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Chapter 221: Chinese Trumpet Flower Fall

The bright red force exuded out of Chu Liuyues body, wrapping around her like an intense fireball.

The aura surrounding her had already reached its peak.

Chu Liuyue saw an invisible hand on top of the water droplet, and it stably engraved the second line.


A tiny but clear sound reverberated throughout her mind.

Her bodys internal and external injuries quickly got better, and the force in her dantian was even richer than before.

The next moment, Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes.

and the faint red light flashed across her clear and sharp eyes.

Stage-two warrior!

As she stared at her palm, Chu Liuyue sensed the force circulating throughout her body, and she could not help but smile. I finally broke through! After such a long wait, my initial efforts finally did not go to waste!

Even though she did not know why she suddenly broke through today, it was a good thing for her at this point.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue had broken through, the originally quiet arena started to burst into discussions.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and dispelled the crystal barrier.

She then raised her brows and looked at Situ Ziyue while smiling and saying, “Sorry for the wait.”

Situ Ziyue quietly sized Chu Liuyue up and unwittingly knitted his brows. Chu Liuyue did not spend much time on this breakthrough, only about an hour or so.

However, she is clearly different from before after breaking through.

The most obvious thing is that her bodys aura is much stronger than before.

The injuries on her body also seemed to have recovered by quite a fair bit due to her earlier breakthrough.

She only broke through and became a stage-two warrior from a stage-one warrior.

But why does it seem like Chu Liuyues body has undergone a huge change…

He raised his Ling Xiao Broadsword, and an icy-blue force immediately enveloped it all over.

A strange pattern then seemingly appeared on the broadsword.

“Theres no other reason for you to delay the match now, right It shall end now!”

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled.

“What a coincidence.

I think so too.”

She then picked up her black Xuan formation crystal and gathered her thoughts, infusing her force into the crystal and accumulating it.

Weng! Weng!

The black Xuan formation crystal produced bright rays of light.

Very quickly, a ray of light flew out from the crystal and formed a gigantic Xuan formation under Chu Liuyues feet.

The originally dimmed Buddha Lotus slowly started to bloom again.

Situ Ziyue sneered.

“Do you think you can win by using the same trick twice”

His Ling Xiao Broadsword slashed downward.

“Chinese Trumpet Flower[1] Fall!”

With this roar, the pattern on the broadsword suddenly moved.

Almost immediately, it bloomed and became a small Chinese trumpet flower.

That Chinese trumpet flower gradually started moving according to the sword crevices.

Every inch it moved, the Chinese trumpet flower would grow by a little.

When it reached the broadswords blade, the Chinese trumpet flower was almost the size of a lantern.

“Go!” hollered Situ Ziyue.

The Chinese trumpet flower flew into the air and went straight for Chu Liuyue.

Compared to the Buddha Lotus under Chu Liuyues feet, the Chinese trumpet flower was indeed a lot smaller.

It wasnt even the size of the Buddha Lotuss petal, but nobody dared to underestimate this Chinese trumpet flower.

It gradually flew forward.

The ground it passed by actually started cracking.

This proved how strong and formidable it was.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

Even though she was a distance away from the flower, she could still distinctly feel the frightening strength incorporated in the flower.

The indescribable suppression made her entire body tense up and caused her to have difficulty breathing.

“Chinese Trumpet Flower Fall Isnt that one of the Ling Xiao Broadswords top three killer moves Situ Ziyue can actually execute it now!”

“It seems like hes indeed going to break through and become a stage-five warrior.

The force in his body is so rich…”

“I think hes only 21 this year.

Hes even younger than Rong Jin, but hes only a step away from becoming a stage-five warrior.

If he breaks through, I think he can become the youngest stage-five warrior!”

The crowd could not hide their shock when they saw the Chinese trumpet flower in the air.

They then partook in heated discussions.

Rong Jin—who was quietly watching the match at the side—had a cold gaze when he heard all of this.

He was the most famous talent in Country Yao Chen, but he was always lacking when compared to Situ Ziyue.

In the past few years, the two of them had battled several times, but Rong Jin lost more than he won.

He had also completely lost during last years Qing Jiao Competition.

Originally, he thought that he could catch up and even surpass Situ Ziyue after one year of training.

However, it seemed like the difference between the two became even bigger.

Not to mention others, even Rong Jin had to spend quite a bit of effort to handle the Buddha Lotus Formation that Chu Liuyue executed.

Thinking of this, he felt even more indignant.

His chin became tight, and his surrounding aura became as cold as ice.

The Chinese trumpet flower kept coming closer.

However, the surrounding people would notice that Chu Liuyue wasnt anxious at all if they took a closer look.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and silently looked at the black Xuan formation crystal in her hands.

“This move determines if I win or lose…” muttered Chu Liuyue softly before she infused all her force into the crystal.


A loud noise was suddenly heard from the black Xuan formation crystal.

Situ Ziyue chuckled.

“You still dont regret it even before your death.”

Suddenly, his mocking smile stiffened, and shock filled his eyes.

The originally blossomed Buddha Lotus under Chu Liuyues feet started to accumulate countless rays of light.

In the blink of an eye, it even formed many flower petals.

Chu Liuyue had actually activated the Buddha Lotuss second level in the black Xuan formation crystal.

In other words, she had used her strength alone to activate this fourth-level Xuan formations full strength.

As he stared at the blossoming Buddha Lotus and its layers of petals, Situ Ziyue felt very uneasy.

He knew how formidable Xuan formations were.

At this time, the Chinese trumpet flower had already flown to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue suddenly waved her hands, and the Buddha Lotus instantly followed her wishes, moving forward.

It did not travel fast, but the distance between the Chinese trumpet flower and Chu Liuyue was very short.

Hence, without wasting much time, the Buddha Lotus was directly opposite the Chinese trumpet flower.


The Buddha Lotuss petals started shaking gently, and the Chinese trumpet flower suddenly flew a lot slower.


The petals moved against the wind.

The Chinese trumpet flower completely stopped in front of the Buddha Lotus.

Chu Liuyues clear voice echoed throughout the square.

“Close up!”

With her command, the Buddha Lotuss petals started to close up gradually.

The Chinese trumpet flower started to drop uncontrollably.

The layers of flower petals closed up and covered the Chinese trumpet flower completely.

Situ Ziyues face suddenly turned white.

After some time, the Buddha Lotus started to bloom again.

Its petals were pretty damaged, clearly showing that it was harmed during the previous block.

The originally ferocious Buddha Lotus defeatedly landed on the floor lifelessly.

Situ Ziyue suddenly spat out blood and knelt on the floor.

[1]Chinese Trumpet Flower in Chinese isLing Xiao Hua, where the first two words are the same as the name of Ling Xiao Broadsword


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