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As expected, Heng Jingchuo is aiming for first place!

In an instant, everyone was excited! The two could be considered the most eye-catching warriors at the Qing Jiao Competition.

Chu Liuyue was new to this, but her abilities were impressive.

She was even able to defeat people above her cultivation stage!

Heng Jingchuo had developed stably and improved by leaps and bounds! He was a force to be reckoned with!

Everyone was curious about who would get the last laugh!

Under a countless number of watchful eyes, Chu Liuyue got up and nodded with a smile.


“I didnt expect it to be a duel between the two of us.” Heng Jingchuo shrugged.

Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a half-smile.

“You should have expected it, no”

Heng Jingchuos smile froze, but he soon returned to normal.


Chu is so humorous.

Were all participating in the Qing Jiao Competition, so who doesnt want to win But I didnt expect you to enter the finals, nor did I expect my final opponent to be you.”

Chu Liuyue could not be bothered with him.

Heng Jingchuo clearly came prepared.

He had intentionally hidden his strength, only revealing his true abilities when he fought Rong Jin.

She was almost certain that Heng Jingchuo had other tricks up his sleeve.

“Less talking; lets begin!” As Chu Liuyue spoke, she brought out the black Xuan formation crystal!

The corners of Heng Jingchuos eyes jumped a little. This tactic of Chu Liuyues is a little hard to deal with…

“Isnt it bad that Little Liuyue is using her ultimate move right at the beginning” Bai Chen asked a little worriedly.

Sun Zhongyan laughed.

“What else can she do After all, Heng Jingchuo is an advanced stage-four warrior.”

The strength difference between the two was huge.

If Chu Liuyue did not put her best foot forward right from the start, this battle was bound to end quickly.

By then, she wouldnt even have the chance to use that move.

“But she used up so much energy earlier.

She definitely hasnt recovered by now.


“Its already outstanding for her to win against Situ Ziyue.

Even if she loses this match, shes second place.

Besides, shes not a warrior at the academy.

There wont be any regrets as long as she puts in her best effort.”

Bai Chen thought about it and did not say anything else.

“Buddha Lotus Formation!” Following Chu Liuyues cries, the first layer of petals bloomed.

The second layer quickly bloomed as well.

The Buddha Lotus had fully bloomed once again!

An oppressive force spread across the arena.

Calling up the formation twice in a row practically drained Chu Liuyue of all her energy.

But the power of a fourth-level Xuan formation was enough to fend off an advanced stage-four warrior!

As long as her single move was decisive and left Heng Jingchuo no room to fight back, she could win!

As Heng Jingchuo watched the Buddha Lotus bloom, he became even more somber.

He cupped his hands—which were behind his back—and force began to gather quickly!

A white sphere gradually appeared in his palm! The sphere looked like it was burning bright, but it was cold to its core.

White fog formed around the sphere and covered it.

Even Heng Jingchuos hands were covered in a thick layer of ice.

The two of them were both mustering their energy!

Immediately after, Heng Jingchuo struck first and flung the ball in his hand out! “Moon Devour!”

The sphere quickly flew toward Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue circulated the force in her body.

“Close up!”

The giant petals shook gently and closed up!

As expected, Heng Jingchuos sphere gradually slowed down as it entered the Buddha Lotus Formation.

It was then covered by the petals—just like what happened in Chu Liuyues battle with Situ Ziyue!

In the arena, only two intense forces were attacking one another!

Even though everyone could not see what was happening, they could still feel the ripples coming from the petals!

“Can Chu Liuyue still win… That Buddha Lotus Formation devoured Heng Jingchuos force again…”

“I dont think its that simple.

Chu Liuyue battled one person earlier, and she doesnt have much energy left.

The Buddha Lotus Formations power will probably be weakened…”

“Same for Heng Jingchuo! If the Buddha Lotus Formation cannot stop Heng Jingchuo, then Chu Liuyue is destined to fail!”

Chu Liuyue stared at the closed Buddha Lotus.

She could clearly sense the force ofMoon Devour being broken down by the Buddha Lotus Formation!

As long as it continued, after a while, Heng Jingchuo would…


Suddenly, a soft sound came from the Buddha Lotus Formation!

The sound could not be heard clearly by others, but Chu Liuyue was immediately wary of it!

She then saw a long cut on one of the petals!

The breaking sounds were because the flower petals had frosted over!

Chu Liuyue did not notice it earlier because it was in a small region and only on the inside!

The frozen petals were brittle and could easily be broken with a little bit of force!

Chu Liuyue looked over and saw that the flower petals edges were tinted black.

Something is off! Warning bells rang in Chu Liuyues mind, and she grew uneasy! Without thinking, she backed away!

She waved her wrist and flung out the crystal barrier!

The transparent barrier enveloped her! Almost at the same time, countless gashes appeared on the giant lotus!

Then, the Buddha Lotus broke!

Countless rays of light started spreading everywhere!

An air of violence spread toward the surroundings, and the sphere reappeared before everyones eyes!

It looked smaller than before, but it was still powerful! When the Buddha Lotus broke, the sphere headed straight for Chu Liuyue!

The crowd was stunned!

“He actually broke Chu Liuyues Buddha Lotus Formation!”

“Heng Jingchuo is bound to win now…”

“The difference in cultivation stage is still hard to bridge in the end…”

Upon seeing the situation in the arena, Cheng Han started smiling.

“Jingchuo has really improved a lot! He can even break through fourth-level Xuan formations.

Xingchen, even though your brother is hurt, Jingchuo is taking back the glory for our academy by taking first place!”

Situ Xingchen nodded.

She wondered if Heng Jingchuo could deal with Chu Liuyue the same way he did with Rong Jin.

Even though killing was not permitted in the arena, serious injuries were allowed.

Since Heng Jingchuo wanted to take first place, then… he had to use full force when dealing with Chu Liuyue.

At this thought, she finally felt better.

As for that crystal barrier… Situ Xingcheng decided that she could always ask about it after everything was over.

Chu Liuyue looked up at the sphere that was closing in on her.

The strong force hit the crystal barrier, and the barrier started shrinking.

Chu Liuyues heart was in her mouth! Even if the crystal barrier could protect her, she would fail if she got eliminated like this!

She steeled herself and suddenly jumped out of the crystal barrier, intending to avoid the attack!

At this moment, she saw a black liquid in the sphere! The cold air coming from it made one shiver uncontrollably!

Her heart skipped a beat! Heng Jingchuo actually…


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