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Chapter 232: Thankful

Nobody had expected things to end up like this.

Even Heng Jingchuos body was not left behind, which thoroughly destroyed all the clues they had.

They could not investigate any longer.

Cheng Han wanted to investigate and clear this matter up more than anybody else.

Now that this had happened, it really was like a fishbone stuck in his throat.

“Lets temporarily put this matter aside.

Well start investigating after the Qing Jiao Competition ends,” boomed Sun Zhongyan.

All of their hearts were filled with worry when such a thing happened.

However, it was obvious that the other party was very meticulous and cunning.

This matter was definitely not something they could finish investigating in a day or two.

The Qing Jiao Competition had to continue.

Fu Yunshan glanced at Cheng Han as if he were looking at a joke.

Tai Yan Academys people were the ones in pain now.

This havoc-wreaking person had been hiding in their academy, but they did not know about it at all.

After thinking about it now, their hearts were crushed.

“Sure enough! Heng Jingchuo is Tai Yan Academys student after all.

I think Brother Cheng Han should organize this incidents investigation, and well follow up with him.

How about that”

Cheng Han could not hold on to his facial expression anymore.

“Whatever you say!”

He then returned to his seat, clearly reluctant to say anything else.

Even so, Cheng Han still felt as if he was sitting on needles.

If he did not clear this matter up, he and the entire Tai Yan Academy would be implicated!

Not only did we not get first place, but we are even in so much trouble! How can this be

Chu Liuyue retracted her thoughts and happily smiled at Xiao Wenling and the rest.

“Oh yes! According to the rules, you can continue to challenge me, right”

Xiao Wenling and the rest—who were suddenly called out—shuddered and hurriedly shook their heads.

“No! No! Im not going to challenge you!”

“Im not challenging either! I-Im injured, so Im not going to compete!”

“Um… I-I think my ranking is pretty good…”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. If they dont want to challenge me, they can just not challenge me.

Why do they make it seem as if Im a giant demon Given their current behavior, people who did not know better might think that Im very scary!

However, Chu Liuyue did not know how horrifying her existence was to the few of them.

No, most of the people in the square actually thought the same way.

The scene of Chu Liuyues blood ferret eating Heng Jingchuos Moon Devour with just its mouth was still deeply etched in everyones brains; they could not erase this image.

At this time, who will still risk their lives to challenge Chu Liuyue

What if the blood ferret bites my neck

“Are you sure you dont want to continue”

“No! Not at all!” The few of them quickly declared their decision in unison.

Chu Liuyues red lips curved up in a delighted smile.

“Since this is so… Elder Sun, is this the end of the warrior competition”

Sun Zhongyan then recovered his senses. Thats right! If nobody wants to challenge her, then it means that Chu Liuyue is truly the top warrior!

His originally worried feelings immediately became relaxed, and he smiled like a flower.

“I hereby announce: the top warrior for this years Qing Jiao Competition is… Tian Lu Academys Chu Liuyue!”

Disregarding Heng Jingchuos accident, Chu Liuyue coming in first place made the entire Tian Lu Academy elated.

One had to know that they did not get this first place for a whole three years.

With this strong talents existence, Tian Lu Academys people naturally had more pride.

Nan Feng Academy was still fine, but Tai Yan Academy had thoroughly humiliated themselves.

They came brimming with confidence, but who would have thought it would end in such a way

Cheng Han took a deep breath in and kept comforting himself. Whats so good about getting first place in the warrior competition Theres still the Xuan Master and heavenly doctor competitions after this.

For the Xuan Master competition, the three academies are tied.

Hence, nobody can predict who the last winner will be for certain.

However, I have Situ Xingchen.

If she can become the top heavenly doctor, she will bring honor to the entire academy.

“Liuyue, after the Qing Jiao Competition ends, you can choose whichever academy you like out of the three and read at their library for a month.

Have you chosen which academy you want to visit yet” asked Sun Zhongyan happily.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment and smiled as she said, “I havent decided yet.”

Sun Zhongyan did not mind it.

“Then, you should think about it for a while longer.

There are two more days till the end of the Qing Jiao Competition, so you can just choose then.”

This girl becoming the top warrior is out of everyones expectations, so it is normal that she hasnt thought so far ahead yet.

Chu Liuyue obediently acknowledged Sun Zhongyans words before returning to her seat.

Si Yang was dazed.

“You actually came in first place… Liuyue, are you going to participate in the Xuan Master competition then”

“Why not” asked Chu Liuyue. Im even sitting in the Xuan Masters area!

Si Yang sincerely said, “Youve already come in first place for the warrior competition.

Youve already tortured so many people, so you can just let us off.”

Chu Liuyue seriously looked at him.

“Didnt you say that the Qing Jiao Competitions rewards are very substantial”

Si Yang covered his face hopelessly. Its all because of my stupid mouth!

The third day of the competition ended just like that.

The news of Chu Liuyue coming in first had spread throughout the Imperial City.

At the same time, quite a few people learned about Heng Jingchuo using poison during the competition.

At night, in the Crown Prince Mansion.

Rong Jin lay on his bed, his face as white as a sheet.

Currently, Chu Xianmin was carefully serving him at the side.

However, her eyes were fleeting.

In actual fact, she was focused on listening in on the conversation between Zuo Rong and the Empress outside.

“… Its our negligence that caused His Highness to be poisoned.

Luckily, the dosage was not high, and His Highness had always been in good health.

Thus, his condition isnt very serious.

Now that the remaining poison has been cleared, he will recover after resting for a while.”

This was Zuo Rongs voice.

In the academy, he was the teacher, and Rong Jin was his student.

However, this was the Crown Prince Mansion.

Hence, he naturally had to speak and behave according to his status.


Zuo Rong, youre too kind.

If it werent for you guys, Im afraid the Crown Prince would…” The Empress had immediately rushed over after hearing the news.

Even though Zuo Rong had already stated that the Crown Prince was fine, she was still scared.

Zuo Rong sighed and said, “Actually, the person you should really thank is Liuyue, not me.

If she didnt discover this earlier, we wouldnt have known that His Highness was poisoned.

If this had dragged on for a while, he would really be in danger!”

The Empress paused.

“Its… Chu Liuyue”

“Thats right.”

The Empress kept quiet for a while before softly saying, “… Shes really a kind child… Dont worry.

Ill personally thank her when I have the chance.”

Chu Xianmin instinctively clenched her fists. Chu Liuyue! Its Chu Liuyue again! Even the Empress is saying this now!

“Water…” A weak voice sounded.

Chu Xianmin hurriedly looked at the bed and saw that Rong Jins eyes were already open.

“Your Highness! Your Highness, youre awake Thats great! Heres your water!” Chu Xianmin hurriedly passed Rong Jin water from the side and carefully fed him.

When the people outside heard the commotion, they hurriedly rushed in.

When the Empress saw Rong Jin awake, tears welled up in her eyes, and she lunged forward.

“Jiner, youre finally awake!”

Chu Xianmin hurriedly moved backward but saw that the Empress did not even glance at her.

She secretly bit her lips harshly.

Rong Jin opened his eyes and asked with much difficulty, “D-did… Liuyue save me…”


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