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Chapter 217: Fight!

The crowd burst into an uproar after a temporary silence.

The entire square was like oil being heated up in a pot.

“Chu Liuyue actually chose Situ Ziyue Hes an advanced stage-four warrior!”

“Does she think that she has no chance of winning anyway, so she purposely chose the strongest one By doing this, it wont look bad on her even if she loses.”

“But she will also lose miserably! Did you forget Situ Ziyue is Situ Xingchens elder brother!”

“Yesterday, Chu Liuyue quarreled with Situ Xingchen.

Therefore, Situ Ziyue might even make it hard for her… What is she thinking”

“Hah, I think that she forgot her limits after winning two matches! Shell definitely fall down hard this time!”

Situ Ziyue knitted his brows and looked at the smiling young lady in front of him.

“Are you sure”

“Im sure.”

“Liuyue!” said Sun Zhongyan worriedly.

“The first round of the competition is very important.

Are you sure you want to challenge him”

Actually, he felt that Chu Liuyue really wasnt the match of any of the top five people.

If she chose a weaker opponent in the first round, she couldve saved her energy and challenged again in the second round to get a better ranking.

However, she chose Situ Ziyue.

After the first match, Im afraid that she wont have any energy left.

Chu Liuyue calmly and determinedly nodded.

“Ive made my choice.”

Upon seeing Chu Liuyues resolute attitude, Sun Zhongyan knew that there was no point in persuading her, so he looked at Situ Ziyue.

“Situ Ziyue, do you accept her challenge”

Situ Ziyue smiled.

“Of course.”

Very quickly, the remaining few people had respectively chosen their opponents.

However, nobody cared about them at this time.

Everyones attention was on the match between Chu Liuyue and Situ Ziyue.

The others left the arena one after another, leaving only the two of them in the arena.

Their battle was the first match!

“Hah, this Chu Liuyue is really arrogant to challenge Ziyue in the first round.

She really doesnt know her limits.” Cheng Han did not even conceal his contempt and disdain.

He really disliked Chu Liuyue after the two days of competition.

He did not expect Chu Liuyue to offer herself up directly.

“Ziyue is about to become a stage-five warrior.

Does she think that she can win against Ziyue after winning against Lei Mingwei and Jiang Yuan What a joke! Xingchen, Ziyue always dotes on you.

Hell definitely avenge you today.”

Hearing this at the side, Situ Xingchen felt a lot better.

But her brows were tightly furrowed as if she were slightly worried.

“Brother has always been stubborn.

It wont be good if he uses too much force later…”

“Chu Liuyue deserves it! She definitely knows about your relationship with Ziyue and his abilities, yet she still wants to challenge him.

Even if she leaves the arena half-alive, she cant blame anyone for that!”

Such an arrogant person must suffer.

Situ Xingchen pressed her lips against each other.

The people behind could not help but say, “Xingchen, youre too kind-hearted! Why are you still thinking about her at this time Did she even think about you when she criticized you yesterday”

“Thats right! This type of person needs to be taught a lesson!”

“She might not even appreciate your kindness!”

Situ Xingchen gently smiled.

“I didnt think so much.

I just heard that Chu Liuyue was naturally born lacking a Yuan meridian and that she finally cultivated with much difficulty.

If Brother uses too much strength, it wont be good… But I trust my Brother.”

In the arena, Chu Liuyue and Situ Ziyue were staring straight at each other.

“Youre really courageous.

If you chose other people, you might have gotten a better ranking, but its a pity that you chose me.

Your journey at this years Qing Jiao Competition ends here.” Situ Ziyue very calmly spoke as if he were narrating the truth.

In actual fact, his abilities did give him the right to say that.

Chu Liuyue held the dagger in her hands.

“Its not too late to say this after you win against me!”

Then, she attacked first and went straight for Situ Ziyue.

Situ Ziyue sneered in his heart. It seems like Chu Liuyue still thinks that she can win against me.

There is a humongous difference between an advanced stage-four warrior and an intermediate stage-four warrior.

Moreover, Im only inches away from becoming a stage-five warrior.

Seeing Chu Liuyue rushing toward him, Situ Ziyue rapidly circulated his force, but he did not move or avoid her.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Liuyue was already in front of him.

With a whip of her dagger, it pierced through his chest.

The crowd was shocked.

But Chu Liuyues gaze turned cold.

There was not a single drop of blood on Situ Ziyues body! This was just his shadow!

She quickly turned around.

Situ Ziyue was indeed behind her!

“Your reaction is not too slow, but there isnt much use for that,” said Situ Ziyue lightly.

The crowd then saw that theSitu Ziyue Chu Liuyue had stabbed earlier actually disappeared gradually!

“I didnt expect Situ Ziyues Lightning Avoidance Technique to have reached this level.

His shadow can really confuse people!”

“I remember that his shadow was just a blurry outline last year and that it would disappear by itself after some time.

However, his shadow can actually last for so long now…”

“No matter how fast Chu Liuyue is, she cant be compared to Situ Ziyue.

This is a one-sided battle!”

“I dont know how Situ Ziyue is going to fight this match… Its not that bad if hes willing to end the match as soon as possible, but if he wants to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson, then…”

Chu Liuyues gaze shifted and landed below Situ Ziyues feet.

When he moved, his feet would vaguely flash with a dark-blue light.

No wonder he moves so quickly.

It seems like this wont work on him.

“Since youve already attacked once, its my turn now,” said Situ Ziyue as he clapped his hands in front of him.

Icy-blue force gathered and finally accumulated on his right index finger.

One look at it, and it seemed like his finger was burning with a blue fire!

He immediately extended his hand forward and lightly tapped his finger.


A finger—formed by a giant blue flame—was flying toward Chu Liuyue!

“Icy Flame Finger!”

The terrifying suppression instantly overwhelmed Chu Liuyue, making her unable to move.


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