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Chu Liuyue looked at him lightly and smiled seemingly.

“First Elder, why do you like telling people to kneel so much Do you really think that everyone elses knees are as soft as yours”


“You! You!” First Elder was so angry until his chest felt tight as his face reddened with anger. This Chu Liuyue is really too arrogant! She dares to use that tone to talk to me like this repeatedly!

Chu Xianmin at the side immediately went up to help the First Elder and comforted him.

“First Elder, dont be angry.

Its not good for your body.

Sister, s-she might have done it on impulse… Sister, hurry up and apologize to First Elder and Officer Zhao.” She looked at Chu Liuyue anxiously as if she was really thinking for her sake.

“Minmin! Dont stand up for her.

This evil, unfilial creature is heartless! If not, she wouldnt do such a thing,” hollered First Elder as his blood boiled even more.

Chu Liuyues eyes turned slightly cold as she raised her brows and asked, “First Elder, if Im an evil, unfilial creature, then what is everyone in the Chu family Dont forget that Im the Chu familys eldest daughter.

Besides, I would like to know what exactly I did to infuriate First Elder.

The same blood was flowing in their bodies.

This kind of humiliation would implicate the entire Chu family.

First Elder was instantly at a loss for words; he was so furious that his body started shaking.

“How dare you have the cheek to say that You actually sold the Crown Princes hunting ground to Zhen Bao Pavilion privately; half of Imperial City knows about it now!”

The hunting ground that the Crown Prince took meticulous care of became someone elses overnight.

He was even rejected at the door on the day of his birthday party.

This was way too humiliating!

On the surface, everyone did not dare to talk about this incident that concerned the Crown Princes reputation.

However, it had already spread like wildfire in private.

All the distinguished families in the Imperial City knew about it.

One just had to think carefully and would remember that the hunting ground was initially gifted to Chu Liuyue by the Emperor.

It was naturally related to Chu Liuyue, now that the hunting ground had become part of Zhen Bao Pavilions possessions.

The Chu family had now become the laughingstock of the Imperial City.

Chu Liuyue was instead thinking about how strong Zhen Bao Pavilions backing must be to embarrass the Crown Prince.

An average person would not even be able to withstand the Crown Princes authority.

Even if they had the title deed, they would not be able to take advantage of the Crown Prince right in front of him.

It was clear that Rong Jin did not dare to offend Zhen Bao Pavilion.

If she had a chance, she could check up on it secretly… As Chu Liuyue thought of this in her heart, her facial expression did not change.

“That hunting ground was originally mine.

Do I still need to care about others when I decide what to do with it”


She said it righteously as if she did not think that this incident was wrong in any way.

First Elder was also taken aback.

Zhao Cheng knitted his brows at the side.

“Big Chu Missy, do you mean that you took the initiative to sell the title deed” At first, he thought that Chu Liuyue had no brains and was tricked into giving the title deed away.

However, it now seemed that she had clearly done it on purpose.

Chu Liuyue nodded honestly.

“So what”

Zhao Cheng suddenly stood up, and he glared at Chu Liuyue ferociously with his sharp gaze.

An invisible pressure immediately filled up the entire room.

“The title deed is indeed written with Big Chu Missys name, but dont forget that this hunting ground is a present the Emperor gifted to you for your marriage.

Logically speaking, this hunting ground is only truly yours when you become the Crown Princess.

Currently, you have no right to handle this on your own.”

Chu Liuyue tilted her head.

“Officer Zhao, youve seemed to have forgotten that its my 14th birthday in a few days, which is also my engagement day with the Crown Prince.

Ill be the Crown Princess real soon.

Whats wrong with selling a hunting ground Could it be… that the Crown Prince has no intentions of being engaged to me”

She looked naive; her eyes were confused as if everything was logical and right.

Zhao Cheng was instantly stumped, but his blood continued to boil.

