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Chapter 218: Retaliation!

Chu Liuyue would be injured by this finger, if not killed.

Chu Liuyue closely stared at the blue finger that kept coming nearer.

She was very clear that the distance between both of them was too huge and that any small tricks or schemes would be useless at this point.

Hence, she also had to put in her best effort! If she wanted to win, then…

With a twist of her wrist, she took out two items from her Cosmic Bag.

At this point, the finger was already in front of her.

It was about to crush her completely!

The crowd was silent.

Everyones gazes gathered at one place.

Chu Ning suddenly stood up, feeling very anxious. If Situ Ziyue dares to kill Yueer, Ill definitely go up there and stop him!

Sun Zhongyan also knitted his brows tightly, planning to spring into action at any time. It doesnt matter if Chu Liuyue loses this match, but it will be very grave if she is left with any severe injuries.

Besides, how do I explain to Uncle-Master if something happens to Chu Liuyue


The fire burning on top of the giant finger suddenly flew forward, completely wrapping around Chu Liuyue.

Gasps could be heard from the crowd.

“Its over! Chu Liuyue is going to lose!”

“Shes not only going to lose.

That Icy Flame Finger is one of Situ Ziyues killer moves, and its extremely strong and formidable! I heard that someone wanted to kill him secretly in the past, but Situ Ziyue retaliated, and the culprits body cant even be found! Im afraid Chu Liuyue cant endure this fire!”

“If she surrenders now, she might suffer less—God! What is Situ Ziyue doing”

In the arena, Situ Ziyue crazily injected his force into the Icy Flame Finger.


The fire—which was originally burning brightly—burned even more intensely!

Chu Liuyues figure completely disappeared!

Under the Icy Flame Finger, an obvious crack appeared on the white marble floor.

The fire surrounded Chu Liuyue and even directly turned into a burnt black color!

Is he planning to push Chu Liuyue to her death

Sun Zhongyan suddenly stood up.

“Situ Ziyue! Are you trying to kill someone in the arena”

Before Situ Ziyue could speak, Cheng Han nonchalantly said, “Brother Zhongyan, why are you so anxious Chu Liuyue has the Qing Jiao Competitions wooden plaque.

If anything happens, the wooden plaque will automatically break and give us a warning.

However, its still fine now, right Why are you so worried”

Sun Zhongyans face turned white. Of course, I know that Chu Liuyue is still alive, but itll be too late if I wait till the wooden plaque breaks! This girl is Uncle-Masters only disciple after so many years, and shes also someone that I have high hopes for.

If anything happens to her, I will definitely not take this lying down!

“Cheng Han! You need to think this through.

You cant compensate for it if anything happens to her.”

Cheng Han did not care about Sun Zhongyans words and laughed out loud instead.

He said, “Didnt Brother Zhongyan say yesterday that the children have self-awareness during the matches I watched Ziyue grow up, and he has always been mature.

He will definitely not do anything outrageous.”

Sun Zhongyan knew that Cheng Han was just stirring more trouble up, so he was too lazy to even care about Cheng Han.

He planned to rush up directly.

Cheng Han also stood up, his face slightly cold.

“Brother Zhongyan, are you breaking the rules”

Sun Zhongyan did not say a word and was about to take action. Chu Liuyue has been trapped in the fire for a long time, and there are no movements at all.

Im afraid something has happened to her!

On the other hand, Chu Ning had already jumped out of his seat and was rushing toward the arena.

But the situation in the arena suddenly changed at this moment.

Countless silver rays of light started spreading out with Chu Liuyues position as the center.


A strange buzzing sound was heard.

It echoed throughout Jia Nan Square the next moment.

Sun Zhongyan suddenly raised his head, and Chu Ning also stopped in his tracks.

The number of silver light rays kept increasing, and they were also intertwining with each other!

Situ Ziyue knitted his brows, and he felt uneasy.

For some reason, he felt like he was in danger…


The buzzing sound was even clearer!

Those intertwining light rays finally formed a shape!

“Fourth-level Xuan formation” Fu Yunshan stood up in shock. This suppression, this aura, and that complicated drawing…

As a Xuan Master, Sun Zhongyan had already realized something when the rays of light appeared.

At this time, a gigantic Xuan formation appeared in the arena.

Sun Zhongyans heart beat wildly. That is indeed a fourth-level Xuan formation!

A clear womans voice was suddenly heard.

“Buddha Lotus Formation!”

The rays of light intersected in this Xuan formation like a lotus flower that bloomed brightly.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

A horrifying aura spread from the Xuan formation.

At the same time, the Icy Flame Finger in front of Chu Liuyue also shattered into pieces.

The fire that originally overwhelmed her scattered in all directions like a meteorite landing.

A thin and upright figure appeared in front of the crowd.

The crowd gasped loudly.

Chu Liuyue didnt die!

Shes even unharmed! Shes not injured at all!

Chu Liuyue held a palm-sized black crystal in her hands.

The countless rays of light were exuding out from that crystal.

Someone gasped.

“Its a black Xuan formation crystal!”

After a momentary trance, everyones faces were filled with shock!

“Its normal that a Xuan Master can activate a black Xuan formation crystal, but… Chu Liuyue is clearly a stage-two Xuan Master! How did she activate a fourth-level black Xuan formation crystal”

Situ Xingchen widened her eyes—not caring about her image—as she glared at Chu Liuyues other hand.

A small crystal had seemingly appeared in Chu Liuyues hand!

Thats… A crystal barrier!


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