice ball.

As the ice ball was entirely jade-green, many people did not see this at first.

However, upon closer inspection, one could indeed see a black crack near the dagger.

No! There are countless cracks!

Following a frightening shattering sound, the crowd clearly saw the cracks spreading around the ice ball with Chu Liuyues dagger in the middle.

The next moment, the entire ball was filled with cracks.

It looked as though it was covered by a black spider web.

Jiang Yuan already felt like something was amiss when Chu Liuyue jumped onto the ice ball and held the dagger.

However, it was too late when he wanted to spring into action.

Chu Liuyue was very fast and had immense strength.

She knew that she could not exert her force outside her body, so she decisively waited for the ice ball to come near her.

Then, she swiftly injected her force into the dagger.

After that, she jumped again and used the momentum to pull the dagger out forcefully.

It really worked!

Numerous cracks appeared on the ice ball, and the dagger was finally loose!

Chu Liuyue thrust the dagger deeper into the ice ball without any hesitation.


The strength in the dagger immediately exploded.

The gigantic ice ball also shattered.

Small and sharp ice shards flew in all directions.

The powerful force flung Chu Liuyue out.

Her body uncontrollably flew backward and landed on the arena floor.

A strong, bloody scent exuded from her lips.

Jiang Yuans body shook almost at the same time the Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice exploded, and he spat out blood.


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