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Just as Chu Liuyue was about to say something, Heng Jingchuo seemed to have sensed it.

A cold light flashed across the back of his eyes, and he dashed quickly toward Chu Liuyue!

He moved extremely quickly; he arrived right in front of Chu Liuyue in an instant! Without hesitation, he waved his robe sleeves, and another burst of force came flying!


The weakened sphere was injected with fresh energy.

It began increasing in speed and closed in on Chu Liuyue.

As the oppressive force closed in on her, Chu Liuyue felt herself struggling to breathe, let alone speak.

Her face was pale, and she was rooted to the ground.

She could only watch as the sphere was about to hit her!

“This is it! Chu Liuyue is probably going to lose!”

“Why did she suddenly come out of the crystal barrier If she hid inside…”

“She cant stay inside forever.

Heng Jingchuo is so strong that he can push her and the crystal barrier out of the arena! Its just… Theres nothing she can do now…”

Almost everyone looked at the scene nervously.

Some were already shaking their head as if they had already seen the final result.

But at this moment, a crimson-red silhouette dashed out and appeared before Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue felt an itch on her cheek.

She turned and realized that her blood ferret had suddenly appeared in front of her!

“Tuan Zi! Come back!” Chu Liuyue anxiously cried out as she gritted her teeth.

Blood was trickling from the corner of her mouth!

If she dashed to the front right now, she would see that Tuan Zis eyes were like they were on fire! It was furious! Its fur was standing on end, and it clearly intended to run forward!

Heng Jingchuo narrowed his eyes as he stared at the furry thing.

“… Blood ferret”

He could not help but burst out laughing when he saw the blood ferrets hostile manner.

“Chu Liuyue, is this your fiend Youre not joking, right”

Even though the blood ferret was a third-grade fiend, everyone knew that it was terrible in battle.

It could be treated as a pet, but it was useless in battles.

To think that I believed Chu Liuyue to be a strong opponent.

But it is clear that she is just an immature little girl who doesnt have a fiend.

She probably keeps the blood ferret for fun—what a joke.

Tuan Zis hostility grew when it heard Heng Jingchuos words! Mocking Chu Liuyue was as good as mocking it!

In the next moment, it suddenly dashed out!

It moved extremely fast.

Everyone only saw a red line in the air.

It was heading straight for the Moon Devour!

Heng Jingchuo broke into a cold smile.


Moon Devour was extremely strong! It would probably kill the blood ferret with one strike!

Chu Liuyue wanted to stop Tuan Zi, but she couldnt say a word because of the forces oppressiveness.

Tuan Zi is too rash! The Moon Devour contains…


Tuan Zi leaped onto the sphere!

Chu Liuyue suddenly froze. Thats not right! Im struggling to breathe under that spheres force, so how did Tuan Zi run there directly It also doesnt seem affected by the force! How did Tuan Zi get there

Before she could figure things out, something even more surprising happened!

Tuan Zi opened its mouth and took a huge bite of the sphere!


Tuan Zi managed to bite a hole into the sphere!

Its cheeks were stuffed, and its face was as big as half of its body.


Kacha kacha!


Following the sounds, Tuan Zi chewed and swallowed the chunk that it bit off!

The large arena was instantly silenced!

Everyone widened their eyes as they watched in disbelief.

Even Chu Liuyue was stunned. What… just happened! Tuan Zi ate that thing! Ate it! Even though it looks like a crystal ball, it really isnt! Thats a ball of concentrated force!

Heng Jingchuo was stunned.

He spent a lot of effort to refine this move, and he treated it as his trump card.

It had never been beaten! Something like this had never happened!

Just as everyone was stunned, Tuan Zi opened its mouth and bit off another chunk.

The gap in the sphere became even bigger.

Due to Tuan Zis actions, the force within the sphere was rapidly depleted.

Soon, half of the sphere had been swallowed.

The uneasiness in Heng Jingchuos heart grew. This cannot go on! Even though I dont know what is going on with the blood ferret, I have to stop it! Or else…

He hurried forward, but the instant he moved, he discovered that the blood ferret grabbed the remaining half of the sphere and ran.

As Tuan Zi ran, it ate the sphere at an even faster speed!


Kacha kacha!

Heng Jingchuo was almost driven mad by the sound! The blood ferret is chewing on my force! If it is all consumed like this, it will take me forever to recover!

“Stop right there!” But Heng Jingchuo quickly realized that he could not catch up to the blood ferret!

It was small, agile, and ran around the entire arena.

He could not catch it at all!

He was exhausted after a while, but the blood ferret was still extremely energetic!

He could only watch as the sphere became smaller and smaller, until…


Tuan Zi stuffed the last piece into its mouth and swallowed it!

Heng Jingchuo suddenly froze and began to tremble! Gone… My force is gone just like that!

“Tuan Zi, are you okay” Chu Liuyue finally felt a little better.

She hurried forward and looked at the blood ferret nervously.

Tuan Zi looked at her with wide eyes.

It stumbled as if it could not stand by itself.

Chu Liuyue was even more worried.

“I already told you not to…”

“Burp…” Tuan Zi burped loudly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Why does Tuan Zi look like it is drunk

Before she could react, Tuan Zi turned around idly and looked at Heng Jingchuo.


Tuan Zi suddenly spat out a black lump, which flew toward Heng Jingchuo.

Heng Jingchuo widened his eyes in fear! It actually spat out that thing!


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