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Chapter 247: Continue!

Su Bai—who was at the side—immediately noticed something was wrong and hurriedly got up, but he was still too late.


The chessboard in front of him was affected by the energy in Sheng Yimings chessboard, and it immediately flipped over.

The Xuan formation—which Su Bai had solved a portion of—became a mess in the blink of an eye.

Su Bais face immediately turned white and green. Sheng Yiming did it on purpose! He knew that he was not our match, so he took the chance to destroy our Xuan formations and forcefully stop the competition!

He glared at Sheng Yiming.

As Sheng Yiming was closest to the chessboard, the energy affected him the most.

He collapsed on the floor and spat out blood.

However, he suddenly felt happier when he saw the fallen chess pieces on the floor from the corner of his eyes. This way, everyone cant continue!

The sudden situation in the arena immediately attracted the crowds attention.

Fu Yunshan looked at Sheng Yiming, and his face immediately changed.

“What happened”

Remorse filled Sheng Yimings face.

“D-director, sorry… I made a mistake… and this happened…”

“Youre saying it so casually! Now that Su Bais chessboard is ruined, what should we do How can you compensate for this” Cheng Han was originally in a bad mood, and he could not hold himself back.

He directly exploded when he saw this scene.

Cheng Han clearly saw Su Bai successfully solving the Xuan formation, but he was interrupted by Sheng Yiming.

“As a Xuan Master, dont you know how much energy will be used up when youre solving the Xuan formation Youve ruined everything now!”

Their academys last bit of hope was on Su Bai.

It didnt matter if Sheng Yiming wasnt good enough, but he actually dragged Su Bai down as well.

Sun Zhongyan furrowed his brows and said, “Im afraid the competition has to stop since this happened.”

However, Cheng Han refused to let it happen.

“The competition was going on smoothly, so how can we just stop it so suddenly The three of them were at different stages of progress.

If they restart, itll be too unfair!”

He originally thought that Chu Liuyue was terrible enough, but he did not expect Sheng Yiming to be a real piece of work.

Sun Zhongyan was also in a bad mood.

Everyone could tell that Sheng Yiming was starting to lag behind and that Liuyue had the chance to fight with Su Bai.

If they were to restart, Liuyue would be disadvantaged too.

This girl has been competing for the past few days, and she even disappeared off to somewhere last night.

Then, she directly came to join the Xuan Master competition… Who knows how long that small body of hers can last If it werent because were the ones who organized the Qing Jiao Competition, I would also cause a scene.

Fu Yunshan was the most guilty one.

However, since things had come to this stage, retreating would only show that he was in the wrong.

He coughed and said, “This matter is indeed Yimings fault, but Im afraid we cant continue any longer since things have already ended in this state… Why dont we let the kids rest first, and well give them another Xuan formation test later”

Sun Zhongyan and Cheng Han were silent.

Since things had ended in this way, this was the most suitable solution.

Sun Zhongyan hesitated for a while and said, “Then… Lets act according to Brother Yunshans suggestion.”

Actually, Sun Zhongyan was also a little selfish.

He was worried that Chu Liuyue could not take the impact, so it would be good if she could take the time to rest first.

Sheng Yiming lowered his head and slowly wiped the blood away from his mouth.

He felt extremely delighted and lucky. If we restart, I definitely wont lose to the two of them.

“Hold on,” said Chu Liuyue—who initially stood at the side and did not speak a word.

She looked at Sun Zhongyan calmly and properly enunciated every word as she said, “Elder Sun, I hope that the competition can continue.”

Everyone looked at her with weird gazes. How can they continue with the competition in this state

Even Sun Zhongyan was in a difficult position as he advised, “Liuyue, I understand how you feel.

However, the chessboards are all ruined, so the competition cant carry on…”

“My chessboard isnt ruined.” Chu Liuyues casual sentence immediately stirred up a storm in the crowds hearts.

“What Are you speaking the truth” gasped Sun Zhongyan in shock.

Sheng Yiming suddenly raised his head and looked at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue showed the chessboard in her hands.

None of the chess pieces had moved a single bit! Even the energy wave—which was created due to half of the Xuan formation being solved—was no different from before.

Her chessboard was indeed well and unaffected.

Sun Zhongyan was shocked and surprised.

He did not expect Chu Liuyue to be capable of protecting her chessboard in such a scenario.

“Great! Since your chessboard isnt ruined, theres no reason to stop the competition.

However, as for the others…”

Ignoring Sheng Yiming, Su Bai was truly pretty innocent.

He was implicated in the situation for no reason.

It did not seem right if they just allowed Chu Liuyue to continue with the competition alone.

Chu Liuyue smiled lightly and asked, “Elder Sun, you can restore the chessboards state, right”

Sun Zhongyan was dazed.

“Of course.

Do you mean…”

“I hope you can help restore Su Bais chessboard.

When its restored, I can continue competing with him.”

Sun Zhongyans eyes lit up. Why didnt I think of that

“Su Bai, do you remember which step you stopped at”

Su Bai nodded.

“Thats great! Itll only need about half an hour for the chessboard to be recovered.”

This way, it will not delay the competition, and it is also fair for everyone. As Sun Zhongyan spoke, he raised his hand, and Su Bais chessboard flew toward him.

The light on his fingertips shone brightly, and the messy pattern on the chessboard immediately became clear again.

Su Bai watched on at the side as he explained, in detail, which step he had progressed to.

Sun Zhongyan was very fast, and the chessboard started returning to its original state at an observable speed.

After a few checks, he returned the chessboard to Su Bai.

“Take a look and see if its correct.”

Su Bai took the chessboard with both hands and carefully checked it.

He then seriously bowed toward Sun Zhongyan.

“Thank you, Elder Sun.”

He then looked at Chu Liuyue and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“No need for thanks.

Its just for a fair competition.

I dont want people to say that my victory is not glorious.” Chu Liuyue smiled lightly and sat back down on her seat.

Su Bai did not say anything more.

However, his impression of Chu Liuyue had changed greatly.

Sheng Yiming was stunned.

After being in a daze for quite some time, he suddenly jumped up in panic when he saw that the duo was about to continue.

“Wait a minute! My chessboard isnt restored yet!”

Even if they want to continue with the competition, they should wait for me to be ready, right How can they continue so suddenly

Chu Liuyue held her chin up with one hand and gazed at him lazily.

She said in a seemingly smiling manner, “If I didnt remember wrongly, your Xuan formation broke because you made the wrong move, right According to the rules, it seems like youre… eliminated.”

Even though she did not continue speaking, everyone could understand what she implied—how can a person who has been eliminated have the cheek to continue standing there

Sheng Yiming was stumped, and his face was a sight to see.


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