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Chapter 237: Your Graces Golden Body!

Rong Xiu held Chu Liuyue tightly in his arms, but he suddenly became dazed when he heard her voice. Shes actually… telling me to run first Does she know what this means

Seeing that Rong Xiu had not moved, Chu Liuyue anxiously shouted again.


This shout made Rong Xiu wake up.

He looked at the young girl in his arms—slim, young, but brave and fearless.

At this point, her eyes finally clearly reflected his figure.

Rong Xiu could hear his heart racing, and blood started coursing throughout his limbs.

At the bottom of his heart, it was as if millions of happy emotions were surging upward and overwhelming him.

Chu Liuyue had already felt the impending danger behind her, and all her hair stood on end.

She wanted to push Rong Xiu away, but he was hugging her too tightly.

Hence, she could not get out of his embrace.

This person! Hes usually so smooth and decisive, but why is he stunned at this critical moment

“Rong Xiu! Do you really want to die here” asked Chu Liuyue with clenched teeth.

Rong Xius eyes were like bottomless pits, and one could not see the end of them.

They were like black holes about to swallow her whole.

“Of course not.” His thin lips curved up in a delighted smile. How can I die when the day I waited for so long has finally come

He looked at Chu Liuyue with deep meaning and many thoughts.

Chu Liuyue did not know how to describe his gaze, and she could not say the words at the tip of her tongue either.

Rong Xiu looked down the next moment, and his gaze landed on Chu Liuyues white neck.

She actually wore the crystal barrier around her neck.

With a flick of his fingers, the crystal barrier landed in his palm.


Rong Xiu circulated his force, and the crystal barrier immediately expanded.

The faint-silver barrier immediately enveloped the two of them.


The tremendous force rushed over and directly hit the crystal barrier, and the crystal barrier suddenly vibrated! However, the force was still isolated outside.

Chu Liuyue was slightly shocked. It seems like the crystal barrier Rong Xiu gave me isnt ordinary as it can actually block a hit from an advanced stage-six warrior.

“Hm Its a girl” The man in black stood in the air and looked down at the duo.

To be more accurate, he was looking at Chu Liuyue.

Even though Rong Xiu was hugging her, and the man could not see her face, the man could still tell that it was a slender woman.

After a temporary dead silence, he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! So this is what happened! I see; no wonder Your Grace was willing to stay outside Heavens Canopy for so long! It turns out it was because of a girl! Rumors have it that His Grace doesnt get close to women and is cold and arrogant.

However, I didnt expect you to be crazily in love with a woman!”

If word gets out, it will trigger huge changes!

But Chu Liuyue was very confused. Why does everything sound so weird Did Rong Xiu stay in Heavens Canopy the entire time previously How can that be

“Close your eyes.” Rong Xiu looked down and gently kissed her eyelids.

His voice was low and gentle.

For some reason, Chu Liuyue obediently closed her eyes and leaned against his chest.

Once he spoke, the horrifying threat seemed to disappear silently.

It was as if all the dangers would become nothing as long as he was here.

She did not know where this unknown assurance came from, but she seemed to be used to it.

Upon seeing Chu Liuyue lying in his arms quietly, a dark light flashed across Rong Xius eyes, and he tightened his grip.

The next moment, he finally looked at the man in black.

In his eyes—which were as dark as the night sky—a faint golden glow appeared.

The man in black suddenly stopped laughing. J-just now…

Rong Xiu raised his hand and moved forward a little.

A dazzling golden fire suddenly appeared on his fingertips.

“Your Graces Golden Body How can that be This is outside Heavens Canopy—”


With a flick of Rong Xius fingers, the golden fire instantly flew out.

It was just a small fireball, but it was like the Grim Reaper to the man in black.

He backed away in horror and used all his speed to escape this place as quickly as possible.

How can this be How is this possible Outside Heavens Canopy, all the cultivators strength will be suppressed to below that of a stage-seven warrior.

Logically speaking, he should not be able to summon Your Graces Golden Body.

However, Rong Xius aura is indeed much stronger than before.

Even though the man had exhausted all his strength to escape, the golden fire was even quicker.

In no time, it had silently landed on the dark-blue ocean.

The moment the golden fire touched the ocean, everything seemed to stop.

The waves suddenly stopped moving and crashing, and even the two silver fires in the water curtain froze.

The man in black felt as if an entire mountain had suppressed him, and his feet were as though they were tied with iron, making it difficult for him to move even an inch.

This was definitely the suppression of a strong warrior!

He anxiously looked back, but he saw Rong Xiu standing up straight and hugging a woman tightly beside the shore.

Rong Xiu coldly looked at him with contempt.

Rong Xiu gazed at the man as if he were looking at a dying ant.

Cold and nonchalant!

It made people not dare to have any intentions of defying his will!

The next moment, Rong Xius lips moved slightly.


With that sound, the area—where the golden fire was at—suddenly collapsed, revealing an empty black space.

The space is collapsing! The man in black was petrified, but he quickly turned around to escape.

He didnt care about anything else.

He moved suddenly, but his body did not seem to react.

He looked down in shock, but he discovered that the terrifying force had frozen his entire body.

Hence, he could not move at all.

At this point, the surrounding space started collapsing with the golden fire as the center.

The black spaces area expanded even more as if it were forming a gigantic black hole.

Seawater, waves, fire… were all swallowed into that collapsing space.

Very quickly, the black color had reached the mans foot.

“… No! No!” screamed the man in fright as he crazily tried to move his body, but it was to no avail.

In the end, he could only watch as his feet disappeared within the collapsing space.

Everything happened too quickly.

Before the man in black could even feel pain, the collapsing space had already swallowed his thighs.

He only felt excruciating pain when his waist was also being eaten.

“Ahh!” His miserable wails made the empty sea surface look even more sinister.

He looked at Rong Xiu with enmity and harshly said, “Your Grace! Arent you afraid of being punished for summoning Your Graces Golden Body outside Heavens Canopy”

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes.


The space started collapsing even faster.

Before the man in black could say his remaining words, his entire person was swallowed.

If Chu Liuyue had turned back to take a look at this point, she would have seen that half the space between the ocean and the sky had collapsed.

The gigantic black space was strangely and quietly presented there.

It was hard to imagine what kind of person had such formidable skills.


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