Was this Chu Liuyue really mental How can a good-for-nothing like her dream about becoming the Crown Princess

When Chu Xianmin heard the two wordsCrown Princess, she was furious.

Chu Liuyue really will not stop until she sees the coffin.

The Crown Prince has not even made any moves until now, yet she is still dreaming.

An idea flashed in her head, and she took a look at the solemn Zhao Cheng.

She comforted him softly, “Officer Zhao, Sister is indeed in the wrong for this, but…”

“What right do you have to judge if I did the right thing or not” interrupted Chu Liuyue.

Chu Xianmin revealed a wronged expression, and her tears rapidly welled up.

She said pitifully, “It looks like… Sister is still angry at me.

However, Sister, Brother Jin and I are really not like what you think… If Sister was angry and sold the hunting ground on impulse because of this misunderstanding, then it would really be my fault!”

This one sentence seemed as if she was standing up for Chu Liuyue, but it would only make other people hate Chu Liuyue even more.

They would feel that she was a very petty and self-centered person.

Chu Liuyue smiled casually.

“What misunderstanding Im the one with a marriage agreement with the Crown Prince.

What is there to misunderstand If not, can you really snatch my marriage agreement away”

Chu Xianmins face turned white.

Now, it looked like she really did not have any right.

Chu Liuyue became increasingly arrogant just because of the marriage agreement.

She lowered her head in grievance and did not utter a word.

Zhao Cheng sneered.

“I didnt expect Big Chu Missy to be so amazing.”

Everyone knew that the Crown Prince liked Chu Xianmin, but Chu Liuyue still dared to talk about the marriage agreement.

Well see what pride she will be left with after the Crown Prince gives up on the marriage agreement. “Since Big Chu Missy doesnt want to get the title deed back, then may I trouble you to explain it to the Emperor and the Crown Prince yourself”

As he said, he looked at First Elder and bowed.

“I would like to invite First Elder and Big Chu Missy to enter the palace and meet the Emperor for tonights feast.

You can also talk to the Crown Prince about the engagement.”

The last sentence was filled with unconcealable mockery.

First Elder hurriedly said, “Dont worry, Officer Zhao.”

Zhao Cheng turned around and walked away after he finished his sentence.

When he walked by Chu Liuyue, he purposely stopped for a while.

“Big Chu Missy, I… wish you the best of luck.”

His aggression went straight towards Chu Liuyue.

However, Chu Liuyue still smiled lightly without a change in expression.

“Ill return this wish back to the Crown Prince.”

When Zhao Cheng met with her gaze, he instantly felt an icy cold suppression.

His heart unconsciously skipped a beat, and he unknowingly reduced the aggression he was giving off.

He sneered, clenched his fists tightly, and turned around to walk away.

First Elder glared at Chu Liuyue harshly.

“Lets see if youll still dare to be this arrogant after tonights feast.”

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders.

“No one knows who will have the last laugh.” After she finished her sentence, she turned and walked away.

First Elder cursed.

“Evil creature!”

A smile darted across Chu Xianmins eyes. After tonight, both the Chu family and the Crown Prince will not care about Chu Liuyue anymore.

Prince Li Mansion…

The officer handing over the invitation letter was waiting outside politely with his back bent.

He did not dare to move casually, which would show his disrespect, even under the sweltering heat that caused his body to be drenched in sweat.

Even though the person inside had just returned to the capital, the titlePrince Li was enough to reveal his status in the Emperors heart.


The door opened.

A young guard wearing a light green gown came in.

He knew that this person was Prince Lis personal guard—Yan Qing—and immediately greeted him.

“Greetings, Officer Yan Qing.

May I know if Prince Li will be attending the Crown Princes feast at night”

Prince Li had come back for nearly one month, but he had not stepped out before.

It seemed like he would not…

“Of course, I will.” A young mans low voice, with a hint of pleasure, sounded clearly from the study as if precious stones had hit each other.

She was going, so he would naturally go as well.



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