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Chapter 235: Heavens Canopy

Chu Liuyue only calmed down when she held Tuan Zi tightly and sensed that Xue Xue was just by her feet.

She knew that she was inside the transportation formation.

The sounds of howling wind could be heard due to the chaotic turbulence.

Chu Liuyue had no doubt that she wouldve been ripped into pieces by the turbulence the moment she entered the formation without this barrier protecting her.

Her surroundings were completely dark, and she could not see a thing.

Chu Liuyues heart rate gradually rose.

Anything and everything proved that Rong Xiu had too many secrets.

Every time Chu Liuyue thought she understood Rong Xiu well enough, she would discover that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

At the very least, this transportation formation was not something a mere Country Yao Chens Prince Li could do.

Some time later, light appeared in front of Chu Liuyue. Were here!

Strong pressurizing forces came from all directions, and Chu Liuyues sight was instantly covered by the white light.

She raised her hands to cover her eyes.

When the light dimmed, she put her hands down and looked at her surroundings.

After taking a closer look at the scenery in front of her, she finally widened her eyes, feeling stunned. This place is actually… a sea!

It was currently night time, and the bright moon hung high in the dark sky.

The faint moonlight landed on the sparkling, dark-blue sea, and it looked extra calm.

The seawater kept rising, hitting the reefs repeatedly.

Chu Liuyue was standing on the shore.

When she looked back, she saw an abandoned desert that she could not see the boundaries of.

When she looked forward, she saw a mysterious ocean.

At the faraway place—where the ocean met the sky—there seemed to be an enormous canopy that drooped down from the heavens and interacted with the sea.

The canopy looked very dark, and one or two rays of golden light occasionally flashed across it in a moment.

The intense suppression spread from the ground, causing people to surrender unknowingly.

Chu Liuyue was shocked by the scene in front of her, and she was at a loss for words for a long time. This canopy… this canopy…

Many countries were set up in Mainland Xuan Wu.

However, these countries were split into minor and major ones.

For example, Tianling Dynasty was considered as a superior-class country, while Country Yao Chen was just one of its subsidiary countries.

Tianling Dynastys territory was surrounded by this canopy—which was also known as… Heavens Canopy!

Anybody who wanted to enter the Tianling Dynasty had to pass by their Heavens Canopy.

In actual fact, this Heavens Canopy was not man-made—it existed naturally.

Heavens Canopys existence split Mainland Xuan Wu into two different levels.

Countries within the Heavens Canopy—such as Tianling Dynasty—had rich Heaven and Earth Force, and their cultivation environment was much better than the countries outside the Heavens Canopy.

To them, the Heavens Canopy was their natural protection and also an esteemed gift.

In this world, many people wanted to enter the Heavens Canopy.

However, the Heavens Canopy was very formidable.

Only sufficiently strong cultivators could successfully enter.

When she was in power back then, she had heard about countless cultivators trying to get past the Heavens Canopy from outside Tianling Dynastys territory.

However, barely a few of them made it.

Chu Liuyue never thought that she would arrive right outside the Heavens Canopy with that transportation formation.

Very quickly, her gaze was attracted by the scene in mid-air.

A tall white figure was floating in the air.

Even though his back was facing her, Chu Liuyue still could recognize that it was Rong Xiu!

She was just about to speak when she heard a sinister and teasing voice come from the skies.

“Your Grace, I havent seen you in a while, yet your abilities have weakened by so much.”

Chu Liuyue followed the voice and realized that a person was standing opposite Rong Xiu.

It was just that this person wore a black robe with a hood, so his figure had blended in with the dark night sky.

Hence, Chu Liuyue did not see him at the first instance.

Rong Xiu softly laughed.

“It seems like Prince Unparalleled has been too comfortable these days, so you purposely came here to give me your life.”

Chu Liuyue was taken aback. Your Grace Does that refer to Rong Xiu But… I dont think there has ever been a Your Grace in Country Yao Chen, right Where did Rong Xiu get this identity from

Moreover, she felt like the Rong Xiu in front of her seemed to be different from the one she knew before.

She had never heard Rong Xiu speak in such a tone.




The absolute suppression from a higher-up!

“Oh… I forgot that this is outside the Heavens Canopy.

Your cultivation level should be suppressed, so your capabilities are greatly reduced.

If not, why cant you even handle ten of my moves” The man in the black robe had a sharp and sinister voice—which sounded like a sharp object scratching against glass—making one feel very uncomfortable.

Chu Liuyue only heard these two sentences, yet she felt her bodys force casually being thrown into disarray.

This was because the other party was too strong!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. This mans abilities are at least of a stage-six warrior!

However, his words thoroughly shocked Chu Liuyue. Rong Xius cultivation base is being suppressed Doesnt this mean that Rong Xius abilities are at least that of a stage-seven warrior

If outsiders wanted to enter the Heavens Canopy, their abilities had to be of a stage-six warrior at least.

The strongest people outside the Heavens Canopy were advanced stage-six warriors.

This was because cultivators outside the Heavens Canopy could only cultivate to this level.

If they wanted to break through and become a stage-seven warrior, they had to enter the Heavens Canopy.

Furthermore, once stage-seven warriors and stronger left the Heavens Canopy, their cultivation base would be suppressed to below that of a stage-seven warrior.

Chu Liuyue had already secretly guessed Rong Xius true abilities, but she did not expect him to be so strong. It seems like hes not even 20 this year! His talent isnt a single bit weaker than mine in my previous life.

“Dont worry.

Even if were outside the Heavens Canopy, I can still send you to your death.” Rong Xiu lazily smiled as if he did not even care about the other party.

But Chu Liuyues eyes were sharp, so she saw how the corner of Rong Xius clothes were stained with blood.

“Hahaha! Your Grace, youre already injured, and you dont have any more combat power.

Hence, Im really curious as to how youre going to kill me.

The high and mighty His Grace actually fell to this point… Pft! If this news spreads, Im afraid you wont have the right to continue staying in your current position! However, you dont have to worry about some things.

After all, your life is going to end here today!”

Then, the man in the black robe suddenly raised his hand and brandished a blood-colored sickle! “Blood Sickle Cut!”

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started to gather, and he slashed his blood-colored sickle downward.

A blood-red glow flew toward Rong Xiu.

With a whip of his sleeves, Rong Xiu sent a silver ball flying out.


The two strong forces harshly collided with each other.

The seawater was violently hurled up.

Very soon, the silver ball suddenly broke!



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