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Chapter 246: Loss of Hope!

Everyone closely stared at Chu Liuyue and the four stars in front of her.

She actually continuously solved the four Xuan formations and arrived at the last stage in such a short amount of time! As long as she can successfully solve the last Xuan formation, she will be the top Xuan Master!

Previously, everyone thought it was just a joke for Chu Liuyue to catch up with her competition in the remaining two hours.

However, all of them now finally understood that Chu Liuyue had come prepared.

She clearly has the ability to fight for first place!

At this point, someone could not sit still anymore.

“Brother Zhongyan, you should give an explanation now, right”

Cheng Hans face was cold, and he looked like he was about to cause trouble.

“Ignoring the first three stages, the fourth stage is a fourth-level Xuan formation.

Chu Liuyue is just a stage-two Xuan Master, so how can she solve it so quickly I demand to check on Chu Liuyue immediately!”

Fu Yunshan glanced at him.

Even though Fu Yunshan did not say anything, he still felt that the matter was suspicious.

How could Sun Zhongyan not know what Cheng Han was thinking Hence, Sun Zhongyan immediately rejected Cheng Han.

“The competition hasnt ended yet.

How can we just stop it now If Brother Cheng Han must check on Liuyue, then the other two must be checked too!”

Cheng Han sneered.

“Not only me, but even the other people in the square have doubts about Chu Liuyue.

How can a mere stage-two Xuan Master have such abilities Even if shes talented, she definitely cant do this much.”

“How do you know that she cant do this much” Not only was Sun Zhongyan not angry, but he had even surveyed his surroundings and revealed a meaningful smile.

“Everyone might know that Liuyue only entered our Tian Lu Academy two months ago.

However, there might be something youre not clear about.

Liuyue only formally started cultivating as a Xuan Master after entering the academy!”

Seeing the crowds stunned expressions, he grunted.

“This also means that Liuyue has advanced from a normal person to a stage-two Xuan Master in two months time!”

The crowd dropped into deadly silence, and all of them were beyond shocked.

Sun Zhongyans words had too much impact, and they were too shocking.

“Impossible!” Cheng Han was the first to react and immediately refuted Sun Zhongyan.

“Why is it possible Everyone in the Imperial City knows about this.

Our academys elders, teachers, and even students can attest to this.” Sun Zhongyan smiled like an old fox.

“Could it be that so many people will lie in unison to help Chu Liuyue”

Cheng Han was stumped for a while, and his mind was blank.

In actual fact, he knew that it had to be true if Sun Zhongyan dared to say so in public.

At the very least, Sun Zhongyan could prove his words to be true.

Cheng Han could not help but look at Chu Liuyue. She caused such a big commotion in her surroundings, but the culprit acted as if it had nothing to do with her.

She is just calmly solving the Xuan formation in front of her.

He felt increasingly uneasy. If what Sun Zhongyan said is true, then Chu Liuyues talent…

“If youre still doubtful, we can conduct a check after the competition,” said Sun Zhongyan slowly. You want to use such a method to stop Chu Liuyue Dream on!

Cheng Han did not speak for a long while.

Fu Yunshan—who was sitting opposite Cheng Han—was also shocked for some time.

After thinking for a while, Fu Yunshan just hoped that Sheng Yiming could solve the last Xuan formation before Chu Liuyue.

Hopes were beautiful, but things usually happened against ones wishes.

Fu Yunshan quickly discovered that Sheng Yiming did not seem to be in a good state.

Sheng Yiming sat there staring at the chessboard, not making a move for quite some time.

Even Su Bai had started to solve the final Xuan formation, but Sheng Yiming looked like he had no idea where to start.

Fu Yunshan understood the outstanding Sheng Yiming quite well.

Seeing his appearance, Fu Yunshan knew that something was wrong.

Everything was good about Sheng Yiming normally, except for one thing—his arrogance.

Sheng Yiming wanted to do his best in everything.

If he occasionally lost to someone, he would lock himself in the library to study Xuan formations and wouldnt come out for one day and one night.

For this Qing Jiao Competition, he had prepared for a very long time.

He was set on taking first place.

However, it seemed like Chu Liuyues appearance had clearly caused him a great amount of stress.

At this point, Xi Wanwan had already returned to her seat, but her heart rose when she saw the competitions situation.

I really shouldnt have left so early just now! If I knew there would be another Chu Liuyue, I wouldve definitely dragged her down before leaving the arena! But it is too late to say anything now! I wonder if Sheng Yiming can last on his end…


Chu Liuyue placed a chess piece down again, and the chessboard in front of her moved slightly.

Both Sheng Yiming and Su Bai clearly knew what this movement meant—Chu Liuyue had already found the correct way to solve the Xuan formation!

If she was given more time, she would probably finish before them and take first place!

Su Bai also placed his piece down.

Immediately, the same movement appeared on his chessboard.

Sheng Yiming looked at Su Bai and could not conceal his shock.

However, Su Bai just smiled and ignored him.

This smile instantly made Sheng Yiming realize that Su Bai had also been hiding his abilities previously!

Su Bai was always behind him every time, and Sheng Yiming thought that it was due to the difference in their abilities.


No matter if it is Si Ting, Su Bai, or Chu Liuyue—who just appeared—all of them seem to be stronger than me! However, I still thought that I was the most outstanding one and that my future was bright! In actual fact, Im just a laughingstock to them!

If I lose this time… Sheng Yiming held the piece in his hand tightly, and his entire body tensed up.

He tried hard to focus on the pattern on the chessboard, but his anxious heart did not allow him to see it clearly, let alone think about solving it.

If this goes on…


Su Bai was ahead!

Chu Liuyue quickly followed after him, almost putting a chess piece down at the same time.

Upon hearing the duos movements, Sheng Yimings hand trembled, and he crushed a chess piece!

This mild commotion attracted many peoples attention, and the crowd broke into discussions immediately.

Sheng Yiming felt very uncomfortable; it was as if he was sitting on needles.

Chu Liuyue looked up, nonchalantly glanced at him, and her lips curved up. For someone like Sheng Yiming, even if he is talented, he will not go far as a Xuan Master.

As expected, Sheng Yiming took a deep breath in, but his hands violently trembled when he wanted to pick up another piece.

He spent much effort picking that piece up.

He looked at the chessboard in frustration and anxiety.

As he was too rushed, he casually placed the piece in a position.

The chessboard shook violently!

Sheng Yiming was shocked! I made the wrong crucial step, and this game is ruined!

When he noticed the chaotic energy on the board, an extremely dangerous thought flashed across Sheng Yimings mind.

Then, his hands lightly swiped across the chessboard as if they could not be controlled.

The chessboard was in a mess!

The Xuan formations energy immediately exploded out and spread in all directions!

Chu Liuyues gaze was sharp, and she picked up her chessboard swiftly.


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