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Chapter 240: Marriage Proposal

Of course, Chu Liuyue was unaware that everyone was looking for her frantically.

She was focused on Rong Xiu.

She checked Rong Xius pulse after he sank into unconsciousness, but she noticed that his body was rather strange—she could not detect his Yuan meridian.

After trying twice, she could only vaguely sense that two forces were clashing in his body.

She did not find anything beyond that.

Chu Liuyue guessed that Rong Xius unconsciousness had something to do with his forced summoning of Your Graces Golden Body.

Outside Heavens Canopy, there were consequences to advancing oneself to the seventh stage forcibly.

But Chu Liuyue had never heard of anyone being able to do so, so she did not have any details.

She carefully helped Rong Xiu lean against a flatter reef.

She was a little anxious as she regarded his pale face.

Xue Xue walked over from the side, rubbed itself against Chu Liuyues leg, and whimpered softly.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it.

“Youre saying hes fine”

Xue Xue nodded and secretly gave its master a despising look. Master is strong, so this little bit of trouble is nothing.

If Chu Liuyue had not come, he couldve stayed conscious till he made it back.

But since she is here, and have just confirmed their relationship… It is normal for him to take the chance to earn her pity.

Xue Xue lay down. Since that Prince Unparalleled cannot be any more dead, it isnt too late to return after Master has recovered.

Xue Xues attitude reassured Chu Liuyue.

Since Xue Xue and Rong Xiu were connected, she had no reason to be this worried when Xue Xue believed that Rong Xiu was okay.

She hugged Rong Xiu as she leaned against the reef, waiting for him to regain consciousness.

Tuan Zi finally woke up, climbed onto her shoulder, and rubbed itself against her face.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it. Tuan Zi isnt really injured at all.

For some reason, Tuan Zi seems capable of withstanding attacks more and more…

Since they were near the sea, the air was a little salty.

The sea reflected the moonlight, forming streaks of rippled light.

Everything else was barren, but Chu Liuyue did not feel lonely.

Conversely, this was a rare moment of peace since she had been reborn.

She looked down at Rong Xiu and examined him.

In reality, there was something that she did not tell Rong Xiu earlier.

Rong Xiu became an entirely different person when he summoned Your Graces Golden Body—cold, emotionless, high, and mighty!

She had never seen this side of Rong Xiu before, but… it felt a little familiar to her.

She did not know where this sense of familiarity came from, but she was certain that she had never seen Rong Xiu before.

She would surely have an impression if she had met someone like this before.

She was not the kind to let her guard down around others easily, yet she was strangely at ease when facing Rong Xiu.

“Have we met before…” muttered Chu Liuyue, but she felt like she was being ridiculous.

She smiled, then closed her eyes.

Her voice was low and disappeared with the wind, but she did not notice Rong Xius trembling eyelashes.

Qing Jiao Competition.

Chu Liuyue was truly missing.

Sun Zhongyan still had to run the competition, so he left Bai Chen and the others to deal with the matter.

Even though they were all anxious, it wasnt the time to kick up a fuss.

Even their visit to Chu Ning was conducted secretly.

Chu Ning wanted to activate the imperial guards but gave up on it after giving it some thought.

He then sent a few of his aides to investigate in the Imperial City secretly.

He even went to Zhen Bao Pavilion himself.

Yan Ge was rather surprised when he heard that Chu Liuyue was missing, but he agreed to help with the search without hesitation.

Chu Ning was just trying his luck, but he did not expect Yan Ge to agree to help.

He was grateful and confused.

Zhen Bao Pavilion was of high status.

As the Second Boss, Yan Ge had an even higher status.

However, he really seemed to put a lot of effort into Yueers matters.

Whether it was the reservation of Phoenix Restaurant or this times efforts, this was way beyond what regular acquaintances would do.

He tested Yan Ge, but the latter said that he only got to know Chu Liuyue recently.

Now that she had become the top warrior in this years Qing Jiao Competition, it was normal for him to try and form close ties with her.

Chu Ning sensed that something was off.

It was true that she became the top warrior in this years Qing Jiao Competition, but it did not warrant such effort from Zhen Bao Pavilion.

He knew that he couldnt obtain any more information from Yan Ge, so he did not continue asking.

He focused his attention on looking for Chu Liuyue instead.

After Chu Ning left, Yan Ge retracted his smile and swiftly instructed people to start searching. Master is not in the Imperial City, and Madam is missing.

What is going on If Master returns and finds out that I didnt take care of Madam…

Hang on! Yan Ge suddenly thought of something. Master is gone… Madam is missing… Could it be…

Yan Ge was anxious, but he dared not leave the Imperial City of his own accord.

Nobody could enterthat place without his masters permission either.

He wanted to ask Yan Qing, but he was afraid of being discovered.

After pondering for a moment, he could only pray that Master and Madam were together.

After several hours, Chu Liuyue opened her eyes at daybreak.

She moved but noticed that she had unknowingly laid in Rong Xius arms.

His black cloak was on her.

“… Rong Xiu When did you wake up” asked Chu Liuyue as she rubbed her eyes.

She felt a little embarrassed.

She intended to keep watch, but she did not expect herself to fall asleep and not even notice when he woke up.

Rong Xiu smiled and easily picked her up.

Chu Liuyue cried out in surprise and instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck. It seems like Rong Xiu has recovered…

“I just woke up too,” said Rong Xiu.

Chu Liuyue did not believe him, but she did not pursue the matter.

Rong Xiu kissed her.

“We should return.”

Chu Liuyue inquired with uncertainty.

“Your body has recovered”

Rong Xiu had gone through an intense battle and suddenly passed out earlier, so she was a little worried.

Rong Xiu slightly raised his brows.

“Youll find out how my body is after were married.

Of course, you can examine it now.

This place isnt great, but its not impossible.”

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Rong Xius neck.

She then inched closer and smiled.

“Really Do you want the same thing from yesterday”

With the girl in his arms, the scenes from yesterday reappeared in his mind.

Rong Xius arms tightened, and he tried to repress his uneasiness.

He then glanced at her, his eyes full of warning. This little fellow is still as mischievous as before.

Rong Xiu felt like he was becoming more and more like a saint, given his abilities of self-restraint.

He laughed and retorted, “You probably dont know that Prince Li Mansion has completed all the wedding preparations.

We can get married after I propose.”


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