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Chapter 231: Strange

Cheng Han was at a loss for words.

The Seven Coldness Poison in Rong Jins body was the best evidence! Even if he wanted to refute it, he could not think of a single word.

Cheng Han felt humiliated; Situ Xingchen even more so.

Initially, she was the one who suspected Chu Liuyue first and told Chu Liuyue to produce evidence.

Now, everything was clear.

Countless gazes from the surrounding crowd landed on Situ Xingchen, making her feel extremely uneasy.

“It turns out that Rong Jin is poisoned with this too! Heng Jingchuo is definitely the culprit then!”

“Yeah! Chu Liuyue has never made contact with Rong Jin since the start.

How can it be her”

“I knew it.

Rong Jin and Heng Jingchuo were of the same cultivation level, but why did Heng Jingchuo win against him so easily It turns out Heng Jingchuo used such despicable means! I think he probably didnt even use his real abilities to win his previous matches!”

“I really dont know how Tai Yan Academy teaches its students to cause such trouble.

Also, that Situ Xingchen keeps speaking on behalf of her own academys students.

It is clear that Heng Jingchuo did something wrong, yet she suspected someone else… Rumors have it that shes very kind, understanding, and intelligent, but why dont I see these traits in her”

“Hah, those are just rumors! You need to see her for yourself before you know whats true and false! Dont you think that she seems to be targeting Chu Liuyue Is it because Chu Liuyue argued with her yesterday, so Chu Liuyue offended her”

“That might be true! After all, she has the distinguished status of an eldest princess.”

The various discussions were like swords that had formed and harshly pierced through her body, making her feel even more humiliated and more pain.

Situ Xingchen had always been doted on since a young age.

Even her father had not really raged at her before, let alone get ridiculed by so many people!

Situ Xingchen felt like her face was burning, and she really wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

With a very serious expression, Sun Zhongyan coldly said, “Cheng Han, your students used such despicable means to win in the Qing Jiao Competition.

Shouldnt you have an explanation for this”

“Thats right! This incident is very serious, and we cant just let this slide!” Fu Yunshan—who was standing at the side and watching silently—finally expressed his stance and looked equally stern.

Previously, his Nan Feng Academy students had also fought with Heng Jingchuo.

Who knew whether other people had also done it other than Heng Jingchuo

The duos repeated questioning put Cheng Han in a very difficult spot.

“I dont know about this too…”

“Youre the director, and theyre students from your academy.

Whether you know about this or not, you have to take responsibility for it,” interrupted Sun Zhongyan.

Cheng Han was very indignant. I really didnt know! If I knew, I wouldnt have brought Heng Jingchuo over, let alone stand up for him! Initially, I thought that this years top warrior would be from Tai Yan Academy.

But in the blink of an eye, not only did we lose the number one position, but we even became the public enemy!

In a state of panic, Cheng Han could only glare at Heng Jingchuo and scolded him.

“Speak! Where did you get this thing from”

Seven Coldness Poison is not something that an ordinary person can obtain.

Heng Jingchuo is of ordinary background and has always laid low in school.

This Seven Coldness Poison really has ambiguous origins!

However, Heng Jingchuo did not care about Cheng Han.

He just lay on the floor, huddled up in a ball as his entire body trembled.

“Answer me!” Cheng Han wanted to go over and kick him, but he stopped in his tracks when he remembered that Heng Jingchuo had Seven Coldness Poison in his body.

But Heng Jingchuo still did not answer him.

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows.

She suddenly thought of something and walked toward Heng Jingchuo.

“Liuyue! Be careful!” yelled Sun Zhongyan hurriedly.

Chu Liuyue shook her head, indicating that he did not need to worry.

She took a few steps forward and examined Heng Jingchuo closely.

With just one look, her facial expression changed slightly.

“Hes going to die.”


The crowd was stunned.

Sun Zhongyan and Fu Yunshan hurriedly went forward.

They saw that the arm—which Heng Jingchuo had cut off—was already frozen, and the frost had spread to his entire face.

His poison was acting up! At this stage, Heng Jingchuo was on his way to death.

He would stop breathing very soon; he did not have any chance of being saved.

“Why did his poison act up so quickly” asked Fu Yunshan with knitted brows.

“There should be some hidden poisons in his body, which acted up together with the Seven Coldness Poison.


Sun Zhongyans words cast a shadow in everyones hearts.

If it really is so, this means that Heng Jingchuo was manipulated by someone! However, there is no way of finding out the masterminds identity considering Heng Jingchuos current state.

Fu Yunshan felt very anxious.

“Is there no way of preserving his life first When we investigate…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Heng Jingchuos body started spasming, and he let out painful groans—which sounded like hopeless cries in the dark night.

This sent chills down peoples spines.

Very quickly, Heng Jingchuos movements gradually became slower, and he finally stopped breathing.

Fu Yunshan and Sun Zhongyan looked at each other worriedly.

However, Chu Liuyue had already accepted this fact.

She gently caressed Tuan Zi in her arms and was deep in thought.

Its no wonder Heng Jingchuo panicked so much when he got injured just now.

He wasnt only worried about the Seven Coldness Poison; he was also worried about activating the other poisons in his body.

This must be what the mastermind used to control him.

In any case, he is just a pawn.

However… Who exactly is the mastermind Theres no need to do this if his aim is to get first place in the Qing Jiao Competition.

Then… What is this for

Fu Yunshan thought for a while and said, “Since the person is already dead, we might be able to get some clues if we can find out what other poisons are in his body.

Cheng Han, you wont object to us doing this, right”

What else could Cheng Han say He could only agree.

“Since things have ended like this, its something that everyone needs to discuss and take action for.

We can also use this chance to prove Tai Yan Academys innocence.” Cheng Han did not want a mere Heng Jingchuo to tarnish their reputation.

At this point, a black mist suddenly emanated from Heng Jingchuos body.



Uneasiness surged throughout Chu Liuyues heart.

In the next moment, the black mist quickly spread and finally covered Heng Jingchuo completely.

His body then started decomposing at an observable speed.

In no time, Heng Jingchuos corpse had become a puddle of bloody water before it finally disappeared.

The black mist also dissipated and disappeared from everyones sight.

Only the messy bloodstains left on the ground indicated what had just happened.


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