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Chapter 236: Quickly Run!

Countless rays of light started spreading everywhere!

Rong Xiu moved backward rapidly, but the blood-colored sickle kept following him swiftly.

Chu Liuyue stood behind a reef, but the harsh winds caused her to be unable to stand still.

Rong Xiu was originally injured already, and this attack put him in an even more disadvantageous position.

“Your Grace, lets end it here!” hollered the man in black as the blood-colored sickle suddenly formed different shadows—which all went for Rong Xiu.

In the blink of an eye, Rong Xiu was surrounded.

At this point, Rong Xiu raised his wrist.

The fierce seawater suddenly rushed up toward the sky and formed a gigantic water curtain in front of Rong Xiu.


The blood-colored sickle rushed into the water curtain, but its speed had greatly decreased as if it had sunk into soil.

The man in black seemed to be very shocked.

“You can control the Heavens Canopys ocean”

Rong Xiu lightly laughed.

“Not much, but its enough to handle you.”

Rong Xiu then snapped his fingers, and a silver light suddenly appeared at the tip of his white fingers.

“Go!” As his clear voice fell, that silver light easily landed on the water curtain.


In the next moment, fierce fires were ignited as if a comet had landed in a wok filled with oil.

A bright, icy-blue silver light started burning in the dark-blue water curtain.

It covered the skies and the ground.

The man in black sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly retreated.

At this moment, another water curtain appeared behind him.

The silver fire quickly spread and burned over.

The water curtains burned in front and behind the man in black, trapping him in the middle.

The few blood-colored sickles also gradually merged with the water curtain, and the man in black finally panicked.

Originally, he thought Rong Xiu would definitely not be his match since Rong Xius cultivation base was suppressed.

However, he did not expect Rong Xiu to execute such a move.

“Your Grace, youre really not someone to underestimate… What a pity; I came here prepared as well.”

Then, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started rapidly entering his body.

His surrounding aura started to explode crazily.

Very quickly, Chu Liuyue discovered that a ripple had seemingly appeared on the faraway Heavens Canopy.

That man had actually increased his capabilities forcefully to that of an advanced stage-six warrior!

The Heavens Canopy would start becoming unstable when it detected a stage-seven warriors aura.

Hence, this man had clearly suppressed his cultivation level to this stage.

“Outside the Heavens Canopy, you can only be an advanced stage-six warrior at best.

Your Grace, youre too restricted by the canopy, so how can you be my match” The man in black let out a weird laugh, and a white chain suddenly flew out from his sleeves.

The chain seemed to be made from white bones, and it exuded a cold aura.

If one took a closer look, they could even see the dried bloodstains on it.

It sent chills down peoples spines.

The chain directly flew out and pierced through the water curtain.

The chain was once again stopped, but when it got near the silver fire, the darkened bloodstains on the bones started to move.

The silver fire crazily licked the chain, but only apitter-patter sound was made.

It vaguely sounded like a powerful ghost wailing.

A hole was eaten through the water curtain.


The last layer of fire was extinguished, and the chain charged toward Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu suddenly looked up, and his gaze was deep.

He suddenly raised his hands and caught the chain.

However, the man in black suddenly looked up and laughed.

“Hahaha! Do you think this is within Heavens Canopy Dont think I dont know that you cant summon Your Graces Golden Body outside Heavens Canopy.

Youre bound to die today!”

Then, he hollered, “Soul Chain… Explode!”

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The white bones on the chain suddenly exploded.

Rong Xiu flung it away.

The chain started to move intensely, and the enormous force quickly reached the mans body.


The fearful aura started spreading in all directions with the duo in the center.

Both of them were hit and simultaneously flew out because of the impact.

Xue Xue roared and quickly flew forward.

It originally wanted to catch Rong Xiu, but the shockwave was too strong.

Together with the fact that it was injured, Rong Xiu and Xue Xue fell down together.

Xue Xues claws dug out a deep trench in the ground and finally stopped after they hit a reef.

Even though Xue Xue was Rong Xius buffer, his hand still slammed onto the reef.

On the other hand, even though the man in black was also affected, his injuries were not as severe as Rong Xius.

He very quickly stabilized his body.

One look and one would know who was winning.

Rong Xiu held on to the rough reef with his hand.

Just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly noticed something and looked up.

A dark shadow was cast on the reef, and a pair of clear eyes were staring at him.

It was a very familiar face.

Yueer! Why is she here

Before Rong Xiu could think it through, he felt cold air come from behind him.

Quickly and determinedly, he yelled out, “Hide!”

But Chu Liuyue did not shy away; her eyes were burning with fire.

When she met Rong Xius eyes, she had clearly seen the bloodstains on Rong Xius face and body already.

Ever since they met, she had always seen Rong Xiu in a strong and calm manner.

Even when the black flying pythons killer move had swallowed them, his clothes were always clean and tidy; they were never this dirty before.

For some reason, an unknown fire suddenly rose in her heart.

The blood-colored sharp blade was just about to land on Rong Xiu.

Without thinking, Chu Liuyue lunged forward and flipped over the reef.

The next moment, she pulled Rong Xiu away.

At that point, the blood-colored blade was only inches away from them.

Chu Liuyue could clearly feel its terrifying suppression.

She held Rong Xius hands tightly, moved her feet, and blocked Rong Xius body.

“Yueer!” Rong Xiu immediately guessed what she was up to, and it was as if something had tightly squeezed his heart. With her current abilities, how can she withstand this attack

“Awoo!” Tuan Zi suddenly flew out and went toward the blood-colored blade.


Its small body was about to be flipped over.

An advanced stage-six warriors abilities were very formidable, and it wasnt something Tuan Zi could handle.

On the other end, Xue Xue struggled to get up.

However, its body had new injuries, so it could not get up at all.

Chu Liuyue suddenly pushed Rong Xiu away.

Rong Xius heart was empty, and he tightly pulled her into his arms in the next moment.

Chu Liuyue suddenly bumped against his chest, and her nose hurt.

However, she could not care about it at this point.

The first sentence that escaped from her mouth was: “Danger! Quickly, run away!”


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