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Chapter 222: Temporarily First!

At the same time, his surrounding aura started abating rapidly.

He and the Ling Xiao Broadsword shared the same pulse, so he would naturally be implicated now that its attack had been halted.

Situ Ziyue felt furious and indignant.

He wanted to stand up immediately, but he was too anxious, so the anger attacked his heart.

This move made him collapse on the floor and spit out blood again.

His face looked as white as a sheet.

“Brother!” Situ Xingchen anxiously stood up and rushed toward the arena.

A voice was suddenly heard when she reached the side of the arena.

“Eldest Princess Situ, itll be counted as his defeat if you go into the arena now.”

Situ Xingchens body froze as she stopped in her tracks and looked up.

Chu Liuyue was standing in the arena and seemingly smiled at her lazily.

Situ Xingchen slowly clenched her fists in her sleeves.

“Chu Liuyue!”

“Hm Im here.” Chu Liuyue seemed unable to tell the anger in Situ Xingchens words as she raised her chin.

“I think your brother wants to continue fighting.

It doesnt seem very appropriate if you come up now.”

Situ Xingchen was so angry that her face distorted.

She looked at Situ Ziyue again.

As Situ Xingchen now stood nearer to him, she could see his messy bloodstains even clearer.

Her heart felt as if a knife had harshly stabbed it.


Situ Ziyue heard her voice and raised his head with much difficulty.

As he forced himself to stand up, he said, “Xingchen… Go back…”

But his internal injuries were too serious, and he collapsed again after getting up halfway.

Tears welled up in Situ Xingchens eyes.

To her, her brother had always been the most outstanding warrior.

He was always proudly standing on top, and he had never been so defeated before.

All of this was caused by Chu Liuyue!

“Brother…” Situ Xingchen wanted to persuade him to stop competing.

Anyone could tell that he did not have the energy to continue.

Even though Chu Liuyue had also exhausted her energy, and her lips were white, she was not injured in the end.

If the two of them continued to battle, the outcome would not change.

It would also humiliate her brother even more.

However, she could not say any of this.

Her brother was a very prideful person.

How could he admit to losing to a stage-two warrior

Chu Liuyue looked at Situ Ziyue and smiled.

“If you want to continue, Ill play along with you.”

Her underlying meaning was that if Situ Ziyue did not willingly surrender, she would continue pushing him to his death.

Everyone looked at this scene with a complicated gaze.

Before the match—no, even an hour ago, nobody would have thought that Chu Liuyue would gain the upper hand in the end.

Moreover, she even forced Situ Ziyue into this state.

Cheng Han finally could not watch it any longer.

With a darkened face, he said, “Xingchen, help your brother down.”

Situ Xingchen looked at him hesitantly, but she finally held up her skirt and prepared to walk up the arena.

“No… No…” Situ Ziyue shook his head and knitted his brows tightly. If I go down now, wont I completely lose

“Bring him down!” Cheng Hans voice was much sterner than before.

Situ Xingchen paused in her tracks, but she still walked up in the end.

The crowd was silent.

This means that Situ Ziyue has lost!

“Brother, lets go,” said Situ Xingchen with heartache as she held his hand.

Situ Ziyue was furious and irritatedly waved his arm, trying to push her away.

However, his movements were too weak, and he could not even shake Situ Xingchens hand away.

Situ Xingchen bit her lower lips and understood why her mentor wanted her to bring her brother down—he was actually very injured!

She quietly helped Situ Ziyue down.

“Brother, we can talk about these things later.”

Situ Ziyue did not want to leave in such a defeated state.

This was an enormous humiliation to him.

However, he was very clear about his bodys condition.

Even if he continued staying, he had no chance of winning.

He deeply glared at Chu Liuyue with anger and hatred in his eyes.

Chu Liuyue ignored his gaze and waved her hands with a smile.

“Take care!”

Situ Ziyue spat blood out again.

Situ Xingchen knitted her brows and finally could not help but turn around to glare at Chu Liuyue.

She pronounced every single word clearly as she said, “Mentor once told me that we shouldnt be depressed when we lose and that we shouldnt be arrogant when we win.

If not, we will never know when well fall to someones hands.

When that happens, well definitely be hurt.”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Director Cheng Han is indeed highly respected, and his words are all logical.

However…” She shifted her gaze, and it landed on Situ Ziyue.

She then regretfully said, “Its a pity that your brother hasnt heard of this before.

Look, didnt he fall to my hands”

Situ Xingchen was stumped.

She had never seen such a shameless woman that flipped right and wrong.

Situ Ziyue was about to faint in anger.

He raised his hands as if he wanted to say something, but they drooped down weakly.

“I hope youll always be this delighted.” Situ Xingchen shot a profound look at Chu Liuyue.

Without saying anything else, she turned around and left with Situ Ziyue.

Chu Liuyue watched the two peoples leaving back views, and her lips curved up slightly.

“Thank you for your blessings! Ill do my best!”

Situ Xingchens heart was in turmoil. Why would that person interact with such a woman Cunning, scheming, and manipulative! What is he thinking Could it be… just because of her face

Situ Xingchens thoughts ran wildly.

After she brought Situ Ziyue down, her heart could not be appeased for a long time.

But Chu Liuyue did not even care about them.

She only cared about one matter.

“Elder Sun, according to the rules, I have already entered the second round, right”

Shock alone could not describe what Sun Zhongyan was feeling.

Chu Liuyues series of actions had made him elated to no end.

When he thought of that possibility, he couldnt help but like her even more.

“Of course!” He looked at his surroundings and confidently said, “Tian Lu Academys Chu Liuyue wins this round! Chu Liuyue temporarily is in first place with her successful challenge.”

His deep voice reverberated throughout the square.


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