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Chapter 212: Debate

Situ Xingchen did not expect anyone to stand up for Mu Hongyu, not to mention that it was even Chu Liuyue who stood up for her!

Looking at the young and pretty face, Situ Xingchen thought of the dagger and felt very uncomfortable.

This caused her not to have any friendly feelings toward Chu Liuyue.


Chu, I was just speaking the truth.

I dont have any ill intentions toward Ms.


Situ Xingchens words implied that Chu Liuyue purposely said those words because she could not stand seeing her friend being bullied.

Chu Liuyue was neither angry nor frustrated.

What kind of people had she not seen She had already seen so many manipulative and scheming people when she became the Heavenly Princess and held power in the Tianling Dynasty.

Currently, Chu Liuyue really did not want to waste any effort on Situ Xingchens small trick.

“Eldest Princess Situ, I didnt say that you were wrong, but everyone has seen the previous situation very clearly.

If its not wrong to use tricks in the arena, is summoning ones fiend wrong Even if Yu Qing is left with a scar, she can only blame herself for not being as strong as others.

Many matches have passed during the competition, and many people have gotten injured.

However, this is the first match where one requested the winner to apologize.”

She smiled, and her eyes curved up like crescent moons.

“The winner is king, and the loser is nothing.

This is the simplest logic and fairest principle.

If Hongyu needs to apologize for her fiend being too strong, then I think theres no point in the Qing Jiao Competition carrying on.”

Her tone was calm—neither slow nor fast—but her words were very convincing.

Quite a few people secretly nodded their heads.

“Chu Liuyue makes sense! This is a competition after all! Victory or defeat happens in one moment.

Whats the point of apologizing”

“Yeah! Yu Qings opponent also accidentally fell and broke her leg yesterday, so shouldnt Yu Qing apologize to her too”

“Dont you know that Situ Xingchen and Yu Qing are on good terms Thats why Situ Xingchen is standing up for Yu Qing.”

“Hah, even if shes Country Xing Luos eldest princess, she cant act all high and mighty here, right After all she has said, she just wants to stand up for her own people I think this Situ Xingchen isnt as perfect as what the rumors say.

I also feel like she cant even differentiate between right and wrong.”

Hearing these comments, Situ Xingchen unknowingly clenched her hands in her sleeves in anger and slight regret.

Seeing that his disciple could not ease out of the situation, Cheng Han could not take this lying down and said, “Xingchen isnt helping someone out of biasness.

She just wanted to say that even though the Qing Jiao Competition is a competition, people should be fair to each other.

I feel that we do need to pay attention to this point.

If anyone has ill intentions and beat someone up until theyre half-dead, yet they said that it was accidental, what should we do then”

Cheng Han looked at Chu Liuyue and grunted.

“Xingchen is too kind, and she said this while thinking about everyone.

Shes a heavenly doctor, and she is going to compete on the last day of the competition.

At the end of the day, the warrior competition has nothing to do with her.

She didnt stand up for Yu Qing because of herself.

Unlike someone else, who took the chance to defend her ruthless actions.”

The crowd was silent.

Isnt he obviously referring to Chu Liuyue

After all, Lei Mingwei—who Chu Liuyue had battled the day before—was severely injured.

They heard that he was still lying in bed.

Chu Liuyue wanted to clap her hands. Indeed, the older the ginger, the spicier it is.

It didnt matter when Cheng Han did not speak, but he directly accused Chu Liuyue of being ruthless once he did.

If I injure anyone in the later battles, wont I just prove his point of me being ruthless

Before Chu Liuyue could speak, Sun Zhongyan laughed out loud.

“Hahaha! Brother Cheng Han, you really know how to crack a joke! The Qing Jiao Competition has been held for many years, and I always thought that everyone knew the rules very clearly.

I didnt expect Brother Cheng Han to make a new rule today.”

Even though Sun Zhongyan smiled when he said those words, anyone could tell that he was not joking.

His words were filled with dissatisfaction and even sarcasm.

The atmosphere in the arena immediately stiffened.

Everyone unwittingly quietened down and carefully observed the scene.

Is Tian Lu Academy and Tai Yan Academy about to go against each other openly

Nobody would have expected that a battle between Yu Qing and Mu Hongyu would cause the two academies to go against each other.

Cheng Han also did not expect Sun Zhongyan to jump out directly and speak for Chu Liuyue. According to Sun Zhongyans character, he might not even talk in that manner even if the disadvantaged one is his own disciple.

What kind of status does Chu Liuyue have that makes her so important

Cheng Han originally wanted to ease Situ Xingchen out of the situation and conveniently unleash his anger from losing the first match yesterday.

He did not expect Sun Zhongyan to jump out, and he was stuck in the situation for a moment.

Sun Zhongyan did not think that much. My own student won, yet shes being bullied.

What kind of grievance is this

Looking at the tense atmosphere, Mu Hongyu was dazed. Didnt I just win one match Why did this happen

Even Yu Qing was frightened.

She did not dare to say a word, afraid that she would be dragged into the mess.

Chu Liuyue suddenly giggled.

“Elder Sun, even though Hongyu won, she used a lot of energy in this match.

You should hurriedly bring her down and let her recover as she might participate in other matches later! Besides, Yu Qing is also injured, and she hasnt been taken care of yet.

Even if we want to argue, we shouldnt delay her treatment, right”

Those simple sentences immediately broke the tense atmosphere.

They emphasized that Mu Hongyu was the winner, and they had also comforted the injured Yu Qing.

By saying this, Elder Sun could also go with the flow and not pursue the matter.

It would even show that Cheng Han and the rest did not even care about their own students when overwhelmed with anger.

Cheng Hans face looked even worse.

“Quickly, bring Yu Qing back! What if her treatment gets delayed”

“Y-yes!” answered the people below as they hurriedly helped Yu Qing back.

Sun Zhongyan laughed and looked very concerned, instead of his initial confrontational attitude.

“Only Liuyue is so considerate.

We can slowly discuss this later.

It wont be good if Yu Qings treatment is delayed.

Brother Cheng Han, the students health is the most important thing.

Dont you think”

Cheng Hans face turned green. This just shows that Im inhumane!


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