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Chapter 207: Shes a Xuan Master!

The whole square was dead silent.

Nobody wouldve ever expected Jiang Yuan and Chu Liuyues battle to get to this stage.

Chu Liuyue actually managed to break apart Jiang Yuans forceful attack! Chu Liuyue seemed like she was about to be defeated, but everything changed in the blink of an eye!

Not only was she not defeated, but she even managed to injure Jiang Yuan severely! Even though she was not in a very good state herself, she managed to turn the highly skewed match into one where they were on equal footing!

Even though both sides were hurt, Chu Liuyue was clearly in a superior position!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Bearing the pain, Chu Liuyue got up slowly.

She swallowed all the blood back down and looked at her palm.

Her right palm—which had been holding the dagger—had frostbite from the ice ball.

In addition, her palm was bloodied when she forcefully removed the dagger earlier.

Her crimson blood slowly froze into ice crystals—which would fall to the ground if touched.

Chu Liuyue looked up and stared ahead.

Jiang Yuan had just managed to catch his breath.

He met Chu Liuyues gaze, and his heart trembled!

Chu Liuyues usually clear and bright eyes were burning with crazed passion.

She was injured all over, but she did not seem to care about it.

There was only one thought in her heart—To win!

Jiang Yuans insides were churning.

He watched everything clearly and carefully when Chu Liuyue battled Lei Mingwei yesterday.

He thought that he knew her well, but he had still underestimated her willpower!

When the Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice exploded, Chu Liuyue was right next to it.

The force flung her away, and Jiang Yuan believed that her injuries were not much better than his.

Her right hand was frostbitten, so it clearly could not be used anymore.

But her eyes were cold and determined as if she did not feel pain.

Is this really a fourteen-year-old young lady! Chu Liuyues determination astonished him.

“Do you want to continue” Jiang Yuan asked as he glanced at Chu Liuyues right hand.

Without batting an eyelid, Chu Liuyue switched the dagger over to her left hand and gripped it slowly.

“Why not I havent won, so we obviously have to continue!”

Jiang Yuan took a deep breath.

“In that case… take this!”

He began to circulate the force around his body before he finished his sentence! He opened his palm, and the green force quickly gathered and formed a spear!

The spearhead was extremely sharp and pointy!

After forming the spear, he moved and headed straight for Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyues gaze turned cold, and she steeled herself to attack!

Over at Tian Lu Academys area, the peoples hearts were back in their throats—before they could even relax—when they saw Jiang Yuan strike again.

Mu Hongyu could not help but mutter, “Oh no! Jiang Yuans forte is actually the spear Wont Liuyue be at a disadvantage then”

Cen Hu widened his eyes.

“That might not be the case.

Liuyue is really strong!”

Mu Hongyu was worried and anxious.

“But shes already injured, and she can only use her left hand now! Jiang Yuans clearly not easy to deal with! Liuyue is pushing herself too hard!”

Cen Hu asked, “If it were you, would you concede now”

Mu Hongyu took a deep breath. Of course not.

Liuyue definitely wont concede then.


The two clashed!

When Jiang Yuans spear struck, Chu Liuyue moved her waist and managed to dodge the attack just like that!

Her left hand then struck and hit the spear at an eerie angle!

The spear was surprisingly strong, so Chu Liuyues attack did not manage to sever it!

The spear bent and bounced back with an incredible amount of force!

Chu Liuyues wrist trembled and was flicked away as she stumbled backward!

Jiang Yuan pushed on and thrust the spear toward Chu Liuyues left shoulder!

Chu Liuyues right hand was basically useless now, so the match would be over once she lost the ability to attack with her left arm.

Chu Liuyue placed the dagger in front of her to block!


The clashing weapons made a noise similar to nails on a chalkboard!

Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth.

She raised her arm and scratched the spears body with her dagger.

Sparks flew everywhere!

Jiang Yuan was surprised. Looking at the speed and force in which she retaliated, Chu Liuyue clearly understands spears well! But there was no hint of that at all… Chu Liuyue is good at concealing herself!

“I didnt expect you to be so familiar with spears as well, but Im taking this match!” As Jiang Yuan spoke, he infused all that remained of his force into the spear!

“King of Ten Thousand Spears!”


The spear shook violently.

In the next instant, countless spears appeared around it!

Chu Liuyues heart sank! This is Jiang Yuans true trump card! I could break apart the Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice earlier, but now Im in danger!

The spears were not illusions; they were made of Jiang Yuans force! Most importantly, their strength was not any weaker than the one in his hand!

“Go!” Jiang Yuan cried out as he tossed the spear.

At the same time, the surrounding spear images flew towards Chu Liuyue.

In an instant, Chu Liuyue was completely surrounded!

Fu Yunshan nodded contentedly.

“Jiang Yuan has grown again.

He can even summon six spear images now.

Even though hes hurt, and his strength has decreased, its enough to take down Chu Liuyue.”

He had always had high hopes for Jiang Yuan.

Looking at it, Jiang Yuan would not disappoint.

Everyone in Nan Feng Academy was relieved when they heard Fu Yunshans words, and happy expressions appeared on their faces.

“Jiang Yuan pulled all of this off even though hes just a beginner stage-four warrior.

If he werent injured, he could probably be compared to an advanced stage-four warrior!”

“That Chu Liuyue is quite hard to deal with… But shes nothing in comparison to Jiang Yuan.”

“Actually, I feel that shes not that strong.

Its all just because of that dagger.

Now that Jiang Yuan is using all his energy, shes not his match at all.

How could she possibly break those six spear images…”

The person speaking stared blankly at the arena as if they had choked.

“Whats wrong What are you looking—” The person next to him looked up impatiently when he realized his friend had stopped speaking.

However, he was also stunned!

In the area, all the spear images surrounding Chu Liuyue had stopped!

They all froze half an arms length before her!

One more step forward, and they would hit Chu Liuyue easily! But it was like there was an invisible barrier blocking everything outside!

Someone cried out, “It-its a Xuan formation!”

Everyone looked over when they heard it and saw silver rays of light interwoven around Chu Liuyue to form a large barrier that blocked off all the attacks.

“Shes a Xuan Master!”


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