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Chapter 211: Apology

Yu Qing kept moving backward and accidentally fell onto the floor.

She looked at the black shadow charging toward her fearfully.

Only then did Yu Qing clearly see that it was a bear cub with brown fur.

Only its neck area was light gray, vaguely glowing with a golden light.

Fourth-grade fiend—golden mane bear.

Yu Qing felt frightened. This is Mu Hongyus fiend It is already very hard for an average person to get a third-grade fiend.

Even people from the royal family might not have a fourth-grade fiend.

Not only did Mu Hongyu have one, but it is even a cub.

Cubs were not as guarded against humans, and they were very easy to discipline.

It seemed like this golden mane bear cub truly listened to Mu Hongyu.

Just when Yu Qing was petrified, Congcong had already pounced over and bit Yu Qings neck.

Fiends grew up very quickly.

This golden mane bear cub was only a small ball of fur when they first discovered it, but it had already grown a lot in less than a months time.

Even its claws and teeth were sharp.

The golden mane bear cub had a fourth-grade fiends bloodline, so it naturally had immense combat power.

When Congcong sensed that Mu Hongyu was in danger, it was furious and naturally charged toward Yu Qing without a care in the world.

Its sharp jaws reflected a fearsome gleam.

Yu Qings entire person completely froze.

It would be dangerous if Congcong actually bit her neck.

Without thinking, Yu Qing raised her arm to stop the golden mane bear cub, planning to fling it away.

However, this move did not leave any marks on the golden mane bear cub.

Congcong merely moved its body slowly and directly bit Yu Qings arm.

“No… Ah!” When Yu Qing saw the golden mane bear cubs actions, she sensed that something was wrong and planned to retreat.

However, it was too late.

The golden mane bear cub had already harshly bit her arm.

Congcongs sharp teeth directly pierced through her skin.

Blood spurted out.

The excruciating pain made Yu Qings face turn white.

She instinctively used her strength and kicked the golden mane bear cub away.


Her clothes were torn, revealing her white arm.

However, an entire piece of meat was ripped off her forearm.

The wound was so deep that one could see her bones.

Upon seeing her bloodied wound, Yu Qing almost fainted, and her heart trembled. This wound will definitely leave a scar!

When the golden mane bear cub was kicked into the air, Mu Hongyu hurriedly went forward to catch it, and she hugged it tightly.

After returning to a familiar embrace, the golden mane bear cub finally spat out the piece of meat.

But Congcong still stared at Yu Qing ferociously, planning to charge at her at any time.

Chills were sent down Yu Qings spine when she saw its gaze.

Her originally arrogant and delightful expression had completely disappeared; it was replaced with immense hatred and indignance.

She held her arm, and tears quickly welled up in her eyes as they fell down like rain.

“Mu Hongyu, I have nothing against you! Why did you treat me like this”

Her pitiful look immediately made peoples hearts ache.

But Mu Hongyu did not buy Yu Qings tactic as she sneered and said, “You should admit your defeat in a competition.

I just treated you however you treated me.

Youre very scheming and manipulative.

How will it be so easy for you to win against me without using much effort”

She touched the golden mane bear cubs ears and smiled.

“Is there a rule that says that I cant summon my own fiend during the Qing Jiao Competition”

Yu Qing was stumped and looked terrible.

Mu Hongyu was right; there was indeed no such rule.

There were even times when the person with an advanced fiend would be the target of everyones envy.

Thus, nobody could say that Mu Hongyu did a forbidden thing when she summoned her golden mane bear cub.

However… Yu Qings arm!

“You cant fight anymore.

Do you want to continue” Mu Hongyu looked down at Yu Qing from above.

“Congcong hasnt played in a long while.

Do you want it to accompany you”

“No! No!” screamed Yu Qing as she widened her eyes in horror. If I continue, who knows what this beast will do to me If it bites my face…

Many thoughts flashed across her mind.

Yu Qing suppressed her anger, but she still looked pitiful.

She choked on her tears and said, “I-I admit defeat!”

Originally, she was well prepared to get a good ranking in the Qing Jiao Competition.

Hence, she decided to minimize her force wastage during the competitions early stages.

She wanted to save her force for the competitions later stages.

However, she did not expect Mu Hongyu to come out of nowhere and directly cut her journey short.

If she knew about this earlier, she wouldve ended the battle earlier on and not leave any chances for Mu Hongyu.

But it was too late now.

Mu Hongyu grumbled. This woman really knows how to attack and hide appropriately.

She knows that she has no chance of winning, so she decisively admitted defeat.

An extra look at this sort of scheming person will dirty my eyes.

“Congcong, lets go!” Mu Hongyu then hugged Congcong and turned around to leave.

When she walked two steps out, a gentle yet strong voice suddenly sounded.


Mu, at the end of the day, this competition is for everyone to learn from each other and improve.

Its too overboard for you to be so harsh toward Yu Qing, right”

Mu Hongyu followed the voice and looked over.

Situ Xingchen had stood up at some point.

She looked calm, but her words had deep meaning.

This move of hers immediately hushed the entire arena.

Everyones gazes gathered on her.

Mu Hongyu knitted her brows.

“Im overboard Did you see that she was the one who played tricks first I just retaliated.

Cant I do even that”

Situ Xingchen gently smiled.


Mu, please dont misunderstand.

Im just stating facts.

Yu Qing was too bent on winning, so she used some tricks.

However, this isnt a major issue.

After all, you werent exactly harmed, right On the other hand, she… Shes a girl after all, so its not nice to leave such a scar on her arm.”

Mu Hongyu found it ridiculous.

“What has her having a scar got to do with me We are comparing our abilities in this arena.

Do you mean that I need to carefully consider if I will hurt her when I make a move Whats the point of competing then Everyone should just go home now.”

Mu Hongyu was very straightforward and honest with her words, which made Situ Xingchen difficult to back away from the situation.

However, she had always been on good terms with Yu Qing.

If Situ Xingchen just let this slide, Yu Qing wouldve suffered for nothing.

The smile on Xingchens face faded.

“However, if Yu Qing didnt take the initiative to admit defeat just now… Ms.

Mu, you looked like you were going to let the golden mane bear cub take her life.

I believe everyone clearly saw that you had no intention of stopping it.

So you should at least apologize to Yu Qing, Ms.


Mu Hongyu was so angry that her face flushed red. Why does Situ Xingchen make it sound like its my fault

“Eldest Princess Situ, your words are a little too extreme.” Chu Liuyue suddenly stood up and spoke in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Hongyu was bent on winning, so she summoned her fiend.

Even though she didnt stop it in the end, its not a major matter.

After all, Yu Qing has willingly admitted defeat, and Hongyu didnt even cause any more severe injuries, right”

“Its hard to discipline golden mane bear cubs.

When the cub saw that its owner was being attacked, its natural instinct was to fight for her life, yet it had to swallow this anger.

I dont think this is very good for its development, so shouldnt Yu Qing apologize to Hongyu and the golden mane bear cub as well”


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