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Chapter 219: Wait Until I Break Through

The gigantic silver Buddha Lotus bloomed in the arena.

When the petals moved slightly, it easily swallowed the blue fire and extinguished it.

Everything happened silently, but it made everyones hair stand on end.

Situ Ziyue originally thought that he was bound to win with this move, but Chu Liuyue actually avoided it in such a manner.

After seeing the unscathed Chu Liuyue, Chu Nings anxious heart finally calmed down.

Even though he knew that Yueer would not risk her life, he still could not control his worry as he personally witnessed the scene at the side.

Luckily… Luckily, she can always assure me at the most critical time!

Sun Zhongyan paused in his actions as he looked at the arena with his mouth agape. What happened just now How did Chu Liuyue go against Situ Ziyues attack, and how did she activate a fourth-level Xuan formation

However, a thought could not help but appear at the bottom of his heart. During the mid-semester assessment, I already felt that this girl had hidden her abilities.

It seems like its true.

Cheng Han could not sit around any longer, but Situ Xingcheng had already stood up beside him before he could say anything.

She rapidly walked two steps forward as disbelief was written all over her face.

“How can this be… How is this possible” Situ Xingchen softly muttered since she could not believe her eyes. I wished I saw wrongly.

However, the crystal barrier is indeed in Chu Liuyues hands! Thats also the only reason why Chu Liuyue escaped Situ Ziyues attack unscathed.

“Xingchen, whats the matter” asked Cheng Han when he noticed her weird behavior; it looked like she didnt even care about anything else.

Situ Xingchen instinctively clenched her fists. It seems like I really neglected too many things… This Chu Liuyue is hiding so many secrets!

She took a deep breath in, suppressed her emotions, and shook her head.

“Nothing much.

Im just a little worried about Brother.”

Cheng Han patted her shoulders.

“Dont worry.

Chu Liuyue is just a stage-two Xuan Master and must have used up a lot of her energy when she activated the black Xuan formation crystal.

She didnt even unleash the crystals full potential.

No matter what, Ziyue is still an advanced stage-four warrior.

Chu Liuyue is definitely not his match.

Ziyue just needs to put in more effort.”

Situ Xingchen glanced at the arena and indeed saw that Chu Liuyues lips were a little pale.

She then relaxed and sat back down on her seat.

The others also quickly noticed this.

The Tian Lu Academy people—who had just heaved sighs of relief—started to become anxious again.

“How did Chu Liuyue activate that fourth-level black Xuan formation crystal”

“This isnt the most important thing.

The main point is that she cant hold on much longer with her abilities.

This match is dangerous!”

“Situ Ziyue is pretty strong.

If Chu Liuyue were a true stage-four Xuan Master, she would have a high chance of winning.

But now…”

Chu Liuyue blocked out all the discussions happening outside the arena.

At this point, all her energy was in the black Xuan formation crystal.

After coming back from Wan Ling Mountain, she thought for a long while and felt that she was still in a perilous situation.

She felt that she wouldnt be safe if she did not have any backup plans.

Thus, she decisively went to Zhen Bao Pavilion and bought this from Second Master Yan.

Originally, she wanted to use it when she met with danger.

However, this situation was urgent, so she could not care that much.

The fourth-level Xuan formations engraved on the Xuan formation did not require as much energy, so she could still forcefully activate it with her abilities.

However, she really could not unleash the crystals full potential.

The Xuan formations Buddha Lotus had two levels.

But Chu Liuyue could only activate one level with her current abilities; the remaining level did not even budge.

After a short while, Chu Liuyue could already feel the energy in her body quickly depleting.

She would be exhausted in no time.

This could temporarily block Situ Ziyue, but it was very difficult for her to win.

“No wonder you dare to challenge me directly.

You have this thing to back you up.” Situ Ziyues eyes darkened.

“But youre too naive if you really think that you can win against me with this!”

Before he finished his sentence, he suddenly jumped up.

At the same time, a broadsword appeared in his hands!

It was a greenish-black broadsword, but the blade was not considered sharp; it was even a little blunt.

A weird drawing was engraved on the blade.

Someone gasped.

“Its the Ling Xiao Broadsword!”

Quite a few people suddenly took a deep breath in.

The Ling Xiao Broadsword was Country Xing Luos precious Yuan instrument.

Rumor had it that Country Xing Luos founding emperor used this Ling Xiao Broadsword to create his kingdom.

Not only was this Ling Xiao Broadsword formidable, but it was also representative of ones status.

With this item in Situ Ziyues hands, it could almost prove that he was Country Xing Luos next Emperor!

“Its your honor that you forced me to use my Ling Xiao Broadsword.” Situ Ziyue coldly stated this as he held the broadsword with both hands and swung it down with all his might.

A frightening greenish-black blade rapidly flew out.


At the next moment, the blade directly cut through the blossoming Buddha Lotus.

The gigantic Xuan formation was instantly cut into two.


This broadsword directly slashed the Xuan formation in half, causing boundless crazy energy to spread throughout.

Chu Liuyue quickly moved backward, but she was still affected by the energy.

The next moment, a terrifying force crashed into her body.

Her organs seemed to be twisted into a ball.


Chu Liuyues chest shook, and she spat out blood.

The blood splattered all over her clothes, and her aura instantly became dispirited.

Situ Ziyue moved so swiftly that Chu Liuyue did not even have time to activate her crystal barrier.

The originally dazzling Xuan formation started dimming at an observable speed.

Everyone watched the scene unfold silently.

Everyone could tell that Chu Liuyue was bound to lose.

Even when she was unscathed, she might not even be Situ Ziyues match, let alone now when she was injured.

Situ Ziyue held the Ling Xiao Broadsword and looked down at Chu Liuyue from above with a nonchalant gaze.

It was as if he was looking at a small ant.

Almost immediately, his lips quivered, and he coldly spat out a few words.

“You dont know your limits!” Then, he raised the broadsword once again.

“It will end this time!”

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw the second blade rapidly flying toward her.

She threw out the crystal barrier in her hands.

A transparent barrier faintly flashing with silver light immediately wrapped around her.


A low impact sound could be heard when the blade hit the crystal barrier.

However, the crystal barrier only slightly shook as it quickly absorbed the formidable power.

Chu Liuyue was not affected at all inside the barrier.

After seeing what it was, hatred flashed across Situ Ziyues eyes.

“Youre so scheming! Do you really think that you can hide inside for the rest of your life”

Chu Liuyue wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth and glanced at him.

“Dont worry.

I wont make you wait for too long.”

“What” Situ Ziyue tightly knitted his brows when he saw Chu Liuyue sit down cross-legged in the crystal barrier.

In the next moment, she placed her hands on her knees and closed her eyes.

Situ Ziyues eyelids twitched.

Chu Liuyue swallowed the strong bloody taste in her mouth as she said, “Wait until I break through.”

My God! She actually wants to break through at this moment!


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